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How Qatar Became The Richest Country In The World

How Qatar Became The Richest Country In The World

100 comments on “How Qatar Became The Richest Country In The World

  1. Just one of many Terrorist sponsoring Arab countries governed by Shariah Law, the same Shariah Law ISIS & Al Qaeda wants to establish in all countries

  2. This video does not really explain why Qatar is rich. Because it has gas resources? Venezuela has the biggest known reserves of oil in the world and is in a state of economic collapse. Qatar is rich because of Chinese, Japanese, and Korean money. There is great demand from Asian countries for cheaper gas, and Qatar is the place to buy it from. There I explained it in a few sentences what this FTD Facts video did a horrible job of NOT explaining, instead talking about Soccer and shit.

  3. check out for the top 15 richest countries in the world (Based on GDP Per Capita)

  4. Quatar Emir: must watch this video on youtube, If he thinks that he kills me through his countless Islams :Edinburgh Tattoo – Massed Pipes & Drums – Scotland The Brave & The Black Bear

  5. Wow amazing strides the State of Qatar is making giant leaps in every aspect of socio-economic development and is a very vocal advocate for freedom for the oppressed and punches way above its weight in political affairs on the global scene..Can t wait till 2022 fifa world cup when the whole world will witness all the might and beauty of the pearl of the Gulf and rightly earn the profile and stripes of this magnificent independent state reaching for the stars

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  7. It's true qatar is the richest country in the whole world but still they pay their workers little money ,All they do is shopping and feel their accounts with money,drive expensive cars and after pay their workers with little money😯

  8. Because is small and Im from Iraq🇮🇶 but me mother is from qatar🇶🇦 Qatar is rich because the oil and small land and not soo much people like America all video is fake but you say truth good job bruh make more of this

  9. I am working here in Qatar..for almost 2years already..this place is peaceful,people obey the rules and during there national day it was extravagant .super amazing..😁😁

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  11. Dude, you just plagiarized (read aloud) the entire piece by Harrison Jacobs from Business Insider titled "How Qatar got so rich so fast." Give the man some kudos for the work you just stole presenting as your own. Not even paraphrasing, straight out cut-and-paste.

  12. Bless the people there. I dont live there. I've never been there either. I am in America and I am poor. I am happy though. I live in love. Love for all that love themselves. I just would like to make enough money that I could afford for my family and the people around me to have their needs met.

  13. I need Bill gates net worth with Vladmir Putin net worth Mohamed bin salman Abdul Aziz al saud net worth and Jeff benzos

  14. also you can walk at mid night alone with million of dollars cash open in hand, no one would bother to see even, this we cant do in any Country in the world no way.

    Amazing, love u and Allah protect you with bad eyes, ameen

  15. This video is a disgrace, absolutely disgraceful.

    Please, don’t be so biased on Abdullah bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani.

    Who do you think is responsible for the FIFA corruption money laundering scandal?

    FIFA international executives and associates are still in prison in an ongoing and continuing investigation.

    1,200 people have died since their selection as world cup hosts.

    They exploit these workers into slavery with the “promised” salary of $400 a month.

    Many of the modern-slaves are from US non-allies such as North Korea and suffer from disgusting working and living conditions.

    Feel free to google check all these facts for yourself.

    2.6 million of the Qatar migrant workers, 90% of which are migrant workers.

    This is pretty much propaganda…are you working for Abdullah bin Hamad bin Khalifa Al-Thani?

  16. Proud of what???? Gold toilets??cars???ships??? How would you people justify your wealth on the day of judgement when you would be asked of the plight of Muslims in Burma,chechnya, and all over the world… what would you people "ROYAL" hold in the eyes of ALLAH ALMIGHTY.??? Muslims are being slaughtered all over around you and you are being proud of the land you were born in….what a shame…

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  18. That's why I'm not wondering why qatari people easily terminate worker because they look their self very high and using their money power.

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