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INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Country Is Better?

INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Country Is Better?

100 comments on “INDIA or PAKISTAN – Which Country Is Better?

  1. Both countries are the best. The government is why Pakistan and India are so torn apart besides the border disputes. I wish everyone would just stop saying one or the other country is bad. Both countries are awsome. Love, from the US.

  2. Worst vdo i ever seen in my life.. ..
    Where is your point ?
    You talking about those countries, they are have 5000 yrs old culture and 10,000 yrs old civilised society. ..
    And you show your narrow minded west view .. 🤣..
    Who the hell are you about talking on our society !!
    You have just born 400 to 3000 yrs ago and we are here about 10,000.
    And showing just poor site .. and education problem ! Who give you the zero , the algebra, the boson particles, the redio, the astrology, the maths,
    Your culture killed 6 million Jewish people, 10 million indian in 1945 food crisis, destroy the Mesopotamia, but you didn't killed our culture but trying so hard with riots etc etc people haven't any idea oh our culture and make vdo .. on our country and society .. for views .. stop this no sense and make vdo on cherchil , nickson, hitler, your society .. why to much rape in Western culture that's your modern society face . Why white people can't appreciate black people.

  3. There should be no comparisons required.. India and Pakistan are brothers from the same mother… Even mother doesnt discrimate their children, who are we to do so…


  5. Pakistani common people are okkk
    But it is not a good country law wise, they have blasphemy law, forced conversion, etc are so much

  6. According to the geographical area and population differences between the two countries, the measures would’ve been more fair if he used averages instead of the exact figures.

  7. Pakistan is all time better secure and responsible country in the world pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰 I love pakistan zindabad 🇵🇰🇹🇷 love from turkey

  8. You see India’s government is not to great as of Pakistan has a welcoming hospitality to all tourists but overall there both good countries

  9. There is no comparison both are respectfully better on their place, for the rest foreign tourists can decide which country is good.

  10. I like India more because Pakistan is always in to fight if Kashmir is a part of India let it be why do you want war for that

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