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Highest Paying Countries for Software Engineer (Software engineer salary)

Highest Paying Countries for Software Engineer (Software engineer salary)

a software engineer is a person who
applies the principles of software engineering to the design development
maintenance testing and evaluation of the software and systems that make
computers or anything containing software work. being in digital era the
software engineering has become very demanding profession that is it is
considered as one of the highest paying jobs in the world this is also a very
competitive job companies need skilled and smart people who are very
knowledgeable and computer savvy to create programs for new products here in
this video we are providing the top 10 highest Payne countries for software
engineers with average annual salary in that particular country information for
the average salary per country is obtained from Bloomberg

42 comments on “Highest Paying Countries for Software Engineer (Software engineer salary)

  1. Make a video on AI courses in India how we can become by software engineering. By any other courses plz. If you are not making video on this topic plz comment.

  2. Not true! I am a software engineer in Switzerland and my salary is below $100.000 USD. I am looking for a job in USA, because I know that the average salary would be higher than here.

  3. That's why many companies are outsourcing IT to other countries. If you think about outsourcing abroad, in this article: you will find a few facts, statistics and numbers that will speak to outsource to Poland.

  4. Please reply me… If i do diploma in software engineer in a canada college.. Than what would be my starting salary.?

  5. Your numbers are wrong. Average salary for software engineer in Canada is $90,001 according to the government of Canada for 2016

  6. Your video is damn informative Jodi. I never knew that highest paying countrie for software engineer. Thank God I saw this video before getting insulted at a public place. Nice video.

  7. usa. OF COURSE. 76k a yr. 25k paid taxes. real estate. another 24k. food clothing insurance cars, cells. 10k net………LMAO

  8. Don't even think about working in Norway, you have to pay 50% TAX and everything is damn expensive. You will end up having peanuts in your pocket at the end of the month, no savings at all. Best country is USA, you can save at least 3-5 grands a month.

  9. I think the median salary is more important nowadays especially in tech. There are people who make an enormous amount, but these people are just programming all day without having any other interest or hobby in life and they have been doing this from age 6. For the majority of the people, this life is not feasible.

  10. so if someone does job in canada…. his annual earning in pakistani rupees will be 9M
    and monthly earning pakistani rupees will be 700K

  11. A software engineer in the netherlands makes so little money (2k a month, junior). Its really absurd. I am thinking of moving to another country after i get my bachelor but i still cant decide where 😭

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