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How to Fly your drone safely in every country – 5 tips | MaiOnHigh

How to Fly your drone safely in every country – 5 tips | MaiOnHigh

traveling is a lot of fun I cannot
even begin to tell you how much I love traveling with my drones but here is the
question that I’m getting a lot recently “how do you know it is safe and legal to
fly there?” in this video I’ll give you five tips on how to fly safely and legally in every single country that you’re going to visit let’s go number one it’s common sense duh you know that it’s
not cool to fly above people in your country therefore why would you fly
above other people in any other country? it doesn’t make any sense right? so keeping in mind the really basic rules such as : don’t fly over people don’t fly next to the airport keeping like six kilometer distance out of them don’t fly
too high because you don’t know who else is actually using the air space right now don’t fly above highways and busy roads do not dive apartment buildings try not to fly in a really busy places and don’t fly in the middle of a city also remember that it’s actually a legal
requirement in most of the countries to have a spotter with you but as much as
it’s legal requirements remember that it’s also a personal safety requirement
when you have your goggles down you are practically vulnerable you don’t know
what’s gonna happen in someone else’s head what will they do maybe they want
to touch you or ask you something or rob you whatever be sure that you
have a spotter who can stop people inform them that this is really not cool
to have a dog in here or whatever for the safety reasons not only for the
other people but also for you – personally it’s really really important to have a
spotter with you and it can be anyone they don’t really need to know anything
about the drones they just need to know that they are getting your personal
safety really seriously and that’s basically it
yeah those rules will actually get you really really far in most of the
countries so that’s that’s kind of really important right? But there are
some exceptions from this rule always check on the internet if your drones are
legal at all in the state country in such countries is Morocco they will
just take your drone and in Dubai you cannot have your drone in a carry-on
luggage simply googling “is the drone legal in a said country” will get you a really
far away you can also google such things like “can I bring drones to the said country” and that will give you a direct answer if
you can take them at all or if there is any other rule regarding the drones
that you need to know Google is your friend guys Third thing that I’m always
doing before going to any country on the planet Earth is checking the local drone
laws every single country has them made a little bit differently – so it may be
really confusing for you even if you are a licensed pilot what to actually expect simply googling country name drone laws and we’re gonna do “Croatia drone laws”
will get you an answer right away my ultimate favorite source of information
though is UAV coach on the UAV coach website which you will find in the
description box down below in the pinned comment you will find USA states and
countries all over the world with a great pack of information about the
local laws and rules how do you know which places are ok to fly and which
ones not really? Well that’s actually pretty easy there are phone applications
that I’m also listing you in the description box and in pinned comment down
below but you can also check the which will show you basically all the
air spaces that you are in right now or in other places that you want to go to All of our globe is covered with air spaces created for the safety of the
planes hobbyists and professionals some even for army! the cool Monuments: if the
place actually belongs to a historical list or belongs to any kind of a
historical organization or is a really important monument in a safe place be
sure to ask the security guard beforehand if it would be OK to fly and I mean
either whoop or the normal drone remember that if you are in a foreign
country it may be really really hard to communicate while you are flying
and some of the people are really sensitive for drones even the whoops so
it’s not that you are just taking a tiny whoop and you feel safe because some of
the security that’s may get aggressive for you for flying without their
permission if you don’t have a permission remember that sometimes even
spotter cannot stop the security guards from attacking you or doing something
to you coming first to the security guard may get you a really long way and
having an extra pair of goggles to show them what you are doing is getting you
even further and gets you a you know extra footage to show people that you
are sharing the Hobby the thing is that if you will come to people with a kind
heart and smile it’s always way different than doing whatever you please
and then being aggressive and getting into an argument you may be really
surprised how nice everyone around you is if you are really nice for them if
you are having a hard time remember that some of the security guards may not
speak English so if you are going to France prepare a little note in French what I actually like to do is to put what I want to say for the Google
Translate and after I’m getting the translation I’m copying it and trying to
reverse the translation to see if it’s really what I wanted to say eventually try to ask some people and maybe let’s make a database for like a note hey can
I fly my drone it’s doing this this and that so it’s really important to be just
really kind really going forward and showing people how professional and sure
you are about your own skills and the possibilities of the said drone okay Lexie that was a lot of information how am I supposed to know about it on
the go!? I got you covered
don’t worry I have
created a little cheat sheet which you can download directly from the
description box or the pinned comment down below and this is a PDF it’s totally printable and I’m strongly suggesting printing just the page number
two eventually two and three but double-sidedand you can have it with you at
all times in your drone backpack what it includes is a basic information of the
basic rules that are kind of same for most of the countries as well
as the QR codes for the websites and applications that will help you on the
go so we don’t have to type anything you don’t have to remember any links you
just scan the QR code and here we go so let me know what you think about the
cheat sheet because I really tried to make it as informative as possible so leave me a comment down below what you think about it and I hope you will enjoy it
and use it as much as possible I hope you guys enjoyed this video please leave it a thumbs up if you liked it and don’t forget to subscribe and smash that bell button to get to know about all the other videos that are making and the other
upcoming videos will be also connected with the drones, traveling, video editing
and social media and if you have any requests of what would you like to know
leave me a comment down below and I will try to do my best to cover the topic
that you are interested in Thanks watching and see you in the next video

43 comments on “How to Fly your drone safely in every country – 5 tips | MaiOnHigh

  1. Disclaimer – those are not all the things that need to bekept inmind. Rather a short introduction for further education to make sure more people thing about safety!
    Flying safely in every country is an important part of my travelling. Some countries do not allow drones at all!

    FREE Printable cheat sheet!

    How do you deal with travelling with drones? Would you like me to share some knowledge about related subjects?

    UAV coach on drone laws in US states and Worldwide countries:
    Airmap phone app android:
    Airmap phone app apple:

  2. Super informative vid! will be checking out the links and cheat sheet you provided as im travelling Indonesia in 3 weeks and was unsure on drone laws there, so thank you.

  3. Hey, here in Germany are some stupid Rangers ( I think he was a a guy who isnt allowed to dictate anything to me), which are saying, that I cant fly there, I checked it and the fly maps etc told me, that ist's ok. Another day he told us, that its not ok because of the "Brut and Set time", I did some research and I wasnt able to find anything about it. Do you know, where I could find some information?

  4. Really fantastic tips, Lexie! 😃
    Some tips for who ever want to fly here in Brazil. You need 3 things: register your quad on ANATEL (our national communications agency) and with an organization from the FAB (our air force). The third part is to download an app on your smartphone to ask for permission to fly where you are. The authorization comes in less than 3 minutes. 😊
    The register with ANATEL is pretty expensive, but it's going to be free in a month +/-. (At least this good thing our president is doing. LOL) The rest is already free. 😊
    But that's all I know, because all I have (working) for now are micros (under 250g)… So it's all good. 😊

  5. Excellent video Lexie! Seems very common, especially here in the good 'ole USA that common sense goes up in the air when it comes to multirotors. July 4th of this year was no exception. Was so bad that the FAA actually released a statement and email concerning the weponization of drones, and stating that putting fireworks counts as such. And awesome that you're showing the spotlight on UAV Coach! I got my part 107 certificate thanks to their amazing lessons and videos on their Drone Pilot Ground School! Keep bringing the great videos!

  6. as far as i know a drone is something that can move on auto modes so even a car are what every like the army a drone ? its a plane? so yea a quadcopter is just a toy with 4 props and thats what i tell most ppl cause if u say its a drone they ask if u filming them -.-

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