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4 comments on “How did Atlanta become a center of black excellence and the country’s capital of culture?

  1. Why are black people racist and then say white people are? White people are not privileged, black people are. Black people have words they can sing about that if I just say the word I'm called a racist. Black people get jobs and positions only because of there color. Black people are such a small percentage of the country, but you would think they are 50% of the country when you look at TV or the movies. Black people get to have groups like the 100 Black Men of Atlanta than are focused on only helping black people. What would happen if a white group focused on only helping white people, you would call it some type of hateful name.

  2. Black excellence…. really.. where, I see a brainwashed community of cowards that prey on their own people’s lack of intelligence, a place where men are so scared they will do anything not to be a black man even trying to become a women. A place where materialism has young girls getting butt naked for older guys for a dollar or 2 is accepted and promoted openly on the radio, a place where the young boys ruin their lives early by getting felonies for trying to keep what the girls want, fast money. A place where rappers are paid to exploit and promote guns drugs and sex, a place where it’s dark where evil can hide. A huge lab experiment, where entertainment is valued more than education. Other than that the weather is great

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