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in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, Shocks and Fails of Japanese people

in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, Shocks and Fails of Japanese people

They were like “hurry the F up” The end of the gun pointed at me. I was so shocked and said “sorry sorry!” Were you ok? – I thought I was gonna die. Hey guys and girls on Ask Japanese it’s Cathy Cat. We all love traveling but sometimes things can get awfully wrong. This time we are gonna go ask Japanese people about travel fails they had while traveling abroad or within Japan and at the end of the video I am gonna tell you some common travel fails and mistakes that foreigners do when they come here to Japan so you don’t have to do them. Hit the subscribe button Let’s go and Ask Japanese. When I went to the USA, everyone has cars and I couldn’t walk that. It was tough. I couldn’t go anywhere and tried gesturing. Friends gave me lifts when I said I couldn’t go places And drove me places. People are nice and let me come with them I was surprised about that. People are not that nice in Japan At a convenience store I had cash no credit card… when I couldn’t use cash and wanted to give up, the black man behind me bought my juice for me What? That was super nice of him. – He really was. In Korea, they subway trains have different colors like in Tokyo depending on what line they are colored. In Korea there are so many trains and the colors were confusing There were also stations that sounded really similar… I got totally lost. What did you do in the end? – I met station staff that could speak Japanese and they helped me out where to go. – A Japanese speaking station staff? Yes – You were so lucky. Safe. What if he hadn’t spoken Japanese? – I would have cried. I admired New York and went there on my holiday but… the staff of the customs at the airport was very rude. They threw my carry bag across and I was so shocked. They were rude. I was shocked about that. – Only your luggage? – My friends luggage too. Was that some kind of discrimination? – Well… the staff there seemed agitated too… definitely not a nice person. That’s shocking. There’s nothing you can say either. – We were scared but we couldn’t do anything… We are Japanese… and we couldn’t speak much English… that’s how we messed up maybe… They were like “hurry the F up” It was a scary man. When I was in middle school I went to America. I went for a week and the dad of the home family was a police officer he suddenly showed me his gun. Guns are illegal in Japan. I was so shocked. – I would be too. Did he carry it on his belt. – It was on his belt after work… He showed it to me, the end of the gun my way. I was so shocked I shouted “sorry sorry” – I apologize for everything! – Yeah like that Was he a strong dad? – Very muscular! Wow that’s what we expect of American police COPS Seeing the gun in real life… was it like you expected it to look? – It was bulky but small. I just came from Nagoya… I rode the taxi with a stranger in Tokyo You don’t get that much in Japan? – Not at all. Total stranger. We took the taxi. – You met and shared a cab? We asked the way, the last train was almost gone, we went into the same direction… so we decided to take the taxi. – This sounds a little like he was chatting you up. – Well sounds like chatted him up now… Too many trains in Tokyo… I don’t get it. – Japanese people don’t get it either? – Nope Wait you can read Kanji. – Yes we can. – What do you not understand? There are many exits. It’s confusing. How was your first Shibuya experience? – It was like I’ve seen it on tv The scramble crossing… I purposefully crossed it. You went over and back? – Yes twice. – And photos? I took a lot. – You are doing the same as tourists. You go girl go girl When I went to Hakone, the biggest snow in the last decade happened… I arrived but got stuck at the station, without being able to leave. The taxi wait took 12 hours. 12 hours? Were you ok? – I thought I was gonna die. You waited the whole time at the station? – Yes no busses and no taxis I could only wait. Trains weren’t going either. I stayed for 3 nights. But the hotel was snowed in so I couldn’t leave, nothing was open and I couldn’t sightsee either. How many people were waiting in line? – Always about 50 people. Some hotels picked up guests, but mine didn’t. I just waited all day. – Wow I feel so sorry. Yah. – I went to the Maldives for work… I stayed for 3 months on a boat. For 3 months we would all not wear shoes on the boat. We would swim and just wear swimwear and shorts That was different to Japan. Walking barefoot. Those were all our questions. Thank you So here are some common travel fails that foreigners have when they come to Japan so you don’t have to do them remember these ones: 1 on the same platform the same type of train same direction might not stop at your stop. Reason for that, there are Local, Express, Commuter Express and Rapid trains which means they stop at certain intervals. Some of them will jump over a couple of local stops while others will stop at every stop on the way. The big difference: You might see your stop and go way past it it might take you a lot longer to go back to that stop. Another: If you go on the local train thinking “stops everyone might use this one” you might end up spending an hour or more on your journey. If you go make sure download yourself a travel app that tells you what time, when and where a certain train arrives an hour. Many foreigners are used to partying at night or staying out late in bars,pubs,clubs. That is fine but you will have to calculate in that even in a city as big as Tokyo the trains stop fairly early. Your last train might be going between the hours of 23:30 till 1:00 and afterwards there is no trains and no night service. If you plan to party and stay out late you either have to wait until the early trains start in the morning or might have to get a cab or maybe walk the road. Number 3 is Taxis. You might think you could easily take a taxi from A to B but if you want to take a taxi at night you might have to calculate in that the taxis are pricey at night. So if you actually want to go home from the club at night, calculate in that it will be expensive and the cab drivers don’t know certain places so have the addess of the place where you are going ready because they don’t know it by heart and there are no many streetnames on many streets here so it depends on the numbers and blocks. Be sure to have that in mind when you come and travel here in Japan so you don’t get stranded or lost on your journey here. I hope you found this helpful. Don’t forget to give it a big like and if you haven’t subbed yet don’t forget to sub. Catch you soon here on Ask Japanese. Bye.

25 comments on “in FOREIGN COUNTRIES, Shocks and Fails of Japanese people

  1. In America, it’s actually really common that the customs officers or TSA people are rude 🤦🏽‍♀️
    It’s probably because they have to deal with tens of thousands of people at a time, so they’re easily agitated

  2. I will be moving to Japan for half a year in 2021, and these videos have helped me to get to know the Japanese culture more.

  3. I got lost at Shibuya station while searching for Hachiko exit. Ended up finding it after almost two hours. (Don't ask how, idk)

  4. I'd be willing to guess there was no discrimination occurring at the NYC airport. People who live in NYC pride themselves on behavior that everywhere else in the USA would be considered very rude. They seem to think that type of behavior is a signature of being from NYC, and other people should just deal with it.

  5. The thing that surprised me the most in this video was how it seems like you can walk to pretty much anywhere in Tokyo

  6. Took the Local Train and ended up away from my stop, then I took a rapid train. Found myself back at the station I was before I took the local.
    Started crying and ended up being helped with my broken Japanese 🙂

  7. i think i am going to have fun traveling round japan for the first time oh by the way I Love the mouse ears Moon Cathy Cat you looking so adorable!xxx

  8. In the US.. airport staff are known for being rude to everyone. Please don't be offended, it was not because you are Japanese… They do not discriminate… They are not nice to everyone

  9. I had an epic (kinda NSFW) fail when I was in Tokyo on vacation. I tried inviting a girl back to my hotel after spending the entire evening with her bar hopping and getting food and stuff.
    But when I asked, my stupid low-level-Japanese brain decided to ask her something along the lines of「僕と帰りたい?」 instead something like「一緒にホテルに行かない?」. For those not so well-versed in Japanese, instead of asking her to a/my hotel, I asked her if she wanted to return home with me. Like, return to my home home, as in the U.S., all due to my word choice (帰りたい). I think that understandably creeped her out, as things kinda fizzled out from there. Oh, well. Not the kind of mistake you make twice though.

  10. Yep. People shouldn't be making common mistakes when visiting places like Japan. For trains, you have to download the app if the train doesn't stop at the stop you need to go off.

  11. Airport security even in London Heathrow is angry all the freaking time ! As if the Airport is owned by thier father ! In Japan probably the security is cool and clam. I have been to Europe where the security is so nice. Just because you are wearing an uniform and have to deal with thousands doesn't give you the right to boss , bully and make bicthy faces.

  12. I found that google maps was just great for navigating the subways in Tokyo. If I ever missed a train it was my fault for not following the directions on the ceiling properly

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