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Hong Kong pro-democracy movements mark 100th day

Hong Kong pro-democracy movements mark 100th day

Hong Kong pro-democracy protests mark their
one-hundredth day on this Tuesday. The widely-detested extradition bill that
sparked the chaos in the first place has now been formally withdrawn,… but the longest
protest in Hong Kong’s history still has plenty of wind in its sails. For more on this and other news around the
world, let’s turn to our Kim Da-mi. Da-mi, tell us more. Right Connyoung, what began as a peaceful
march against the extradition bill has evolved into a rallying cry for greater democracy
in Hong Kong. Demonstrations now focus on five demands,
including greater democratic freedoms and an independent inquiry into allegations of
police brutality. Even after the formal withdrawal of the extradition
bill, tensions between demonstrators, Hong Kong police and Beijing remain high following
weeks of violence, union strikes and airport shutdowns. Despite protesters’ efforts to seek global
attention and international support, Beijing argues Hong Kong is part of “China’s internal
affairs.” Chinese Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Hua Chunying
on Monday criticized Hong Kong student activist Joshua Wong for calling on the U.S. to back
the protesters. Saying that Chinese people begging for foreign
intervention was “ugly,” she noted those born in Hong Kong and with Chinese nationality
are Chinese citizens…regardless of whether or not they hold British passports. Last week, Wong urged the Trump administration
to include a “human rights clause” in any trade agreement with China and to pass the
Hong Kong Human Rights and Democracy Act.

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  1. It is wise for Americans to keep an arm-length from this person – in nature, one will never stand too close to a snake which may or may not be poisonous!!! if you allow me to say so.

    Here is the view from Hong Kong Women: "Live: Women representatives report HK situation at UNHRC sessions" in YouTube.

    In fact anything he touched in Hong Kong has turned into violence so far (as the protests in 2014 and 2019). Please be careful and not be tinted/used/burned unnecessary by him.

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