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How Do Countries Respond After A Terrorist Attack?

How Do Countries Respond After A Terrorist Attack?

Following the 2015 terror attacks in Paris,
French President Francois Hollande implemented a state of emergency and tightened the country’s
borders. In the weeks since, he has proposed a number of constitutional amendments. They
are designed to strip terrorists of French citizenship, and increase surveillance. The
President also authorized airstrikes against ISIS in Syria. This series of actions is not
uncommon, so we wanted to know, how do countries respond after a terrorist attack? Well, in periods of severe unrest, which can
include things like natural disasters and even declarations of war, governments can
announce a state of emergency. This means that they are able to change the way the government
operates, even if it would normally be illegal or unconstitutional. Within the US, the constitution
actually allows the government to use the military to suppress rebellion and enforce
laws. It also makes it possible to indefinitely arrest a citizen without habeas corpus or
a trial, but only in times of war, rebellion, or invasion. Since at least September 11th, 2001 the United
States has been, and still is, in an official state of national emergency. This has reportedly
been used provide legal justification for parts of the War on Terror, and this emergency
has been renewed every year by both Presidents Bush and Obama. In fact, the US is currently
under more than 30 separate states of national emergency. The earliest dates back to 1979
during the Iranian hostage crisis, and was most recently renewed in November 2015 by
President Obama. And despite the negative repercussions of
of suspending civil liberties, the practice is actually allowed by the United Nations
and in international law. The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states
that restrictions can occur “in time[s] of public emergency which threatens the life
of the nation”. However, that’s not a free pass. There are specific carve-outs for inalienable
rights, which cannot be lifted under any level of emergency. This means that you cannot be
arbitrarily killed by your government, nor can you be tortured or enslaved. You are also
guaranteed freedom of thought, conscience, and religion, although the Covenant does allow
for broad limits on religious expression. In addition to a state of emergency, many
countries respond to attacks with aggressive legislation. In the case of the Paris attacks,
the new amendments to the constitution are viewed as potentially destructive. Many are
worried that France may follow in the path of the United States, and bills like the Patriot
Act and the Authorization for Use of Military Force bill. The first was used to justify
the National Security Agency’s mass data collection practices, as well as the potentially
indefinite detention of prisoners. The second allowed the US to pursue military action around
the world without actually having to declare war anywhere. France’s state of emergency is predicted
to last months, and with existing foreign intervention and surveillance legislation,
their response has already followed the US’s terror response pattern. In recent years we
have seen Western governments respond by trading higher security for personal freedom. Whether
this exchange is worth it, or even if it actually works, is a continually debated topic. The Patriot Act is one of the most contentious
pieces of legislation in the debate over how best to prevent terrorism. Find out more about
the law in this video. Thanks for watching! Don’t forget to subscribe so you don’t
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  1. Was 9/11 a terror attack or government scripted act ? facts show that towers cant fall like that, the bombs went off when the plane hit the tower

  2. How do countries react? Well, the government usually gets to work unilaterally to defend the interest of its corporate sponsors/goes to war with a "cause" and destroys the attacked country/states liberties and freedom. Insult to injury?..So I guess it works out pretty good for the Governments that want to control its citizens like here in the U.S. And E.U. Countries…sad. Thats why false flag attacks are so popular with bank run governments. Disgusting. A fearful public is awful for freedom and excellent for tyranny. Look at how far the u.s. Has fallen since the 9/11 false flags? Or right before the c.o.p21 conference in paris, they used the excuse to place protesters on house arrest….obvious, sick and disgusting.

  3. That's not fair tho because what if the government's not doing the right thing for its ppl because there crooked? It kinda stupid if they can make laws against rebellion if they deserve it?

  4. Isn't this a coincidence since today and Air France flight bound for Mauritius diverted to Mombasa after a bomb threat, Suspicious much

  5. Western countries fail to stop the terrorist attacks then pass legislation as a result well eastern countries take down the terrorist cells before they can attack as often as they can any way .

  6. Islam countries should consider themselves lucky…. In 2001, Bush could have nuked you Islams out of the map… same with France and Russia who Islamic terrorist attack few months ago….. you people really want to feel the power of a nuclear strike do you? Seriously, attacking nuclear countries are just bad ideas…

  7. So the constitution allows for the use of military force against rebellions but also gives them the power to hold weapons to rebel against tyrants?

  8. Is it really usefull to fight mosquitos with a hammer? Could someone please find out that that behaviour just messes up our surroundings and ourselves too?

  9. US Government should react by NOT funding terrorists. Also, stop getting involved in the foreign countries civil wars. ALSO, invading shit.

    If we want a future, we want it now. Stop terrorism.. Even though this doesn't help any, but, yeah.. I can't help but think about my friend that's in Europe studying. I really hope she's okay.

  10. Make a video about the fact that albania supported and funded the KLA terrorist organization and then the KLA attacked multiple public buildings and countlesss churches before serbia even got involved. The KLA claims that the serbians are attacking for no reason and then preceds to get NATO to bomb them. And becaues kosovo is a shithole that cant sustain itself anymore without serbia all those terrorists are moving to rich parts of europe like germany.

  11. No need to be so "neutral" about it. It isn't really much of a debate. You're either okay with having your freedoms stripped in exchange for a little security or you keep your freedom at the expense of a little more risk.
    I hope most would choose the latter.

  12. Finland: either emergency powers act, or "state of National Defence" act, the latter, when invoked, is pretty hard core (long story short: if you are a foreigner in Finland, you may want to leave if state of national defence is declared, because after that the state/other officials can grab any able-bodied adult regardless of nationality and use them as forced labor, among other things)

  13. I wasted 3.5 minutes without actually seeing how countries do respond to terrorist act..apart from France and US obviously. I am assuming that is the only world they know.

  14. If I were a leader of a nation that experienced a cowardly attack by these inhuman f*ckmonkeys, I'd order search and destroy operations to destroy them and their supporters. However people tend to react quite badly to such action as it may be seen as too aggressive and not politically correct.

  15. America and other western countries , declares war on other countries , using NATO , without showing evidences or facts , so thats america , my country has not been in a war for a very very long time .

  16. So called 9/11 attackers where saudi arabs america makes a deal with Saudi Arabia because of oil and attacks Afghanistan instead lies about the existence of Osama they drop the most wanted man in the world from a helicopter (of course to lie more) and than Americans are stupid enough to not figure out that how the fuck passports survived the 9/11 attack and that was evidence enough to go to war with the wrong country but I guess people didn't know that Afghanistan got opium the biggest production/growth in the world which means money over humans!

  17. "Those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety" – Benjamin Franklin

  18. How Do Countries Respond After A Terrorist Attack? it depends on the country.
    for Example in japan there is twice earthquake a day, but do we see it each day on the news? no.
    But what if the same earthquake is in france? of course it gets on the news.
    so when there is a suicide bomber exploding some where in middle east, it's the same.
    not sure if you understand what i said.

  19. Macedonia also had a terrorist attack buy the UCK who are payed by the US,it was 1 day before my birthday,9.5,2015

  20. sory i cant find Turkey . oh yea Turkey is dont have any meaning for you. Great , congratulations. 👏👏

  21. Liberal ones say it's just a new way of life and we have to accept being slaughtered by sick radical Muslims

  22. To wipe out Terrorism permanently, World needs to get rid of Islam (The belief not people).
    Islam = Terrorism.

  23. Why do ppl hate on the patriot act if you are not a terrorist when what do you have to hide so what if you looked at a embarrassing video the gov only looks at accounts that are suspicious like looking at terrorist web sites illegal trade websites and other illegal things so do not look at those things and you will never be noticed bye the gov

  24. Last week on 25 of November 2017 in Egypt isis attacked mosque in Egypt the isis go inside the mosque and shot the people and got killed 305 Muslim people and between 27 children this wht Isis did

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