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How The App Store Policies Are Very Vague

How The App Store Policies Are Very Vague

Hey, This is the daily Overpass.My name is
Eric and I make apps. Now today, I want to talk about how the app
store policies are very vague. So I get asked a lot of questions about policies. Either the app store policies or Google Play
policies. You know things that. A lot of the time I just say “I don’t know”. So, to give you an example, somebody will
say in an email, I’ll get an email from somebody, or somebody will ask on a live stream saying
” Eric I have an app idea that does this…will Google Play allow this”? Or they’ll say ” I’ve got these two apps and
they’re pretty similar. Do you think Google will say that they fall
afoul of the new repetitive content policies? And my answer is usually “I don’t know”. Right, its because it’s not that I haven’t
read through the policies. I have read through the Google Play policies
and the Apple App store policies. And I think that the Google Play policies
are much more readable. They do a much better job on it. But the language a lot of times is a little
bit vague. It’s like legal language, so they’ll use words
like it can’t be offensive, it can’t be repetitive, things like that. And a lot of times people want more answers
than that. It’s left up to interpretation by the reviewer. It’s so annoying. I talked a few weeks ago how I had an app
that was flagged up by Google Play saying ” That the button sending them back to the
playstore to buy the full version for GDPR consent. They were saying that was an ad. One reviewer was saying that that was an ad,
but all the other apps went through just fine. So, I had to make that change, but it was
open to interpretation by that reviewer. On the Apple side we have that all the time. It’s the reviewer. Like if you can get it past the reviewer you’re
fine. And I don’t like to say that something is
allowed or not allowed, because I’ve had apps that have gone through, and I thought that
worked. You know the reviewer’s accepted it. It’s obviously allowed, you know it doesn’t
fall afoul of that rule. And I’ve had other people tell me that theirs
were rejected for that same reason. And this can be so annoying. I mean especially when you do client work. There’s nothing worse, than releasing a client
application, and putting it through the review and having Apple reject it for some little
reason like you mentioning android, or something like that and you have to make these changes. A lot of the times the client will look at
you like, oh Eric, I thought you knew these policies. I’m like I do, but we put this through so
many times before, but you do. And I think it’s just going to be the way
it is. I think putting an app on the on the Appstore
, or on the Playstore is not like putting something on the web. If you put something on the web there’s no
rules. You can put it onto the web, you might have
maybe Google won’t index it for whatever reason but, you can put pretty much anything you
want to on the web. But when it comes to apps, that’s not the
case. Of course having said that, if you did an
android application and you got pulled from Google Play, you got suspended from Google
Play, you could still sell it. That’s like getting removed from the shelves
of Walmart with you product. You could still put it on Amazon. There’s other app store out there for android. Or you could just have a download link on
your website, right, that’s not so bad. Apple on the other hand, that’s a whole monopoly
thing. You have to follow their rules, they’re a
lot more strict. They’re a lot more totalitarian, I think. Well anyway, my big problem with giving advice
on the policies, is that they can be a bit vague. One person will be allowed something, and
another person will not be allowed something, not because it’s unfair, but a lot of times
it’s open to the interpretation of the reviewer. I think it’s a lot like, you know like they
say with art. I can’t describe art but i know it when I
see it. A lot of the times I think a lot of the stuff
is the reviewer, they know it when they see it and they need to give the reviewer the
power to not be contradicted all the time by having tight rules and everything. But it’s a very annoying , I think it’s one
sf my biggest grievances with the app store policies, i just wish they would be a bit
more specific. Anyway I don’t know if you guys find the same
thing. Let me know if you have those kind of issues
too. Because this is one of the reasons we put
apps out there and they get rejected. It’s like (sigh) because we would do what
we’re supposed to do if we knew, but we can’t. So anyway let me know what you guys think. That’s it for today. I’ll talk to you guys again tomorrow.

8 comments on “How The App Store Policies Are Very Vague

  1. Hey Eric,

    You're absolutely right about the policies being too vague.
    I had 2 situations recently, both with Apple. The reviewer kept rejecting my app over and over again, first it was because of missing labels on sign in page (an error I couldn't reproduce in my local dev environment). It got rejected 7 times in a row, and I kept uploading new binary with comments "I can't reproduce the error, it works fine on my simulator". So I appealed to the review board, and this guy from the board replied that "I should test my app on as many Apple physical devices as possible, because reviewers are not testing in simulator". Mind blowing…what's the purpose of the simulator than? I asked the reviewer back does it mean that I should go and purchase every single Apple device so just I could test the app properly? No reply…

    Than, the second one was getting rejected as "marketing and self-promoting apps are not allowed. Not enough of native features". The app has push notifications, geo-location, camera access, and a bunch of HTTP requests – but according to Apple reviewer, it wasn't good enough.

    I'm not sure if they are trying to clean the store up by giving reviewers that much freedom to reject the apps left, right and centre, and not being 'developer-friendly' at all no top of that.

    Very frustrating….
    What's your Apple nightmare experience?


  2. Good morning Eric, vague doesn't quite describe it, I would say offensive is a better word, in my experience app reviewers do what they can to make sure your apps don't get accepted. I've been through hell with apple, but in the end I won.

  3. Hello sir how to earnings money in app Store I am devloping iOS app but I am not understanding how to get money in app Store I am purchasing app developer account

  4. Sir, 
       I have an account in applovin and I implemented ads in my app through

    In manage app section I have choosen only "Graphical Interstitials" but my app shows video Interstitials ads. 
    That's why my app users are having bad experiences with my app.

    Please help me I want only interstitial ads not video ads.

    Vipul Verma☺

  5. Yes Indeed, You can't just depend on the policies.
    I hope you could talk about the kinds of apple developer account because there is a lot of vague in there.

  6. Hi Aireec again. I posted my third app yesterday and it was rejected cause of a policy violation. This video feels like I've told you about this as it was happening

  7. This is scary. If i could get people to use my app, i could then lose everything without warning and without recourse.

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