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If you’re looking for a way to change
your country in Play Store, but don’t know-how,
this video is exactly for you. In this video,
I’m going to show you a little hack that is the perfect solution to your problem. In fact, I use this hack on my Android phone
and now I’m able to download apps that aren’t allowed in my home country,
Albania, and on top of that I have made money using these apps! Coming up… Hey guys!
If you are new to this channel, my name is Mirjan and on this channel I publish new videos every week
to help you make money online. So if you are interested in that,
start now by subscribing to this channel. And now without further ado,
I’m going to show you the steps you need to follow, in order to change
your country in Google Play Store. I’m switching to my Android phone
and you, on the other hand, make sure to take notes
and listen very very carefully! All right…
Now I’m in my Android phone and the first thing that you need to do
is going to your phone SETTINGS. From here, click CONNECTIONS. Go to the LOCATION and turn it ON
and then click on it. On the location,
go to LOCATING METHOD and from here, select the last option
where it says PHONE ONLY. As you see I have already selected it. Close the window and now open your Google Play Store. In Google Play Store search for an app
called FAKE GPS. This is the app that you need to download. Download and then install it. After installing the FAKE GPS app,
search for another app called Thunder VPN. Same as with the FAKE GPS app, install this THUNDER VPN.
Close Play Store and go back to the SETTINGS again. From here, go to the DEVELOPER OPTIONS. If this isn’t appearing in your phone settings, you need to enable it in order to appear.
To enable it, go to ABOUT PHONE, SOFTWARE INFORMATION and then click
BUILD NUMBER eight times in a row. After that, then the DEVELOPER OPTIONS
will appear in your phone settings. Click on it and turn it on. Then you need to find MOCK LOCATION APP. After finding it, click on it, and then select the FAKE GPS app. Now close the SETTINGS and open the FAKE GPS app. I have opened up my FAKE GPS app
and as you see, my GPS is located in Los Angeles. And to change it, go to the top
and search for a city that you want to go to. For example, let’s say, New York. Now, if this doesn’t work like it doesn’t for me,
you can change your GPS manually. Just hold the screen and go to the city
that you want to go. For example, I’m going to Las Vegas. Alright. Now open the THUNDER VPN app
and click connect. Wait for a few seconds till it connects to a US server… Alright, now it says connected. Then, after it connects, go to the FAKE GPS app
and click this little green button on your right corner of your phone. Ok. Now… to see if these two apps work,
we are going to search for our time zone in our new city… As you see, Google is showing our location if we were really in Las Vegas. Alright… Now the last step that you need to go and do is… Creating a Gmail account. Now when you will create your new Gmail account, make sure that the FAKE GPS app
and the THUNDER VPN, are both turned ON and showing the location
that you want to show. Now, I’m not going to create a new Gmail account because it will take too long for this video
and I have already created mine. So after you have created your own Gmail account
sign in with it in your Google Play Store. Now, this is my new Gmail account that I created
if I was really located in the US. Let’s see in my account, my location here… It’s my name and my surname and my country
it says the United States. Now, to show you that this really works, I’m going to search for an app
that I can’t download in my country and this app is SWAGBUCKS. As you see… with my new location in the US,
this app is shown on my Play Store, but if I search for this app, on my other Gmail account
that is located in my home country, Albania, this app will not appear in my Play Store as you see… Alright, guys? Now this is the magic that will happen
if you follow and apply the steps that I’ve shown you on this video. Alright, guys.
This is all that I had prepared for this video. I hope this video was helpful to you
in some way, shape or form. Thank you very much for your time
and see you in the next video…


  1. It may work well with US and a few other countries, but it did not work for me since I wanted to locate my self in Sweden.. Any other suggestions??

  2. Hi! Need help. Upon creating another gmail account, it needs a US phone number to verify the account… im residing in the Philippines. ..

  3. If you need to make a new gmail account, you'll need a phone number to verify it. I don't have a phone number from Los Angeles so i don't really know what to do. Help me please!

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