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I will receive help to travel back to my home country (engelsk)

I will receive help to travel back to my home country (engelsk)

I am Amir. I’ve had a final rejection to my asylum application,
and I can’t remain in Norway. This was not my plan. I’d prefer to stay in Norway. What are they going to say back home? Will they be angry because I got a rejection? I have been in Norway for such a long time. We talked to my family on Skype. Somebody from the asylum centre explained why I got a rejection,
and that now I’m getting help to go home.  It’s much easier to explain when I get help. The organization IOM has arranged the tickets, passport and all. They will come with me on the plane all the way home. I’ll also get money and assistance to start over once I get home. I think it will be helpful in some ways. I spent some time saying goodbye to everybody. They’re all asking what it will be like to get home. I don’t know, it’ll be strange – I guess? I have thought many times that I’ll just stay – that I won’t leave. But my situation has changed. Now at least I get help and some money. And I got time to say goodbye. There is the plane we’re leaving with. I’ve waited a lot. I’ve hoped a lot. Now I’m going home.

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