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IES Public Access Policy: How Grantees and Contractors Meet Requirements by Submitting Work to ERIC

IES Public Access Policy: How Grantees and Contractors Meet Requirements by Submitting Work to ERIC

The Institute of Education Sciences, or IES,
is committed to advancing education research through the sharing of publications that come
from its funded research. According to IES’s Public Access Policy,
if you were awarded a grant or contract after September 2011, you are required to submit
the full text of your final, peer-reviewed research manuscript to ERIC if your work is
not published by IES. IES published publications will automatically be added to ERIC. For peer-reviewed work not published by IES, your research manuscript must be submitted as soon as it is accepted for publication. The date that it will be made available in
ERIC will be based on the date that it is available to the public, which isn’t necessarily
the publication date. Before submitting your work to a publisher,
you must notify your publisher of your grant or contract requirements. You must ensure
that you retain the right to submit the full text of your final peer-reviewed manuscript
into ERIC. It is your responsibility to make sure that your publisher will allow you to submit your work to ERIC and for it to be publicly available after 12 months. When submitting to ERIC, you must submit your final peer-reviewed manuscript using the Online
Submission System. The publisher cannot submit it for you. Be sure to include the name of
the funding entity, the grant or contract number, and the journal citation or a publication
date on the document. If your article is “in press,” use the date you submitted the final
manuscript to the publisher. ERIC will verify the publication date prior to releasing the
full text of the final, peer-reviewed manuscript. Also confirm that the information on the
document matches what you put in the submission form. Please note that the ERIC record with your publication information will be available
soon after your publication has been submitted to ERIC, but the full text of your online
submission will not be released until one year after publication. For more tips on how to submit your work to ERIC, see the video “Tips for Using the
Online Submission System” and the Submission FAQ.

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