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How Does Labour’s National Policy Forum Work?

How Does Labour’s National Policy Forum Work?

The Labour Party is holding
a nationwide policy consultation. Democracy is at the heart of
Labour Party policy. That’s why we listen to
those that drive our movement and use their perspectives
in our policy making. No matter how new you are
to politics or how involved you are in the Party, you can
contribute to policy making, add in your ideas and
make your voice heard. The Labour Party makes policy
in partnership with its members and affiliates through a body called the
National Policy Forum, or NPF for short. It is a body of over 200 representatives
from across the Labour Party that is split into 8 commissions covering
different areas of policy. Each commission has published
a consultation paper on a key area of policy which contains
questions to provoke discussion. This year’s policy topics include: Education Brexit Social Security Food Policy Local Economic Development Criminal Justice Healthcare and Democratic Ownership. Want to have your say? Here
is how you can get involved. Locally: Every CLP has received packs
with the consultation documents, and tips on organising a policy discussion.
At these events, you can write up the discussions or agree
motions to submit to the NPF. Regional events: Labour will be
organising events across the regions and nations of the UK bringing
together members, affiliates and supporters to meet and
discuss our Party’s policies. Online: Send in your ideas and
join the conversation via our digital platform for policy making:
Labour Policy Forum. So if you can’t make a meeting,
you can submit your own ideas here and take the discussion
with other members online. Your ideas will be discussed by the
policy commissions at their meetings. Based on these discussions the
commissions will update the policy documents to reflect
what they have heard. This is written up into a document
known as the NPF Report. This report is taken to our Annual Conference
to be discussed and voted on by delegates. If you have ideas for what Labour
in government should achieve, if you’re a Labour Party member, supporter
or voter, then have your say now.

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