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Hillary Clinton Shows Some Strong Diplomacy w/ Pakistan

Hillary Clinton Shows Some Strong Diplomacy w/ Pakistan

today i’d like to focus uh… on what
hillary clinton is done impacts and in the last twenty four hours and how strong is now you’re a member that during the bush
white house a bush progressive aspects any government to do
anything uh… the trusted pervez musharraf who
was you know to go over it was a general to
go over to co well and i think it’s pretty fair to say
that he was a dictator facts that uh… and bush didn’t mind that he just
uh… you know never live with any concerns about
democracy reading along those lines which is pakistan now are you might say that’s real
politic and he had to deal with the guy that was there uh… terribly would say the leave the country that was their not
the one we which was there okay fair enough but there’s a lazy
press them to get al-qaeda guys like uh… the number two that my dolls were
here in the number one that’s not the one who are apparently living inside pakistan while
that may be echoed with and armand a trade-off sometimes are
retracts uh… as it was hidden treasure into
that at all inviting sharp signed a peace deal wouldn’t tell all that at which
basically seeded northern pakistan to them and he didn’t even bother going in that
territorial from that base they continued attack u_s_ forces in afghanistan and they use and they will be very cozy
life well there’s a new administration in washington and they don’t like that
deal number one of course it’s supported the
democracy that one up coming into power nap in pakistan which of course a
great thing and now will i give some almighty
pakistan but we will make a national uh… we want to say hey you know what
is gonna go through the democratic government of pakistan and some us when he cannot go towards
the military of course the military impact sent not that happy about that sold sunday so i thought about all this
impinges on us all over d_n_a_ cavalier the u_s_ is battling like this yeah yeah because they want the money
and they know that have uh… that democratic government gets the money but that’s not as good for their power structure for
the military’s power base protect so that first of all of that smart that’s the right way to approach the
number two sheathing questions from students and i
want a mass hey you know how do we know you guys are going to pull out of uh… packs in the minute you get them
on the whoever might be that you’re looking for uh… and as you get out of afghanistan
was the uh… rush had been defeated and he was behind without any tv show port and she said
but that’s a fair question and salami dress that and she said how we’re gonna give x_ amount of money to the electricity
grid and accent the nation business about electricity
throughout the country because we know that’s a significant needed you guys have we given now and
we’re gonna give it over a course of and of a number of years when he gave
money to education in pakistan and all these different infrastructure
needs a pakistan needs that have nothing new with the military
nothing to do it our fight against taliban iraqgate so is a very good answer now here’s the
part that really what she got tough here’s a quote she had in taxes today i find it hard to believe that nobody in
your government knows where they are referred to them on his way here and couldn’t get them to be really
wanted to maybe that’s the case maybe they’re not
terrible i don’t know man that spoken of bright bates saying you know what you know their tax and we
know their bags stamp you’re not doing damn thing about it
you-know-what that’s not gonna fly anymore those have strong public comments by
eloquent then she said so the world has an interest in seeing
the capture and killing of the people who are the masterminds of this error
syndicate as far as we know are in pakistan men etc began was a strong words about like the cloud
of strong words the bush refused one today did a lot a month later to see another concern
about that no these are backed up by you play ball
you get the money you don’t play ball you don’t get the
money that’s real world and that’s politics that’s diplomacy
carrots and sticks now by only uh… somebody was concerned that uh… your meddling in our fares one of the
students at st awesome respectful ways but tough questions that they showed
that it was great that our sector state those answers real questions from
students in pakistan and reporters impacts that and she didn’t doc any of
them and so when they talk about of the bombings in uh… northern pakistan which is a real issue that we have to be concerned about uh… sheet mentioned that uh… they have simplicity too much crap of
the terrorist before uh… former pakistani government and
she said quote if you want to see your territory shrink
that’s your choice spent those a strong words then a reference to hey look if somebody
to go over montana north dakota we wouldn’t say i was a kind of far from
the major cities in the country when i really worry about it we go to get that’s one top woman uh… uh… and you know what uh… i not like broccoli on the
situation treasury but i do like destroys as at st and
uh… there was a surprise interesting sectors uh… as silicone and but mired in the right choice now will see what taxes reaction as we
are different partly no other reaction they’re going into self was a wrist and
to try to squeeze taliban allocate a little bit and nash’s introduced the pot a little
bit more i hope she doesn’t do what uh… what they need to do is that my prediction of uh… i get
been london under a year uh… will come true and of course my predictions of the most
important thing let’s keep it

100 comments on “Hillary Clinton Shows Some Strong Diplomacy w/ Pakistan

  1. yea strongggg words she wont back up and it will still fly she never said it wouldnt shes just stating what everyone already knows

  2. cenk man….diplomacy doesn't work with pakistan
    trust me, i'm indian…pakistan are the masters of stretching issues out long enough so that people forget them
    they'll say yes now, then they'll say we're working on it, then they'll say we've run into problems, blah blah blah….get my drift

  3. she has a point about pakistan, but pakistan isn't concerned with al qaeda like the u.s. the us could have invaded pakistan like they did iraq and afghanistan and hunt bin laden. but they didn't… so the one place they need to look they try to depend on the government of that country, which is… not wise

  4. let's celebrate men being pussies….women all over the world are being trated like less than slaves…in the open…and we talk about diplomacy w pakistan. jesus

  5. my question is where are we getting all these money from? $7.5b over 5 yrs and over $1b/yr in military aid. At some point we will have to realize that we cannot afford to be the worlds policeman. Add to thats the billions of dollars in supplemental budget to fund the war in Pakistan and Afghanistan all coming from a so called peace president.

    And I really hope that time is coming soon

  6. Ugh…you are TURKISH, of all people shouldn't you know how to say the name of the country? It is not Pack-e-stan…
    Fortunately Hillary Clinton actually says it right…(well close enough)

  7. It's the 11 or so trillions in debt you need to be worried about, not 1 billion a year.. that's just an average of $3 from every American. Would you spend $3 to get Bin Laden if he actually committed 9/11? Would you spend $22.50 to give Pakistanis more education and better infrastructure?

    We're all on the same planet, if you want to leave it a terroristic shit-pit, then we're going to get attacked again. It's probably best we help them advance a bit… for a lousy $23.50. I don't mind it much.

  8. Hilary Clinton is a Bittttchhh. It makes you wonder who wears the pants in that relationship, Bill and Barack or is it ol' pantsuit?

    I like her stance though, Fuck you Pakistan, give us Bin Laden or we start misplacing our missiles to India.

  9. It's not they aren't capable of it. Quite the contrary.

    They just haven't been in the position to dictate who/what/where about wars.

    Many folks feel threatened by her because she's a tough chick. You can usually tell who's afraid of her by the boyish comments they make. Especially when she's actually going to places like Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iraq. Some of the areas in those places would kill her just because of the way she dresses.

    She's a tough chick for sure.

  10. I would glady pay the $23.50 if that was all iit took to fight terrorism but its far more than it. Add the $650b plus defense budget, $200b plus supplementals for the wars and now all these foreign aids.

    Srry but I rather risk having another attack on this country than keep paying for the bloated miltary spendings. Then again its not like we have any more to be giving away, its all coming from China and Japan

  11. Sarah Palin is a SUPERIOR politician and statesman than Hitlery Clinton for she has a SUPERIOR and STRONGER PACKAGE than Hillary! Palin will demonstrate SUPERIOR diplomacy to hostile countries like Pakistan and Iran when she will get all foreign leaders to KOWTOW to Palin, kiss her hands and feet and suck her PACKAGE!

  12. the Onion has a story about this: "US Condemned for Pre-Emptive Use of Hillary Clinton Against Pakistan"

    those poor students must be in intensive care now!

  13. That only applies to male politicians, not female politicians. Female politicians are are SUPERIOR to their male counterparts for they all have PACKAGES and BALLS! Sarah Palin just has the BIGGEST and MOST SUPREME PACKAGE for she is GOD's CHOSEN ONE, GOD INCARNATE and the LIVING EMBODIMENT of GOD HERSELF!

  14. Hey Alex wozere

    Bin Laden Survived One of the most brutal assaults by the Soviet Red Army 40 division 108,000 troops plus 300,000 local conscripts. What makes you think 130,000 American troops sitting on their ass 1000 miles away playing computer games is going to do anything. We've got to rethinck this war or its going to be another Vietnam. Obama needs better advice than he's been getting.

  15. get youre facts straight, When cia confirmed bin laden's location, Bush sent 36 troops and Bin laden escaped. Thirty Six. were not talking about 100,000 or 1000 or even 100. simply 36 against the head of al quida

  16. It would be a very short debate. All Obama would have to do is strole up to the stage and say "Bin Laden" into the mic then step off the stage.

    We could all watch Fox News lose their fucking minds even worse then now. Glen Beck would probably fake a heart attack while sobbing that America is dead.

    Rush would probably say that Osama was a just a scapegoat and pledge his support for terrorists…. oh wait. he already did that.


  17. BULLSHIT u r talking abt peace deal tht is still in place in NORTH WAZIRISTAN and the fake Taliban r in SOUTH WAZIRISTAN who attack on Pakistan and the US is playing games with Pakistan just when the Pakistani Army started operation in South Waziristan the US and NATO has left the border cheakposts and r giving them release zones and everybody has said tht US and NATO hav lost Afghanistan and catching OSAMA would be worst senario for US b/c than they will hav to leave Afghanistan

  18. And everybody in the US thinks OSAMA and MULLA UMAR are in Pakistan but isnt ur own general say tht taliban control 70% of Afghanistan so they will be in Pakistan where they control only 0.02% of the land which they r going to loose in the next 2 weeks and the US wanted us to go to North Waziristan first where there groups which support Afghan Taliban. the only reason y US is with Pakistan is b/c 80% of their supplies go from Pakistan and there is no other cheaper way to reach Afghanistan

  19. And it was not the Army alone who had concerns over the Aid Bill(Kerry Lugar Bill) but all the political parties except for the Zardari's who is losing peoples support day by day and before u make comments atleast READ the legislation or tell me I will provide u with tht DUMB ASS

  20. Maybe Bush had seen too many Seagal films and thought 36 was more than enough, given that 35 of 'em were gonna die anyway? Just sayin'.

  21. Hilary and Obama in foreign policy are like demons scouring the world doing the riight thing for America, and I am for what they are doing 100%.

    I don't think I can say the same about their weak sauce domestic policies tho.

  22. All you ppl are forgetting that 20 years ago the US saw the Taliban and Al Qaeda as HEROES when they defeated the Soviets now they see them as devils. US becomes your friend only when it needs something and then it eliminates and we Pakistanis are not going to fall for that trap.

    Every 10-20 years US needs a new enemy..first the Germans, then the Soviets, and now Islamic "extremists".

    US is the biggest terrorist on the planet.

  23. In that photo, she looks like my pissed-off 8th-grade English teacher, just before she gets up and screams at me and sends me to the principal's office. It's the, 'oh my god, I'm so about to fuck you up' look. I haven't seen it in years. It's scary.

  24. The US wants to help bring infrastructure to Pakistan starting with it's power grid. What have the Taliban and Al Qaeda done for Pakistan lately besides occupy it's land and oh yeah, I seem to remember a car bomb killing 105 in Peshawar last week. You are a fucking moron.

  25. Bin Laden is still considered a hero in Pakistan and that's the reason the Government in Pakistan will not hand over Bin Laden to the US.

  26. Well CIA intelligence OLD the US that when Congress was deciding to fund Afghanistan in fighting that war against the Russians, that chances are they would turn on the US.
    The US did not care because the so called real enemy at the time was communism.
    How that bit their ass hard

  27. You no what, I am not a fan of Hillary Clinton but I really think she is doing a good job. She is one woman who can handle such a high pressure job. She's tough and that what we need so as to not be overshadowed by the Generals. DoD had their way far too much under Bush thanks to Cheney.

  28. Im glad that pakistan has nukes as it is the only thing that keeps the war mongering USA out , except of course the sneaky drones pour over the border daily with no identifcation markings.too bad that they didnt assinate the pompous hillary cunt the 1st day she arrived

  29. Garrys300: Your probably excited to see what happens if somebody tries 9/11 Version 2 launched from dudes in Pakistan. Because if drones are a pain in the ass, nukes are not going to help.

  30. Ageed. I wanted her to win the democratic primary for President, but when Obama chose her for Secratary of State he redeemed himself in my eyes. He would have been a fool to not utilize her.

  31. Who do you think are asking for the drones now? Who do you think are telling the Americans where to hit now? Initially under the last administration, it was the Americans acting unilaterally. That is no more….

  32. as i said before the only thing that prevents USA from attacking yet another country(pakistan) is the fact that they have nukes, as too Bin Laden the cia knows where he is they have him on ice til they need him again. i suggest you dont watch fox news any more and get some knowledge of the worls !

  33. I suggest you do the same rivtardowoppo ………bin laden(al Qaeda) was your boy in the 80s fighting the dreaded commies…….and the taliban sprung out of the ashes of that war !!!! The world knows that but i guess you yankees are just soooooo brainwashed,,,,,,at least a lot of you are

  34. no changes…….. cia and Bin laden were bum buddies…….so was the mullah …..geezzz ……I think rivterdowoppo might like to suck his dick though…….me i would prefer to suck hillarys I hear her clit is about six inches long

  35. Obama I think has been batting a thousand as with Hillary Clinton. He's gotten somebody who is extremely smart and savvy.

  36. Why are we giving away money to the country that feeds the worlds heroin addiction?

    And, to the TOOL(s) who compares Obama to the leader of Pakistan………really? Do you really believe that? I just want to know so I can gauge your capacity for reason and intellectual thought, before I make an actual comment. I'll wait for the WWE broadcast to end, before you respond!

  37. there's just ur though about they want more money..but here's a proof that PAKISTAN want US out Afghanistan. why US black water forces is in peshawar? ever thought of that u moron? research Balochistan (PAKISTAN)..they have found God knows how many billion barrel of oil there so thas why US is involving PAKISTAN. Pakistan has its own natural resources it doesn't need US fucked up AID. US needs to get the fuck out of there!!

  38. WTF US did from last 8 years in Afghanistan? why CIA supporting RAW (indian intelligence) from Afghanistan to engage in terrorism against Pakistan by hiring poor from there? Pakistan is fighting Tehreek-e-Taliban which is a militant group who wants to break PAKISTAN. It wants independent state of Balochistan and the reason is DAMN OIL they found there. US is acting slick but if it doesn't pull out soon we all be jobless soon.

  39. Pakistan don't want no money they get enough from CHINA. US government is giving money to Pakistan corrupt government. and the Kerry lugar bill he is talking about had to do with Pakistan nuclear weapons. they wanted some type a report etc thas why PAK army rejected it. research before u open ur mouth!!

  40. cenk does not know a shit about it
    mrs clinton had no answers to 100 question she was asked on this 3 day trip
    and u know where is bin laden
    bin ladin is in cenks mothers asswhole
    go get him,, dead or alive
    or drop a bomd with ur predator

  41. dude al jazeera is the BEST news source. they are legit. if biased to anything it's the u.s's shit policies and actions

  42. and if pakistan is smart they won't do nuke the u.s coz the u.s is capable of blowing up half their country…
    And besides, israel is an atomic power, but they haven't (amazingly) used any of their bombs on what they call 'terrorists'

  43. THIS smart guy does not know that pakistan military is doing operation in only south waziristan the lauching pad for terrorism inside pakistan ,they are not engaging in a fight against those who want to fight in afghanistan not in pakistan this smart thinks he is smart and i think he does not know how pakistanis got better of her when she was adressing students they asked her real questions

  44. and also asked about the territory which americans lost only few days ago (province nooristan) 80% afghnistan under taliban 😛

  45. our territory is shrinking… and drone attacks are helping…. BULLSHIT… Cenk you are dead wrong on this… the drone attacks and Musharraf's policy created all the hell in the first place….


  46. The money is not even going to go to the people of Pakistan, its just going to go into the pockets of Zardari and Company.

  47. you know why they don't get them, they're not there. its another strawman. the threat of binladen has never been real. oh, he exist. but, he's not what you think he is. cia

  48. how is obama a dictator. ur kidding? he can't even get healthcare right coz the the asses on the right and u want to say he's a dictator?

  49. really? the redeneck ass holes get hit would cry bloody murder if anyone hit them on religon. muslims take shit from people like u. i'm middle eastern i've had racist remarks made about me being half iranian for 2 years. stick ur head up ur ass u fucking ignorant fuck

  50. the anchors don't state opinions like u.s media does for like every issue. they state facts. the way they tell u which is the truth just makes it look like it seems one-sided but it's really just how it works. and they have guests of different viewpoints so it's not as if they bring in someone that agrees with them

  51. really? a crime? that is the dumbest thing i've ever heard in my life. i'm not religous, but don't go calling Muhammad a 'so called' prophet as if ur precious prophets r legit. and again, muslims HAVE taken shit of their religion. that one serb guy is being tried for his 'ethnic cleansing' of muslims, which of course, must mean he loves muslims

  52. dont know about hillary being a bitch but yes osama is dead "we dont know for sure" but actually its more stupid to say that he is alive than saying he is dead

  53. o Israel has killed Americans (eg. Sailors on USS Liberty, Rachel Corrie, etc…)
    o Israel spies on this country (eg. Pollard, Kadish, AIPAC, etc…)
    o Israel bought our politicians with our taxes.
    o Israel steals our taxes, hence their higher income.
    o Israel uses our country as their toilet.

    Want more? Checkout my playlist.

    Please share this post with others, and demand that your Senator and/or Representative uphold the laws when it comes to Israel's heinous crimes. Peace!

  54. Even if India settles disputes, you guys will find something new. Its in your blood to destroy rather than construct. If no ones left on earth, you guys will start killing each other. Kashmir runs in every Indians blood and can never be negotiated. The best way to ensure peace is start studying and get a good education. India/China/Brazil are called developing economies because of their educated masses.

  55. Why are you asking the US to get in between us. Dont you have the balls to fight us? If its so important to you, go ahead and wage a full scale war on India rather than killing innocent civilians wearing a burqha. Doesnt bangladesh remind you guys of east pakistan?

  56. listen at least pakistan is honest, we have poverty in al ot of arts but i guarantee you that you will never find children sleeping with rats and dogs like they do in some indian railway stations. and at leat pakistan isnt some wannabe America-i mean you indians are copying and tring to act like america so much its funny. and pakistan is part of the islamic empire so its has true friends like saudi arabia, turkey and dubai, while indians have their face inbetween the asscheeks of america

  57. @xizvw the pakistani people dont mind the drones, they are killing the taliban which is what the pakistani people want. and the taj mahal big deal pakistan has the second largest mountain in the world K2. and the only reason people arent visiting more is because they are afraid of the taliban, trust me once those backward fucks are dead pakistan is going to put india out of buisness. youre biggest tourist attraction the taj mahal was designed by muslims and mainly built by muslims!!!!

  58. Blackwater (XE Worldwide) is operating inside Pakistan! Pakistani should kick them out. They are the ones who are operating the drone attacks so that Obama's administration can claim they are following US law and do not have to reveal their covert operation to Congress.

    Fyi, private contractors like BW are not subject to Senate intelligence oversight. The Pakistan govt allows US to fly in people without visa's or searches.

    American people should protest this lie and deception by Obama!

  59. Cenk I respect your ways, but Musharraf was definitely not a dictator, he won the elections in 2002 and brought about freedom of press that was never there pre-2002 under the so called "democratic" governments. I agree with your views on Military of Pakistan and its desire to control the funding but TBH the civilian government will not spend the money where it needs to go, money will end up Zardari friends and families.

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