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How to Set Your Organization’s Password Policy in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center – Office 365

How to Set Your Organization’s Password Policy in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center – Office 365

Hi welcome to this Pen Publishing
Interactive video. In this video I’m going to show you how to set your
organization’s password policy in Microsoft’s 365 Admin Center. So let’s
get started. So I’m already logged in to the Microsoft 365 Admin Center and you
can get there by going to . You will need to be
logged in and you will also need to be an admin for the your organization in
order to see these settings. So the first thing you want to do is, you’re gonna go
to settings and expand that menu and then you’re gonna click security and
privacy. Once you get there you’ll see this password policy options here and
all you have to do is hit edit and if you want to disable this by default they
come with a 90 day before password expires. So the passwords expire
every 90 days. So users have to reset them and they will be notified 14 days
before the password expires. So you can change these or leave them alone. You can
change whatever, you know, amount of days you want that or you can completely
disable this, to set user passwords to never expire. If you do that you just
toggle this and then hit save and the that disables the whole password reset
or expire every 90 day feature here. Again that’s the default, but again you
can set this for your organization as you deem fit. So, but that’s how easy it
is to set your password policy for your organization in Office 365, for Office
365 accounts in the Microsoft 365 Admin Center. I hope this video was beneficial
and if you would like to learn more about our company and our services and any
Office 365 products please visit our website at You can
also find us on Facebook and Twitter and if you’re watching this video on YouTube
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notified about them. Thank you for watching and until next time.

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