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Impeachment is full of ‘murky, opinion-based facts’: Former prosecutor

Impeachment is full of ‘murky, opinion-based facts’: Former prosecutor

100 comments on “Impeachment is full of ‘murky, opinion-based facts’: Former prosecutor

  1. But schitt head said he had evidence. Talk about bed rock!!! Holy sht that's got nothing on schitt for brains. That little pos needs to be hung!!! Bet he uses that gavel for a prostate massage.

  2. This absurdity must stop! Otherwise, every time some people do not like the election result, they can start yet another Muller investigation, or an impeachment — all without clear evidence! Republicans should SUE the Democrats for starting impeachment without a justifiable cause. Let them fight to the Supreme Court! The Supreme Court should make it clear that (1) congressmen must have a "legitimate reason and the PROOF" to impeach the president, (2) A sleazy politician, such as Adam Schiff, should not be allowed to set the impeachment procedures by himself! Republicans must be active in making Democrats stick to the laws, or they should be voted out as well!! Not only we don't need corrupted and vindictive politicians, but we also don't need useless politicians!!

  3. Even with doctor Hill's testimony today it seems like the only thing the democrats have but brought forward are people who can attest to their feelings were hurt they were scared, And a lot of hearsay… And a lot of hearsayThere is no concrete evidence of any high crimes or misdemeanors or bribery.. They need to just throw it right out.. Nothing to impeach on,

  4. Everyone wanting to give their opinions and expertise that sounds like a Facebook thing, Like social media…. And who is really behind that profile?

  5. Schiff and his clowns are winning this game, with his murky and opinion-based facts. Dems are buying into this 100% and independents are at risk. This has not been good news for POTUS at all. Trump has been very poorly represented for a long time. Giulliani was a mistake – he's just too loud.

  6. A lot of egotistical beaurocrats who are worried about someone getting in their lane. The best part was Rep Turner telling Holmes he damaged Zelensky by announcing what Sondland said about him.

  7. This whole show with the Democrat's serves only 2 thing's. 1 to cover their butt's from Obama down and 2. To then attack, smear both the I.G. and A.G. Report's knowing from Obama down will be facing indictment's of TREASON. Not just against Trump. But against America period.

  8. The last impeachment had a blue dress splattered with cum stains. This one's just sprinkled with golden showers that didn't even materialize.

  9. Ukraine definitely interfered in the US election I've even seen public and recordings of Ukrainians saying they did

  10. Trump was trying to get rid of the corruption in Ukraine.
    And the only place that has corruption is the company of his political opponent's son?
    In a country of 40+ million people?
    Yeah, right. Sound logic.

  11. He should have had Sidney Powell or Ken Cuccinelli as AG and had them arrest everyone before they could say "No I didn't do it" !!!

  12. There are things that are called facts which have a foundation to support them. Opinions are translated thought which have no foundation or facts to support them. This is called propaganda

  13. So now they want to determine who the president can meet or cannot meet? So they want to determine who the president can or cannot sacked? And those he sacked are turned witness against the president in the impeachment hearing? So they want to determine who the president can call or cannot call? So is this what the impeachment all about? Because the president called Ukraine president?? Omg! These devils are obsessed in removing the president. And clearly they've been doing for the past 3 long years. Hearsay? Heard? Informed? Dossier? Collusion? No hard evidence on tape for the communication like what happened in Nixon Watergate case. Now using hearsay or heard as evidence?These devils are obsessed in removing Trump.

  14. This so called foreign diplomats think their presumption, opinion is much better foreign policy than their President. President Trump send them back to America and terminate their services, they are all treasonous people, you don’t need them

  15. The elected official, in this case, Pres. Trump, decides Foreign Policy. Enough said. Not Federal bureaucrats (the Deep State")

  16. Fox is getting confused It's either fact or opinion! I don't believe there is such a thing as opinion based facts.

  17. Hillary Clinton: "Tulsi Gabbard and Jill Stein are Russian agents.". Schiff!!! Investigate immediately, spend another $40 million taxpayer dollars!!!

  18. Democrats are evils puppets and they're working for the antichrist.🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚🌚

  19. All this theatrical nonsense and guess what commies we’re going to vote for him again 4 more year b*tches 🤣

  20. What else should we expect from career politicians? Their perception has nothing to do with the real world of the People- most of these people have never had any other job outside the government!

  21. Fact is an objective reality. Opinion is a subjective statement. There’s no such thing as opinion based fact. That’s just bull ship. You are becoming fake news. Unacceptable.

  22. Even an L1 at a diploma mill law school knows this investigation is a farce and evidentiary standards don't pass muster

  23. Facts are there…lots of evidence to impeach trump…see the transcripts and testimony and trumps/whitehouse video (mulveney). …lock him up

  24. OOOOOO MY GOD Trump won Democrats lost with Russia's help…. GET F"#¤%#¤ OVER IT… It's 2019 now. Trump committed a serious crime he can't get out of, so take your losses and lick your wounds…. I guess this has nothing to do with Trump? this has everything to do with THE REPUBLICANS staying in power at any cost and DAM THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. GOOD LUCK… IF you want a REVOLUTION keep on going.

  25. I heard it from a friend that heard it from a friend that heard it from a neighbor that heard it from their dog. Yeah, I think that covers all their testimonies.These people think "their feelings … their perspective" is more important than the truth

  26. I watched literally hundreds of thousands of pages of reports during these 3 days of hearings. And, each member gets their own copies.
    Now if these climate change activists REALLY cared about the environment, they would quit killing our trees for their sham hearings!
    Think about the airline miles racked up to fly these human resource whiners in to pout that the president wouldn't follow their NWO Agenda.
    These environmentalists cry because the ocean levels are rising. Yet they (Obama)(Oprah)Pay millions for Beachfront Property!

  27. Who the hell can believe this our"Intelligents hire British spy to impeach they're President our President and another British spy spying on President Trump's calls to impeach the President to help the corrupts .This" intelligents"look so stuuuupid.If British Intelligents hire American spy to impeach the Queen or Charles what can happening ? But I believe never happening only in America I believe because all are corrupts.

  28. The guy today didn't he say he was A POLITICAL… SURE YOU ARE.. AND didnt a democrat ask the woman how did it make the Ukrainians FEEL…. SHE FELT THAT TRUMP TALKED MEAN TO THE FEMALES.. SONLAND HOUSEwas being protested. I seen
    the video….. democrat suporters antifas

  29. Opinions are not facts, the are opinions based on bias most of the time. You can't say opinion based facts, that's a mis statement.

  30. If there is a impeachment trial in the senate, can the republicans subpoena E R I C C I A R M E |_ |_ A and other people that Schiff refuses to?

  31. If there is a impeachment trial in the senate, can the republicans subpoena E R I C C I A R M E |_ |_ A and other people that Schiff refuses to?

  32. If there is a impeachment trial in the senate, can the republicans subpoena E R I C C I A R M E |_ |_ A and other people that Schiff refuses to?

  33. Uhmm…
    There was a quid pro quo… Sondland.
    Trump is self dealing again with the government's money.
    Trump is a Belial.
    A lawless worthless unprofitable perverted wicked demon.
    Proverbs 6.12-19

  34. Very true and revealing analysis exposing the minds of bureaucrats full of inflation, not even knowing how to distinguish a fact but nevertheless highly diplomatic.

  35. He wants to investigate corruption in Ukraine… what about trump charity that was just fined for stealing money. Investigated that!!

  36. Dems are funneling US tax money into George Soros pockets via the US embassy to the Ukrainian " Anti Corruption Bureau" which is a Soros NGO

  37. The Ukraine argument is disposable and fabricated also since the surveillance used to start this embarrassing mess was based on amateur false documents criminally altered by US law enforcement individuals deliberately ANY charges even convictions in this grotesque corruption case are disposable and non binding

  38. What is really going on that this fake impeachment is used to hide and to distract the public? How can the public debt increase from 20 trillion dollars to 22 trillion dollars, from 2017 to 2019, and still say that the economy is great? I just know that although I buy the cheapest groceries, I still pay more than last year per person, per week on groceries.

  39. Which polls show support for impeachment waning? I must have missed that part.

    P.S. Hi there to Igor, Sergei, Arkady, Oleg and all our other Russian friends who like to visit these pages and leave their comments. Always good to see you here guys. 🙂

  40. This inquiry should go well for Trump. The Democrats are not allowing the Republicans choice of witnesses, witnesses are gathering information from other witnesses and news paper and tv reports and with all of that the Republicans are obliterating the whole bases of the inquiry. Additionally, the Democrats are so desperate they are trying to twist their own witnesses to say things that were not said or done. Mr. Holmes statement in the end sounded like he was in charge of foreign policy priorities and just can not accept that the person called President Trump was not doing what he thought should be done. This has really shown us the people why turning our lives over to bureaucrats as Bernie and Warren wants would be destruction for all. Vindman, and Holmes especially clearly was more concerned with the Ukraine then the U.S.

  41. There is a few facts that matter, Joe Biden and his sons corruption is what this is really about. The democratic partys corruption is what this is about



  43. Somebody must have to go to prison for all these fiasco, starting from the Mueller report to this impeachment hearings. Or else no one will learn their lesson. The idiots will keep on doing the same thing hoping for a different result. The American people deserve justice.

  44. These are not opinion based facts, There are no facts, they are just opinions and feelings from deep state and disgruntled bureaucraps. We're only hearing from deep state operatives who have NO first hand knowledge, just feelings and stupid assumptions. GET REAL, what a colossal waste of time and money!
    DEMS can't do anything right.

  45. Two presumptions plus two presumptions do not equal one fact! Love the Republicans math! Bravo on the cross questioning to all our Republican Representatives!

  46. It was the janitor in the mop room holding a plunger that knows the truth and Schitt for brains missed this key witness…Wow..

  47. The summary of this weeks impeachment hearing is: the Trump Administration, Russian Security spy agencies, the GOP, and this station Fox are co-conspirators to undermine Democratic Institutions in the USA and worldwide. The co-conspirators are liars, cheats, con-men, predators, racists, and evil. I want to thank Dr. Fiona Hill, Ambassador Sondlund, Ambassador Yavanovitch, Lt Col. Alexander Vindman and others for their courage to speak up! Congressman Nunes please remember it's not Mr. Vindman, but Lt. Col Vindman.

  48. This is the Biggest ClusterCuck that Shiff Face has created, that I have ever witnessed in USA history. ( except Pearl Harbour)
    USA is now in the Sewer, and the Swamp is so big, Trump will need more than another Term to drain the swamp. Hope Americans are proud of the Swamp the Democrats that created it. The people of America allowed this to happen right under their noses. How do you intend to fix this People???? And fix the MSM while you are about it, Propaganda and lies belongs in Hitlers domain

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