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How Powerful Are The Nordic Countries?

How Powerful Are The Nordic Countries?

You know we love our viewers, and lately it
seems that a million of you… nay, a Maximilian of you, want us to explore the strength of
the Nordic countries. Well, here we are. How powerful are Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
and Iceland? You’re welcome. Now, technically, the Nordic countries are
also made up of the Åland [all-and] Islands, the Faroe Islands, and Greenland. The Nordic countries are a culturally and
politically overlapping group of parliamentary democracies located in Northern Europe. Individually,
they tend to score near the top of most global achievement lists, in areas like women’s
rights, environmentalism, quality of education, and homeless outreach. When taken together, they comprise the 7th-largest
area in the world. At 1.3 million square miles, that’s about the same size as India. But
unlike similarly large nations, the Nordic countries have some of the lowest population
density in the world, with only 26 million total residents. This is mostly because half
of their land is uninhabited arctic, thanks to Greenland. But even without Greenland,
the rest of the remaining countries are still larger than Germany, France, and Italy combined. Economically, they’re quite well off. When
compared with the European Union, the Nordic countries have had much stronger GDP growth
over the past ten years. Only Finland has changed its currency over to the Euro. Combined,
their GDP reaches 1.7 trillion dollars, which would make them the 12th richest area in the
world, just below Canada. Per capita, Norway’s GDP alone is 80% higher
than the Eurozone’s, and it’s residents enjoy the highest standard of living in the
world. In fact, all of the primary Nordic countries rank in the top 25 highest standards
of living. However, the Nordic countries cannot be said
to have a comparably strong military. Individually, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Denmark rank
from the high-40s to the mid-20s when stacked against the rest of the world. In fact, Iceland’s
only military is it’s Coast Guard and they are the one NATO member without a standing
army. When pooling the combined forces of Sweden, Denmark, Norway, and Finland, you
end up with 21.3 billion dollars spent yearly on defense, or around 3.5% of the US’s military
budget. Although they might not have the strongest military, their presence is more relevant
as an international peacekeeping force. Luckily, the Nordic countries have relatively
friendly relations with most of the world, and trade freely with many of their immediate
neighbors. However, about a fifth of their trade is amongst themselves. In 2012, nearly
a quarter of exports from both Denmark and Sweden went to other Nordic countries. Clearly, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Finland
and Iceland are pretty great places to live. A recent World Happiness Report listed all
five in the top ten happiest countries. Although, the reason for Nordic countries ranking so
highly so regularly has been attributed to their social welfare and high taxation. So
how powerful are the Nordic countries? Powerful enough to be happy. Now before you all go crazy… yes we’re
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100 comments on “How Powerful Are The Nordic Countries?

  1. You forgot that Norway could take on the US esely because of we own so much stock in the US and the US ow them lots of money

  2. If you are talking about Vikings, the most real living vikings are from Island which almost still talks like the Vikings did.

  3. Norway's GDP is not 80% higher than the Eurozone. Video is flawed. You're probably thinking of GDP Per Capita, another metric. Downvoting this.

  4. I am Canadian and I really like ALLL the Nordic countries. If I were to move to another country, I would move to one of them. But it would be too hard to choose which one to move to. Their all AMAZING!!

  5. i honestly love the nordic countries. i’m from denmark, and i’ve visited norway and sweden and they both feel just like home! i feel so comfortable there, and we speak similar languages too, so it’s just like one big family (:

  6. 1.9 million views and 1.9 million subscribers…

    Well it looks like every single one of your viewers wanted the Nordics… 🤔

  7. But the Danish Soldiers of the finest in the world we have some of the best pilots in the world in the air force and the Danish jægerkorps is slightly Better than the German jaegers because of their skills with a special weapons skill and they customize the weapons two there needs

  8. 🇸🇪Jag kommer ifrån de Nordiska Länderna🇸🇪
    🇳🇴Jeg kommer fra de Nordiske Landene🇳🇴
    🇩🇰Jeg kommer fra de Nordiske Lande🇩🇰
    🇮🇸Ég kem frá þeir Norðurlöndin🇮🇸
    🇫🇮Olen kotoisin Pohjoismaista🇫🇮

  9. How can you make a video like this and not mention the Norwegian fund owned by the state. They own more than 1% of all stocks in the world!!! and do make ethical choices in there influence. That's the main source of Nordic power in the world besides leading by example.

  10. Do you guys have any problems over there ? Raising crime rates, economic crisis, civil war, political conflict or high inflation ? No ?

  11. I love how everyone is saying that we're all like brothers and sister, or just very good friends. When Denmark and Sweden literally was in war with each other all the got dam time.

    "We declare war on you!"
    "No! We declare war on you!"

  12. It’s too bad they’re going down the toilet and becoming a third world country thanks to the invasion of people from the middle east and other places. If they don’t do something about their porous borders their countries will be changed forever and will never be the same ever again. They need to deport all those people and rescind citizenship of others and send them back to their country of origin, or to the country of their parent(s).

  13. So yeah someone already posted this but it has over 80 responses so im doing my own.(If the nordic countries (and a few others) were a family/relatives.
    Dad = Sweden
    Mom = Finland
    Oldest Brother = Norway
    Middle Brother = Denmark
    Little Sister = Iceland
    Grandma = Greenland
    Next door neighbour = Russia
    Uncle = Germany
    That one friend that comes by every other day = Estonia
    The rich aunt = Canada

    Yup weird but whatever.

  14. 2:51 – Powerful enough to be on the list of the happiest country’s in the world (Like every year)

    1) Finland🇫🇮💪🏼
    2) Denmark🇩🇰💪🏼
    3) Norway🇳🇴💪🏼
    7) Sweden🇸🇪💪🏼

  15. What about Lithuania? Could Lithuania be recognized as a Nordic coutry as Finland, which like Lithuania, is not a Germanic country, but is considered much like far the Nordic for geographical and geopolitical reasons? Lithuanian economy has become part of Scandinavian economy. Scandinavian's companies work in Lithuania. There are many Scandinavians living in Lithuania who work in Sakndinavian companies, many Scandinavian and Lithuanian families are created, their children are mixed Sakndinavians – Balts. Approximately 180,000 Lithuanians live in Norway, about 60,000 in Denmark, and about 30,000 in Sweden. We were able to integrate so far into the Scandinavian labor market and became Scandinavian residents. Scandinavia has invested in the Lithuanian economy. The security of Scandinavia depends on the defense of the Baltic States. I could list hundreds of reasons why Lithuania is a Nordic country. Could you tell me why Lithuania should not be a Nordic country like Finland, please?

  16. Well Sweden and Finland has a pretty strong military toghter Finland has 900k reserve and 300k out which is combined 1.2 mil so that is pretty strong if you combine the rest of all nordic military and Sweden have the best submarines in the world.

  17. Toughest Nordic countries 20th-21st Century
    4. Denmark (Includes Faroe Islands)
    6. Greenland

  18. Swedish Style:
    IKEA Meatballs and Furniture
    Listen to ABBA
    Peaceful Ones
    Have something with a swedish flag in your room
    Play Minecraft
    Watch Pewdiepie.

  19. Finland: Dad
    Mom: Sweden
    Denmark: 3rd kid
    Estonia: Dads brother
    Norway: 1st kid
    Iceland: 2nd kid
    Greenland: Granny or granpa
    Russia: Bad uncle

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