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Highlights of Senate Reid’s Address to the Nevada State Legislature

Highlights of Senate Reid’s Address to the Nevada State Legislature

Today at this discouraging hour in our history I’m comforted by the conviction that Nevada is
a state full of fighters. We were battle born, our principles and priorities keep us balanced as challenges before us change. Our resolve is to recover and we need to recover. That need to recover is as solid as the Sierras and my
belief in that determinations just as unmovable. We’ve recovered in the past and we’ll recover in the future. We’re…we’ve met crisis before and we’ve prevailed. Winning is what we do winning is what we have to do. I’m here to talk about our future how we will move Nevada forward, how we will seize this unique rare and critical
opportunity to lead not just the nation’s economy but
the world’s economy. Somebody question whether we can get there. Too many Nevadan’s are still looking for jobs, too many families are still fighting to stay
in their homes, but I know this state. I don’t question whether Nevada can mature
in this new decade in this young century and soon find ourselves
in the front once again. My only question is how quickly it will happen. Right now a lot of people out there don’t
believe in Nevada. The country doesn’t look at it look at us as
leaders. It sees a state stuck in the last percentiles. If that doesn’t make you want worked harder
and harder you’re in the wrong line of work. Nevada ranks 50th in-state contributions
Education, 50th. Our children really deserve better. We have to recognize that our children’s education
is not about tenure, it’s not about teachers unions, it’s not about
budgets, or taxes, or profits, it’s not about yesterday’s alliances,
or adversaries it’s not about us at all. It’s about our children, and our students, and their future. You see Nevada isn’t the last place kind of place. We know this in our hearts together we can make the world believe it
too but we’re going to have to earn it. As close as we are to the back of the line when
it comes to education we’re at the forefront of the clean energy
revolution. Clean energy is one of the best investments
we’ll ever make. Nevada is already the hub of renewable energy
our solar, wind, and geo thermal potential is unbeatable. Are challenge then is to make Nevada the hub of the
renewable energy industry. Now’s our chance to turn the energy into jobs. Stronger education and cleaner energy are two of
the pieces to the same puzzle. Nevada will return to the top when we build a foundation that
brings people and businesses here. This state has always been a destination from yesterday’s pioneers like my dad’s parents
who came here to mine our rich minerals today’s tourists who enjoy the beauty of our
deserts, and mountains, and entertainment. That’s one of the reason we killed Yucca Mountain and it’s the reason I work so hard to
pass the trouble promotion act. That bipartisan plan is taking the strategies
that have made Las Vegas so successful and exporting them to our entire nations tourism
industry. It’s already working. It’s attracting visitors
from around the globe and creating jobs right here in Nevada. Tourism will always be our biggest industry but it can’t be our only one. We’ve learned the hard way that when tourists stay away,
jobs go away. So let’s open more doors. If we don’t show the country we’re serious
about education, why would the best teachers and researchers come
here to work? Why would parents put their children in our
schools? If we don’t show the world we’re serious about
clean energy why would the best scientists make our state their laboratory for the newest
technologies? And if we don’t prove there we’re a 21st century
state why would creative new companies or small business that can be tomorrow’s biggest
employer set up shop here in Nevada? We recognized Nevada’s potential because
we’ve learned from our past. We let our history inform our future and that experience teaches us that we cannot
throw out experience. Nevada imposes term limits every level
of our government for mayors, county commissioners, constitution officers and for all you state
legislators. Everyone accepted the judiciary. In each case their counterproductive. These restrictions don’t limit terms they limit our ability to move forward. We don’t need artificial term limits after all we already have natural ones they’re called elections. We should never get in the way of our own ability
to move Nevada forward. It is up to you to protect our best leaders contributions not reject them . So I ask you to take this to the people and reverse
our destructive term limits law. Ours is a state of frontiersmen and fighters it’s in our blood. That’s why the story of America is the story
of Nevada and the West. In our country, pioneer another word for leader,
and westward means forward. Lands over once the frontier are now cities on the front
lines of technology and industry. Where our towns were once dominated by homesteads now they’re daunted by energy-efficient homes. The Old West has given way to the new West, and it is up to us to define what that means. The question is whether we will direct our destiny
or forfeit our future. I know our challenges are many. But our opportunity to prosper hasn’t been
this rich since my father’s parents came here seeking gold and silver. The chances is ours, if we so choose. The window in which we can seize this
opportunity stands open as the desert But it maybe is fleeting as a desert wind. The day to grow new jobs, attract new business,
raise a strong generation, breathe new life into our economy is today if we take it. Thank you very much.

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