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Impeachment this week: The hearings go public

Impeachment this week: The hearings go public

45 comments on “Impeachment this week: The hearings go public

  1. This lesbian lady only has more 2nd hand info on the nothing burger. I thought she was supposed to cry?
    Didn't you put her up there to cry?
    If she has no info to help she needs to cry.

  2. Fakenew media :yavanovitch is a fact witness

    Yavanovitch before Congress :i have no fact

    President Trump is getting impeached for hurt feelings of a government employe she couldn't point to any high-crimes

  3. And Obama fired every Ambassador that was appointed by George Bush the day he took office. But that's okay with the Democrat media now

  4. Marie’s ovation was well deserved, she is a heroine and trump attacking her during her testimony a national disgrace. Shame on you trump!

  5. There was bribery, just not in the way Ambassador Yovanovitch is probably accustomed to using that word. In return for Ukraine looking for dirt on his political rivals, in this case Joe Biden, President Trump would release $400 million in aid to Ukraine.

  6. WP has, (most likely unintentionally), revealed their deep fear and hatred of any political officer that is not a puppet for the rich.

  7. You Mentally Unstable Snowflakes Can Make Up All The BULLSHIT You Want. NO ONE Believes You Enemies Of The People And The Country , AND Mr Trump Will Be Re-Elected .

  8. Impeach NOW!!! American cannot afford four more years, wasting Americans tax payers money. Trump is not a leader, he is divisive and his mind is a bad neighborhood.

  9. i just need two questions answered please!! if trump is innocent, why is he hiding it? and why is he making it look so darn easy to look guilty?

  10. Republicans really do not care about the Constitution. It's all about 'winning' to them. For Democrats winning or losing doesn't matter. It's all about doing the right thing. Republicans are the shallow bastards. Don't ever forget that. The Trump Administration, and the Republicans, have been the ultimate test of the laws of our Constitution. It so far has failed. Our Constitution means very little at this point.

    The Republicans love to applaud for the Constitution.

    Trump: "I sit on a gold toilet seat and wipe my crack with the Constitution."

    Republicans: CLAP CLAP CLAP

  11. Latest witness over heard Trump? What does this mean? It means the Democrat's have nothing and never will.I am sick of the Democrat's making their own rules and telling the American people whats best for them.Your about to lose big and nothing you say or do now will change it.Go find what Dershowitz thinks.He's one of you,now what do you say?


  13. As of October 2018, Fox News has added to their terms of use that they are an entertainment company: β€œCompany furnishes the Company Sites and the Company Services for your personal enjoyment and entertainment.”

  14. I know they say that Marie was no longer holding her position as Ambassador when Trump made his famous call… His "perfect" call. But, wasn't it reported that Trump was putting pressure on the Ukraines as far back as Jan/Feb 2019 and had even began his scheming as early as 2018?? Was this inaccurate? There was a lot of "fluff" being spread about, by certain counsel members, during these hearings but,…
    there were curious words and comments and questions presented by other members, who seem to be in the know, that no one questioned! I think we have just seen the beginning of this situation. After all facts are revealed, eventually, the "Star witness" WILL be revealed! Then they can vote to impeach or commit career suicide!!




  16. The whole world is laughing at Little Donny Fail-Fail.

    The whole world is laughing at his mentally defective MAGAsucker fans, too.

  17. WaPo is a disgrace. We do hope these lawless, fake "impeachment" tactics continue on and on…each day Trump's ratings are soaring…went from 46% to 50% on Wednesday alone! He also raised $5 million within 24 hours all thanks to Do nothing Pelosi and Shifty Schiff! Thanks for all your support!!!

  18. Hear say and feelings
    This guy heard it from another guy who heard it from another guy who's heard it from another guy who saw this other guy talk about it and then feeling started to get a hurt this lady got hurt from her feelings who heard it from another person called a tweet and then her feelings Got hurt and then again she was hurt And the star witness can only laugh about it when confronted oh yes this is really damaging
    I totally understand the John Durham report is going to show exactly what the truth is and for them it's a race against time tick tock is now into tick clonk

  19. They are wasting our tax dollars on this nonsense. Nancy needs to sign the USMCA, and they all need to get back to work.

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