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How to Change Steam to ANY Country and Currency using VPN

How to Change Steam to ANY Country and Currency using VPN

Hello guys and welcome to yet another video
from Octopus Technology. I am your host Andreas Christodoulou and if
you want to keep watching cool tech videos like this one please hit that big red Subscribe
button right below this video. In this video, I am going to show you how
you can change Steam to ANY country and currency as my previous video was flooded by comments
requesting how to change steam to other countries and currencies than the ones you guys reside
in. Quick disclaimer however as by doing this,
you are VERY likely to get banned, as Steam does not allow you to freely change to any
country you like and I will NOT, i repeat I will NOT be held responsible if your account
gets banned as you have been warned! Now that we’ got this out of the way I assume
that you are willing to take your chances, so here we go. First off you need to download a VPN program
which will allow you to encrypt your connection to a server which resides to a country you
will select and will make Steam think that you are accessing it through that country. Now you need to download a VPN software. Since most of you guys wont not have a paid
VPN subscription, I recommend downloading VPNs like CyberGhost VPN or Tunnelbear VPN,
which offer free trials. For the sake of this video I will use Tunnelbear
VPN and I will also show you how to install and configure it. If the country, you want to switch to is not
available, you need to either find a free VPN software which includes that country or
buy a paid VPN Service like IPVanish. Please note that this is not a sponsored video,
so please consider hitting that like button and sharing this video. Before we start downloading a VPN software
please EXIT Steam. Now go to the description of the video and
click on Tunnelbear VPN or open your browser and type in Tunnelbear VPN. Click on the green “Get started, It’s
Free” button and create an account. Once you have logged in, click on the “Windows”
button to start downloading Tunnelbear VPN software. Once it has been downloaded open the software
installer, hit “I Agree” and “Next” and once that finishes enter the email and
password you have just created on Tunnelbear and login. You will now be presented with a map of tunnels. Select the country you like and turn Tunnelbear
on. In my case I will use Canada. Tunnelbear, will now show a notification saying
you are connected. Open a web browser like Chrome and type in
“What is my IP address”. Check that the country displayed is the one
you selected to as your VPN tunnel. Now for the final and most important step. Open Steam on your web browser and login. Click on “support”, then “my account”,
then click on “Manage Account Details”. Under “Country” you should see your country. Beneath it, there is a button called “Update
store country”. Click on it and it will take you to a page
where you can select your country of residence. Now here is where all the magic happens. When you click on the drop-down menu, it should
now give you the option to change to the country you have selected on your VPN software which
again in my case is Canada. Once you chose the country you want to change
to, it will give you a message saying: You’ll need to login to the Steam Client in
this country to be eligible to change countries. Your last Steam Client login country was:
“Your Current Country” You will not be able to change your country
until you login into Steam from this new country. This means you need to start your steam software
so that the Steam client will connect from the country you are tunnelling to, so that
it will let you continue. Open Steam, and then go back to Steam’s
website and refresh it. Once you refresh and choose the country you
want to change to, it will prompt you to enter your billing address. I would suggest a fake billing address by
typing “fake billing address” on your browser and getting a fake address of your
country of choice in order to continue. Please have in mind that you will need a payment
method in that country in order to buy anything on steam, which kind of renders invalid the
whole point of changing to a country you don’t reside in, as you will probably not be able
to provide a payment option from that country, but since you requested the video, here it
is! I hope you liked this video and if you did
please like, share this video with your friends and Subscribe to the channel! Andreas out.

100 comments on “How to Change Steam to ANY Country and Currency using VPN

  1. If not working try with another browser i do with chrome and not work and i OPERA and all done
    If someone want Russia use 'hideman VPN'

  2. oblivion in the turkish market is 30 tl (around 4-5 euros) and in the austrian market 15 euros. im so sad why did i change it hahah.

  3. If you don't have, say, a Russian credit card. Can you just activate a US steam wallet gift card type thing on that Russian account in order to buy the game?

  4. Comprehensively explained. Unlike the other dagos that felt like a rushed video. They didn't explain what to do with the "you need to login to the Steam Client" one. Nicely done komrade!

  5. Ok let’s say I got this Chinese game and I want to get into the Chinese severs cause no one in the state is playing it if I do this will I be able to play on the Chinese servers and I find game match there?

  6. Do I need to keep my VPN running all the time when gaming? Or do I just need to use it once while changing the country?

  7. such a crappy description. Only your video finally explaned, that THE STEAM CLIENT is meant, not the Login process itself.

  8. It worked for me but I got steam account compromised and when I got it back it returned previous currency and now I try to change to Russia and any VPN does not help

  9. For those wondering if this still works, it does! I activated a key from Europe (I'm from the states) and it worked fine. My only question is, do I need to leave my VPN on to download and login like usual? I have limited data on my VPN…

  10. READ THIS IF IT DOESN'T WORK: If you're sharing internet from your PHONE to your computer, you have to change the IP ON YOUR PHONE, not on your computer. I used an app called VPN Unlimited but there's lots of them there, I just picked this one because it didn't ask for credit card info. As a side note, you don't have to keep using your fake IP after your country's been changed. It will stay changed.
    While I'm here, please sub and I will sub you :3

  11. U Can provide payment option very easily, all u need to do is go on G2A and search up EU Steam Giftcard buy it and claim it.

  12. So to sum this up, the preferred procedure would be
    – charge your steam wallet using your regular payment method
    – log out of steam client
    – start VPN, log into steam web, change to new country
    – log into steam client
    – refresh steam web, enter a fake billing address
    – start buying stuff using your steam wallet
    – eventually change country back to original country
    – do not use steam during the cooldown period (usually 2 weeks)
    – profit!!!

  13. Man, i'm just a gamer who wants to play games that for some reason are exclusive in other countries than my own. Why do i have to risk getting my account banned in order to get access to these?
    Screw it. I won't risk it.

  14. If i follow the steps then i get this on my screen :

    First name
    Last name
    Street Address
    Street Address, line 2
    Zip or postal code

    What do i have to do now?

  15. is this one step purchase enough or do i have to change my IP everytime i want to play it online?
    i.e. am planning to puchase a game that is prohibited in my country but i dont want to use the vpn when playing, will that work or i'll have to use the vpn so that it won't be region locked again?
    would appreciate the reply.

  16. You'll need to login to the Steam Client in this country to be eligible to change countries.

    Your last Steam Client login country was: Switzerland

    You will not be able to change your country until you login into Steam from this new country.

  17. it worked so easily , just follow the exact steps tysm. but can i ask do i have to keep a VPN on for my whole life now or? can i turn it off

  18. Will I get banned if I change back to euro. I am asking because I think it's in the terms of use or something like that and I am worried that I would get banned for switching back. Also I have 2 games bought while I was on rubles

  19. For everyone wondering it worked for me. I used ProtonVPN however. It didn't work right away. I had to try a few times

  20. Before you change your region to Russia for cheaper games be warned that on that region you are only offered Russian and one another language as an option and that one another language is most likely to be the one you don't know like Turkish Chinese etc

  21. Thank you, it really worked! I used Tunnelbear for the VPN.
    I needed to change from Germany to Australia to get the Left 4 Dead 2 – Uncensored version. It worked <3
    I hope I wont get banned 😀

  22. Is it worth getting banned from steam just to save a few dollars? Nope. Work harder, save your money and just do it legit. Fuk the haters that don't like my comment.

  23. It does not work for me
    When I login to my steam and go back to update it still says I need to login in that country
    Any ideas?

  24. You saved my life bro. I won a code for a game but it works only in Europe. I used this to bypass region lock and got the game. Thanks bro.

  25. when i log in to my steam it always say you log in too much retry it again later how to deal with it ? i need this please responed to my comment asap i subs already thanks

  26. I tried with 2 different vpn services (expressvpn and dashlane) and both times I got this message:
    You'll need to login to the Steam Client in this country to be eligible to change countries.

    Your last Steam Client login country was: Germany

    You will not be able to change your country until you login into Steam from this new country.

    And yes I did try relogging while having the vpn active

  27. And now if I buy a game with the IP of another country I need to play games from that region because they will not work right?.

  28. I've got a Problem though. I have 25€ on my Steam Account, but after switching to USA, the Currency is not getting converted to USD. It still stays EUR and so I can't purchase the Stuff I want on the US Steam.

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