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Ingraham: Fear alone should not drive policy

Ingraham: Fear alone should not drive policy

100 comments on “Ingraham: Fear alone should not drive policy

  1. Fear should not drive policy is why you’ll never see a Trump in a foxhole, he sends the masses to do the suffering. Just as his policy to relax restrictions at Easter will send hundreds of thousands to hospitals but not many will the rich, it will be the poorest and most at risk. Well done for pointing this out Laura.

  2. I trust my fears.
    I dont trust a desperate,dishonest liar…..
    Trump knows what his fate is if …(WHEN) he loses to Sleepy Joe…
    Trump will be facing the SDNY…..(And Karma.)

  3. I am totally against this bill, put the whole federal government officials in prison, they have stolen from the Americans and saying they are going to give us 1,200. for adults and 500. for children. But one trillion is being spent on special interests groups. And guess what we they people will be paying for this over inflated bill. And for what reason, the Coronavirus and the fear monger leftist social media. Wow check out the Governor of New York saying the rate of Coronavirus is already dropping, after the crappy 2.2 trillion bill has passed in the senate 96 to 0. Yes there is the Coronavirus and it bad for the elderly and people with other health issues. But any repository disease is bad for the elderly and people with repository problems. President Donald Trump was right from the get go but no all other government officials and mainstream media kept pushing the agenda. Thanks to President Trump we have our eyes wide open to the corrupt and the evilness in our government officials and very bad laws put in place to protect themselves and the people whom have brought them for their own personal empowerment.

  4. The European/Wight men, women and children and the Confederate nations will reap what they have sewn on the shores of America and the world. The Most High will not forgive them for what they have done to the Israelites (Negros/12 tribes). “Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter! Woe unto them that are wise in their own eyes, and prudent in their own sight! Woe unto them that are mighty to drink wine, and men of strength to mingle strong drink: which justify the wicked for reward, and take away the righteousness of the righteous from him!”
    ‭‭Isaiah‬ ‭5:20-23‬ ‭KJVA‬‬
    “Be not deceived; God is not mocked: for whatsoever a man soweth, that shall he also reap. For he that soweth to his flesh shall of the flesh reap corruption; but he that soweth to the Spirit shall of the Spirit reap life everlasting.”
    ‭‭Galatians‬ ‭6:7-8‬ ‭KJVA‬‬

  5. Of course the numbers are going down. Many many people have left New York and are spreading the virus over the entire country. Self absorbed New Yorkers.

  6. One month ago we were told that the US has 15 infected people, and soon it will be down to 5, so we did a fantastic job in dealing with the Corona virus.

    Now we're being told that we should all go back to work, and Church by Easter, even in the middle of barely, equipped to handle what we have right now.


  7. So only FOX knows what you should fear and it just so happens to be Democrats, Pelosi and Conservative Republicans. The only thing to fear is getting the facts and disregarding them because of political and personal advantages…fear Trump!

  8. Laura, My friend brought up a very interesting topic. COVID-19 vs Abortion in the USA.
    I did my research of virus deaths vs USA yearly Abortions. IT BLEW MY MIND !!
    My friend asked…why are we not talking about this ??? Hope you bring this up, after this virus is behind us. IT NEEDS TO BE ADDRESSED….FOR SURE !!!

  9. As fear should not drive a response neither should this hags false rhetoric and uneducated opinions. She is not a doctor. She is not intelligent.

  10. ATTENTION : all trump supporters , our president is calling us to attend church Easter Sunday service ……he need our support! Jack

  11. why everybody is believing a communist Govt which throttle the facts. They give away false things as a fact , if any body question that, the result will be equivalent to the doctors who wanted to warn the world back in NOV 2019. In my opinion they have not controlled covid: they have done it by govt sponsored rumors. Only Bernie and other dem supporters will buy and praise it!!!!!

  12. chloroquin reality
    for those and the media that don’t trust the french expert that said that chloroquin is the medication that can solve the problem , take the time to do a little fack check go on google and search ( expertscape) then on the page clic on search topic ( comminicable desease) then in the middle of the page clic on (show expert ) then take a look at world wide and you will see that he is the number one expert in the world (Raoul D) … l think it mean something who is trying to stop him and why? that is the question

  13. N Y 350 PACIENTES

    200 mg de Hydroxy de chloroquine 2 x daily

    500mg de azithromycin 1x daily

    220 zin de sulfate 1x daily

    350 patients

    Breathing restored 3- 4 hours

    Zero deaths (muertes)

    Zero intubations

    Zero hospitalizations

  14. Don't panic, Trumps ego insists it will be gone soon so everyone can go to church at Easter. Enjoy your illusion as the bodies pile up around you.

  15. This host is against blame game…while blame gaming.
    Her reassuring inputs would lead to a nightmare nationwide both human and economic.
    I guess she takes good care of her own vulnerable loved ones

  16. America First alone should drive policy . President Trump is the champion of that policy , delivering as no other President did in the past .

  17. Just the number of people who died in New York surpasses the number of American lives lost in Afghanistan over the past five years

  18. LOL this comment section is a swamp of Russian trolls and Trump simps, fighting for a party that actively lies to you all for your vote and freedom. Your lives are a product of their opinions and fantasies LOL

  19. Especially bloated fear and using one fear to suppress other fear! this is a case there is no good solution then you have to choose something in between similar to driving a car!

  20. 1000 deaths already… What if government had taken stronger actions earlier…. Instead of praying it was a hoax or having a hunch ir was not so serious….. Government Lost precious time…

  21. Issue cyanide pills. I am tired of being a punching bag for every poor person in the world. There's a billion in India alone who'll beat the crap out of you for a nickel. Another billion in China and all of Africa and Latin America. Just issue the pills so we don't have to see spider lady anymore. Do one of those it's been a long train ride and I bet you'd like a nice hot shower now.

  22. today is 26/03/2020



  23. The US should be proud they have a great leader like Trump.
    They are handling this pandemic better than any other country and have much less cases.
    The envy of the world.

  24. It’s becoming clear to me how much trump is like Jim Jones of the peoples temple…. that ended so disastrously for all involved….

  25. One time payment of $1200? $600? Should have been $2000 each Adult! People will be out of work for more than 3 months. Why should corporations keep getting billions and billions over & over again. Hard working people are getting nothing but scraps? Chump change.

  26. i read it last night. It's actually being attached to bill that takes away a 1980's high tax for employer sponsored health coverage or something. It's like a long persuasive essay. Tells you how the money will be allocated. I remember something about getting a check and 500 or 600 for each child one has. It's all there. Go ahead and read it @ U.S Senate bills….

  27. The foundation of fox news success is the fear they raise in their viewers- fear of progress, the future, foreigners, etc.

  28. Yes Ms Ingraham such a good host to talk against everybody. Where is your morale. I understand you are getting to say bad things about other people bit still. You are laughing all the way to the bank by giving misinformations. You are doing your job so well you won't lose it. I am wondering if one day you will have remorse, i guess not.

  29. I'm sure the democrats would love the epidemic to last for the rest of the year; wreck the economy then they will parachute in and "fix" everything. "Getting Trump" is the only real concern of the democrats at any cost.

  30. “Easter is a very special time for me”…. yeah just like back in 2006 with Melania holding baby Barron in her gentle arms at home while you were out sleeping with Stormy or was it that other movie gal, or perhaps one or two others. Next time he’s on Fox please ask just a couple of simple bible study questions and you’ll see what he knows about religion. He certainly didn’t know process at church services for departed senators. What a grifter, snake oil salesman of a man.

  31. I love this show. I hope people from the show read these threads. Could you please ask someone in the know this:
    South Korea has almost 50% recovery rate. What are they doing to get their population better faster that other countries aren't?

  32. all you trump supporters ..ask trump to frezze the country (rent,bills,etc)
    but trump wont do it cuz he cares for the numbers and not the people .

  33. all you trump supporters ..ask trump to frezze the country (rent,bills,etc)

    but trump wont do it cuz he cares for the numbers and not the people .

  34. Ingraham, don’t forget to mention the 500 Billion Slush Fund that has hardly any real teeth of accountability that guarantees corruption by Mnuchin to hand out millions and billions as he sees fit. Maybe Trump will become a real billionaire now.

  35. Strange how Russia and North Korea have almost Zero cases! Maybe this whole thing is a plot by China, Russia and North Korea to take over the world once its weakened.

  36. The rate of hospitalizations will go back up if you allow everything back to pre COVID 19 economies. Take a look at how Hong Kong, Singapore and Taiwan dealt with SARS.

  37. "And around the world countries taking different approaches."
    That's what makes the world mismanaged, as some Fox commenter put it. No matter if you put all of your money into the virus, it still doesn't help if the world — meaning the countries — do uncoordinated things. The virus doesn't prefer countries, as they do not have a sophisticated nervous system to be able to do that. On the other hand, who really has a sophisticated nervous system doesn't prefer countries too, but that's entirely another story.

    Therefore the world needs a system, where all the things get handled which are global in nature. This doesn't prevent countries from doing their local things, like e.g. the cities do in a country, but cities simply cannot handle things on a country level. Exactly like that, countries cannot handle things on a global level, as simply they cannot, even if you happen to have an ideology which says otherwise. It simply says it wrong.

    The United Nations was the first attempt to create such a thing, but it now lost its relevance almost entirely. Then came the European Union, which in its current form cannot expand to a global level due to its strict requirements from its members to join. Don't worry about the leaving UK, as they will prove the opposite of what they wanted to. Therefore we need something between the two, which only handles the global issues, leaving the countries alone in their local attempts until they do not violate international laws, but when they do, it needs power to intervene, but only then.

    So the question: how do you make countries willing to join, especially the currently conservative ones? It is also simple, and to explain it, we can use the EU as an example. There are many countries in the EU whose current leaders are against the EU (being stupid conservatives) but still have no idea to leave it, due to the enormous economic benefits of being in it. And that's because the EU is playing the (economic and other) positive-sum game with its members. Even the UK knows that, they were just 'ideologically' misled by their current leaders and the media (mainly the same person who is now misleading the U.S.). Thus, if this institution (let's call it that way) focusing on the economical benefits and the things countries cannot, and frankly do not want to handle either, then nothing can stop them from joining it. Basically, that's exactly what the UK wanted from the EU, but the EU doesn't work like that.

    Consequently, if we create this thing in the world, even the UK will happily join, instead of trying to make hundreds of individual free trade agreements in vain (as they won't succeed in that, or it will be much worse than the EU). And the EU can join it too and even the U.S. can do the same (it only needs a new president, which needs it anyway). And finally all countries will join, since being outside will be much worse than being in it. You can even think about countries then, as cities in a country, where they can believe in different ideologies (who cares?), but enjoy the benefit of being in a country.

    This is how we can overcome the ideological differences, by using the primordial survival instincts of people, which is in today's world the economy. No ideology trumps the economy, not even religion.

    P.S.: You could ask why I am so stupid to make these things public instead of trying to do it. That's because I'm not stupid, as this would be impossible from any position, which exists in the world today. On the other hand, it also needs a brain that can think in structures, that I still yet to recognize in anyone living today, so there is no 'risk' in doing what I do, as no one else can do that anyway. Now you know it. I will expand on how to do that in the coming comments sometimes.

  38. Our Constitution demands that each American be the judge and the deciding force behind the decision to return to work or not. Everyone has the freedom to decide if they will take certain risks to keep life going or to lock themselves up at home…BUT THE PEOPLE SHOULD HAVE THE ULTIMATE CHOICE !!!


    I found the cure. We know Coronavirus survive in air, on all kind of surfaces and in water. NOT IN SALTWATER. We have to detect at the salt level the virus died but our body gets healthy. Next is to add Salt level in our body to meet the level. My proposal can be used against any type of Virus

    I am asking the Health Administration, please use my solution, save our Mankind.

  40. Laura: Facts and updated reliable data should inform all of our projections.
    The President: By Easter, the restrictions should be lifted and the churches packed on Easter Sunday!
    You may ignore reality all you wish. Reality will never return the favor.

  41. I'm a Low-Wage Worker. I'm Not Sacrificing Myself for the your Stock Market. You can go to work and get infected.

  42. MONEY CALLS; be sure, they plow public money — without forbidding bailed-out firms from laying off their workers. This arrangement would not only allow the hotelier-in-chief to plow public money into his companies and those of his cronies but also enable those firms to spend our government’s dollars on maintaining outsize executive compensation instead of retaining employees. That is why they were in a hurry, money calls!

  43. MONEY CALLS; be sure, they plow public money — On Sunday, the Senate failed to reach an agreement on an already belated economic relief package, a development that’s left small-business owners and laid-off workers reeling and financial markets tumbling. The mainstream press has attributed the Senate’s inaction to “Washington infighting,” or else to Democratic intransigence. But Chuck Schumer’s caucus didn’t vote down the Republican bill over some minor detail, or because it insisted on dictating the left’s preference on an issue that genuinely divides blue and red America. Rather, the key sticking point is that the GOP bill would empower the Trump administration to dole out $500 billion in bailout money to corporations of its own choosing — without forbidding bailed-out firms from laying off their workers. This arrangement would not only allow the hotelier-in-chief to plow public money into his companies and those of his cronies but also enable those firms to spend our government’s dollars on maintaining outsize executive compensation instead of retaining employees. That is why they were in a hurry, money calls!

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