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How does the Bill in Oregon Legislature work and how you can help

How does the Bill in Oregon Legislature work and how you can help

Hello everyone. Welcome to OAD school.
This is our classroom. I want to spend some time
talking about the legislative process with you. I will elaborate further about
specific bills in another video. Let’s take a look at the house
and the senate. This is the full senate with the
senate committee below. The full house is where all the
representatives meet to vote on bills. The house also has their own
house committee under the full house. This is the full Ways and Means. This is a group of legislators
that oversee the entire budget for the state of Oregon and make
decisions about the budget. The Ways and Means also has
their own committee. Any bill that does not need
funding will not need to go through Ways and Means, or their
committee. If the bill requires funding,
it first must get authorization to confirm funding then it will
go through Ways and Means. An example of a bill that needs
funding is Senate Bill 1018. I’ll explain the process for
bills that require funding and how we can get this bill
implemented. The first thing is to meet with
a Senator to explain our idea and what we want. If the Senator likes the idea
and offers support, there is whole different system to
go through. I can talk about this in a
different video, maybe. Let’s focus on the governmental
system with the bill. Once you get a Senator’s support
you apply to have a bill number created. After the bill gets a number,
the bill will be referred to the Senate Committee. The Senate Committee has a
Senate President that will review the bill and decide which
Senate Committee the bill should be referred to. Once the Senate President
selects a Senate Committee then the bill will be transferred
there. The community will need to come
to the Senate Committee’s hearing to show your support to
let them know you support the bill by
wearing a shirt, waving signs, wearing a sticker badge, etc. The senators who serve on the
committee will see the overwhelming support from the
community and vote yes. The bill will then be referred
to the Ways and Means committee. The Ways and Means will decide
on the budget. The community needs to come and
show your support to the Ways and Means committee. If the vote passes Ways and
Means, the bill will go to the House Committee. The community will need to meet
together again to show their support before the House
Committee. This will allow the House
Committee to make a decision based on support they see from
the community. If the bill passes through the
House Committee it will be referred to the Full Senate. The Full Senate will need to see
lots of community support by coming to the hearing. The Full Senate will see the
community support this bill has. If the bill passes then it will
be referred to Full Ways and Means for review. The Full Ways and Means will
review and see if the state can afford the bill. If approved, the bill will be
referred to the Full House. The Full House will review
the bill. The community needs to come
again to show the Full House that we support the bill. The Full House will see the
community support and this could encourage the Full House to vote
on the bill. If the entire groups supports
the bill, it will be referred to the governor for a signature. It will then become a new law. This will allow the state to
begin implementing services. If the bill is referred from the
Senate to the House and the House disagrees on any language
in the bill it will be referred back to the Senate to fix it. The bill will then be referred
back to the House until both parties agree and the bill
continues to the governor. The point is, the community
coming to the Senate Committee’s hearing and will not be a
one-time thing. We need our community to come to
the Senate Committee, House Committee, Full Senate,
and Full House. This is based on one bill. If we had more than one bill, we
would have to meet with our legislators repeatedly on each
of those bills. If there is a Senator or House
Representative sitting on the committee that also represents
the area where you live, you are encouraged to contact your
legislator and tell them they need to support certain bills. You can tell them by meeting
with them at Capitol or in their District office. Give them a call, write them an
email or letter, and reach out to them letting them know you
want them to support these bills. After you contact your
legislator, the legislators who represent you will know where
you stand. You will also show them by
coming to the legislative hearing. This increases the possibility
for the bill to pass. This is true for every bill that
goes through this process. If one of your legislators that
represents your district is in the full senate and house, it’s
the same thing. You can make contact with your
district legislators through email, making calls, or meeting
with your legislator, etc. As you contact your legislator
and ask them to support the bill, the legislators will go to
the meeting and say they have a lot of constituents contacting
them to support this bill. Then the legislators will see
you in the room showing support. This will impress upon our
legislators how important these This could potentially help the
bill to pass. This is true for every committee. The OAD’s legislative committee
takes responsibility, but our work alone won’t be enough. We need you here to really show
your support. We need you to testify, tell
your story, and be present. This will build the momentum and
speak volumes to our legislators. If you are not sure how you can
help or be involved with these activities, please feel free to
contact Oregon Association of the Deaf or Deaf Grassroot
Movement of Oregon. Thank you for watching
this video.

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