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How To Make Privacy Policy For Your Website | Privacy Policy Explained!

Hey buddy, are owner of a website ? does your
website has a proper privacy policy. In this video I will explain you what is privacy
policy and how to get one for free. Please watch this video till the end, as I
will tell you something very important. So, with that being said, let’s dive in. If you are new to internet, then you might
not know, what is a privacy policy, well… as the name suggests, it is a legal document,
in which you will find how, when and what information is collected from you. A Privacy Policy is mostly used by apps, websites
and even companies. So they all need a privacy policy stating
how private you will be by using the following service. Not only the location, some apps and websites
can also take your photos and personal information, like name, gender, phone number etc. Also there are such websites and apps, which
only gather the technical information, not so personal, like which browser you are using,
which device is it, what are you doing in their website, and much more. They all need a privacy policy. Now as you know what is privacy policy, the
point is, if you are a user then, how to view the privacy policy of a website you visit. And if you are a website owner, how to
get one for your website. For users of a website, most of the websites
provide a privacy policy at the end of the homepage or on in sit map page. If you are a website owner, then I will now
show you, how to create your privacy policy for free. First of all, open your favorite internet
browser. Now go to, the link for this website
will be in the description box below. The website should look something similar
to this. It is a free website that can generate a privacy
policy for you. Here you can see three text boxes, now go
to the first one and enter your website address, or the website domain. For this video I will enter Now in the second text box, enter your full
company name. Also make sure, you enter only the company
name and nothing like Corporation Or Inc, as Get Terms will automatically generate it
for you. In my case I will enter my company name as
Example. On the third text box, enter a country or
state where your company is. As I am in India, I will enter India. Finally after you have filled all the text
boxes with the appropriate information, click on the Generate Policy button, to get your
own copy of Privacy Policy. After clicking on the generate button, the
page should look something like this, On the top of the page, you will find some information
about the website and privacy policy terms. Now scroll down until you see the Your Terms
And Privacy Policy Section. Here you can switch between the plain text
and the HTML versions, the plain text is used for documents, apps and other places where
text can be inserted. The HTML version is specific for your website. To insert it, just select the HTML version
and copy it by clicking on the copy to clipboard button, now create a page called Privacy Policy
and paste the HTML content here, If you want to insert it, into your app, then simply copy
the plain text version and paste it where ever you want. Now let me say the important thing, that I
said, I will tell you at the beginning of the video. If you are using the privacy policy terms
generated by this website, then you don’t need to link back or credit this website,
also the website holds no warranty or responsibility, for the use or actions based on the contents
of the website. Now a small tip from my side, make sure you
read the complete terms generated by the website and modify it according to your purpose, because
it is important, that you provide the real information, about your company. Also this video is not sponsored by anybody,
Please support me on my Patreon as that would help me a lot, to make more informative and
awesome video like this. The links are in the description box below. So, that was it for this video, Please share
this video and subscribe to my channel, helping me get more views. This is Vasanth Developer signing off.

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