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Hellier Season 2: Episode 5 | The Unknown Country

Hellier Season 2: Episode 5 | The Unknown Country

Right, so see if anything in there
sticks out at you. So, it’s fae. They point out that the toadstool
looks kind of like a UFO. -Yeah, I thought that. -Look up in the leaves
of the tree -Holy fuckin’ shit! -It’s the Green Man. -What?! -It’s the Green Man,
just hiding out, watching. -Wow! It’s so subtle.
It blends so well. Faces in the trees! -Faces in the trees.
-Faces in the trees. -“And in the tree can be seen
the face of a Green Man. Similar to the church-carving
in chapter five.” [Karl] So it literally is the Green Man.
-It’s literally the Green Man. -It says, “the object in the foreground
may be stylized toadstool, but in certain respects it also
resembles a UFO.” [Karl, whispering] Fuck! [Screams] [Laughter] -I can’t stand it! I love it! [Tyler] So Editorhpa is this tale
that I dug up regarding these caves
in this interconnected case that was published in the 1860’s and it details this case of this
mysterious stranger appearing in this man’s study, claiming that he
is from within the Earth. And the book ends up detailing this
mysterious stranger’s journey which begins in Cincinnati and
actually descends down into Kentucky onto this same line of latitude that we’re looking
into this phenomena. And from that point
it ends up delving into these cave systems, where the
man is guided by a creature that comes up
from this subterranean realm and guides him to this location
that is referred to as the “unknown country”. So when this man is led to
this cave entrance, he starts getting
trepidatious about what his adept guide is actually leading
him towards, he actually thinks he’s about to be
murdered. So in his haste he grabs this bar that he finds on the ground
and he goes to strike this man and before he can strike
this man down, this cold clammy hand grasps
him from behind and this man turns around and
he’s confronted by this pale creature without a
face that’s dripping wet. It’s something that crawled up
from this cave system and it can speak. and it tells the
man that their intention is not to harm him, only to guide him to
this location that exists within the earth. From this point as the story progresses on this man’s
journey, as he delves deeper into the
earth, he is presented with these trials that he has to overcome,
these trials that were designed to keep him trapped somewhere
in this space. and one of the last trials that he encounters is this troop
of beautiful women that appear in the cavern, they have this light
glow about them, wearing these flowing dresses silken white,
holding instruments and wands. and the head of this beautiful
troop of women that he is just enamored with, she presents
herself as Editorhpa. So with all of this said I still
didn’t understand the reference. I didn’t understand why they
would title the book this since it had such a small, small role. and it wasn’t until doing
further research, that I realized Editorhpa is
Aphrodite spelled backward, who is the goddess of Venus. So in an off-handed way this book title is Venus. In a subversive manner. and what’s so interesting about
that and how it connects into all of this, apart from showing
allusions to things that could be goblins as well as ships that can
can fly over the water like UFOs, is the fact that back in the 1950’s and the 1960’s you had so many
contactee reports of people talking about
running into these spaceship beings claiming they
were from the planet Venus. You often find Venus being
associated with trickster elements, trickster spirits. As well as even fallen angels. You see Lucifer himself being
associated with the morning star which of course is the planet
Venus. So when you break down the
associations of Venus and what that represent in different
cultures as well as Aphrodite, the goddess of love, you see her image in fertility idols, ancient fertility idols. and when you
look at these fertility idols you often see representations of entities
that even resemble images that Crowley drew of this
entity that he called “Lam.” [Tyler] Oh wow.
[Greg] Oh yeah! [Tyler] Weird.
[Greg] That’s actually really interesting. [Karl] The eyes are exact. [Greg] That’s an old fertility
statue, Akua’ba. [Karl] That’s fucking Aiwass.
[Tyler] Wow. Lam itself appears to be
one of the earliest representations of an
extraterrestrial or a modern-age grey alien. I mean some occultists actually
think that it was because of a ritual that Crowley
did in 1917 in New York City that actually was what opened a
gateway for these grey aliens to first come into our world,
and that the image that he drew of Lam is of the first
grey alien.Whitley Strieber, one of the most
famous alien abductees of all time–He wrote “Communion”,He described these “familiar
beings” that he met as being similar to the Sumerian goddess Ishtar. What Greek goddess was
modeled after Ishtar? Aphrodite. [Tyler] All of these things are
connected. You have Lam,you have extraterrestrials, – the greys, Crowley, Ashtar, – Venusians, – Aphrodite, descent narratives, UFOnauts, cave creatures, goblins.♪ Hellier theme ♪[Greg] You should sit down. We’re gonna send you home
with a present. Gonna send you home with
something to think about. [Karl] This is so weird. – The timing of it was what… [Karl] Who writes like this? Are you guys serious? – The timing of it scared the
fuck out of me. Don’t you remember how
upset I was? When I was like “I can’t believe so
many people have seen this thing.” – Yeah
– It was because I was positive it had gotten out and somebody was
fucking around. Because of the word “UFOnauts”
right away I was like, “oh this can’t be fucking real.” And the craziest part about all
these emails is, she gave so much information in
them, we found her immediately. – You actually found her? – Oh fuck yeah.
– Well I was gonna say, –Karl. –There’s– it’s so opposite from
the others with the information that it feels fake. It’s just like
“here’s one with a lot of information.” -That’s why I freaked out -I’m getting goosebumps
on my arm. Everything you’re gonna read in these letters,
I confirmed. I confirmed everything. [Greg] Fucking caves. We
know where fucking caves are. [Tyler] I know where the caves
are. – Where fucking people are
disappearing, there’s a – [Tyler] Monsters coming out of
them, people coming out of caves. Karl- Why didn’t you tell me
about these before now? – Because I fucking flipped out.
Because I thought, I thought somebody saw it. I didn’t fucking
know what to do. I didn’t know what to fucking do
with it because I thought somebody was fucking with us. [Dana] And for the most part we
needed to make sure that this wasn’t a hoax, cause it felt a lot
like a hoax. – It does at first… yeah [Greg] and the fact that it happened
the day – [Tyler] the day before I left. [Dana] and the day of your being
there for two whole days. – That’s what I’m saying, the
intention of what we’re doing, it’s like one big ritual. And the pinpoint are
like a video game when you reach them– –So you went to North Carolina
on what day? Like let’s not talk theories
and intention and ritual shit yet. – What it was like January 31st
or something, right? [Dana] The dates should be in the emails. -Yeah like the dates are here
but I don’t know what… [Tyler] We can find the exact day. …what day you went. [Karl] Like I feel like you guys
are putting me on! – No
– No [Dana] I know, this is how we felt for
freakin – Why do you think we waited so long to say
anything about it? I didn’t know what to do. [Tyler] This is strange. – A mutual friend told me to contact you,
and said you helped him once before. [Tyler] Listen. It’s Wriste. [Dana] She won’t tell us who it is. – But it’s a different name.
Get to it, you’ll get to it You’ll get to it, let him read through. – Yeah it’s all in there. Then she said…
she said.. I mean it’s the same fucking thing happening over again. – It’s literally the same puppeteer. -The best part about it– My brain right now is just like,
this can’t. Be. Real. – Welcome to my fucking life. But there’s so much old stuff in there,
so many parallels to the earlier stuff. – No… fuck. off. -What?
-What? – SLUF? [Tyler] Sluf. That’s what I was waiting
for, sluf. – Fucking fuck. -But listen– ‘Cause that’s the group
of people that would be throwing that term around and
she’s in the group of people. – She knows, she knows that term because
of the puppeteer that’s been talking to her,
which is Wriste. -She knows that term because… Wriste isn’t a puppeteer,
he’s a player. – But now we’re in it. We’re in it now. This is it. This is the beginning. [Karl] [sarcastically]
Oh, now we’re in it? – Well here’s the thing, the end of
Hellier is the beginning of this now. – So I realize that’s a lot to drop on you
like the day before you go back, but… [Laughing] but it was feeling like a
better time than… [Droning sounds] [Connor] Okay. [Karl] You remember when
Strand went to North Carolina? – Yeah. – Greg got these the night before.
-Oh, is this about this? -Oh gosh… Wait… I don’t know who this is. My name is Amy [redacted].
My date of birth is… I don’t know if I want to get into
this one. [Laughing] -Yeah -What?
-Mmhm. -He responded quickly. “Almost everyone I know involved.
The CIA. The marine. And navy.” [Sighs] I want to be… Of course we’re going to dig
into it all, but immediately I’m kind of like…
she’s throwing out everything. -Mmhm. -It’s military coverups, it’s creepy
Wiccan rituals, it’s secret societies and Illuminati,
it’s like… -It’s like too much. “I’m afraid taking a leap of faith and coming here is about the
only way you’re going to get the answers you seek. ” No.. no. I’m good.
[laughs] You know, I was not expecting all this. I was not expecting any of this. But I was immediately pretty… a pretty hard “no” on pursuing this lead. Because that’s… at this point it
doesn’t become fun anymore, you know? When you’re looking into these sort of
disappearances it’s like, this is for law enforcement. But she hit a couple of key notes.and I was mostly annoyed that we couldn’t
just rip these emails upand throw them away.At a certain level you
have to trust your gut. [Karl] The gut feels bad on this one. – Yeah it does. and I don’t like there’s
no clear direction. I don’t like this one, I don’t know. – So basically, for about two hours after
Greg and Tyler and Dana told me this, Greg basically just threw down and
had an argument for like two hours with Strand. [Greg] I’m not saying that I don’t
wanna go, I do wanna go. I wanna go. But I want to do it right and I want
to be safe when we do it. [Greg, stammering] I’m telling you– [Tyler] We can’t let this sit. – I’m not saying – I know what you’re trying to say,
but it’s all fear-based. – It’s not fear, it’s a rational fear. We had to figure out, is this something
that we need to pursue? I was nervous about it,
I was really scared. and it weighed, it weighed on me… Strand and I got into a bit
of an argument. Because Strand was ready to go.
He wanted to leave immediately. We had to go and do this, we had to
do it before they packed up and left. I was of the mindset that we needed to
prepare properly. We need to figure out where
we were gonna go, how we were gonna do this,
who we were going to talk to, how do we stay incognito.
I’m nervous because Amy says “You’re already on their radar”, I didn’t want anyone to know that
I was poking around in this yet, or that I was even taking this seriously
yet.So we got into a bit of a fight
about what to do.[Tyler] Well I’m not going to fear death
and things that we don’t know are going to occur. It’s just, it’s
It’s just, it’s nonsensical– [Greg] It’s not nonsensical! – I’m telling you, this phenomena
it’s feeding off of that It wants you to be afraid,
so why be? I’m not afraid of this. This stuff has been going on,
with everything that we’ve read this has been going on forever. It’s the same thing. People have been looking into it
forever and it’s never gonna change The amount of info that we have
is not gonna change. We can keep dissecting it, overanalyzing
it, fearing it. like “Well no I’m not ready. I’m not ready for this,
we need to do this first.” or “we have to look into this more.” We have enough info. That’s not gonna change. We can keep
dissecting stuff down to the smallest grain of sand. But it’s still not changing
the fact that it came from the same fucking rock that
we know is there. It doesn’t matter how much we
scrutinize stuff or look into it, I don’t think it’s ever gonna change. -Then what’s the fucking point? Because we have to find out what’s
going on! – Why? -Because that’s what we do. – … Cause that’s what we do.
– That’s what we do. So let’s fucking do the recon. -I told you I’m fine with the recon. I’m fine, I’m fine with doing recon
but like it has to be so… -covert. – So covert, so low-key.
-Absolutely! -I don’t, I just don’t,
I don’t know how to do it. I don’t know how to appropriately.. -We know we gotta be safe! -I’m done. I’m done talking about it.
-I know you are! I’m just saying go! -I agree.
-Do it safe! I agree. We’ll go and we’ll do it safe. There we’re on the same page,
but I don’t wanna talk about anymore. – Fine. – This is exactly what I was fucking
so afraid of happening. [Tyler laughing] What? What’s that? -Fucking zero control and going crazy. -You’re not going crazy! -No, the conversations we’re having
are crazy. -They’re not.
-It’s insane. ♪ Quick tempo music ♪ [Greg] What are we doing Tyler? -We are doing recon at Somerset. – We’re on the outskirts now.
so far everything looks as I’d expect for rural Kentucky. [Dana] I was 100% not on board
for Greg and Strand to go to Somersetand do recon. I just wasn’t into the idea.It seemed like a terrible idea.
I know Strand tends to bethe kind of person who runs head first
into something,and I didn’t want this to be the situation
that he ran headfirst into. I knew that it was a rural area so
they probably wouldn’t have great cell phone service. I specifically told both of them
NOT to go in cavesand I specifically you know, mentioned to
them to kinda check in with meand drop pins
so that I knew where they were.Wow look at this… this is insane. Holy shit. Do you see anything
weird on the ground?[Dana] and I was comfortable with it
by those terms.but of course that’s not what happened. [Tyler] It’s like a whole other world. This probably connects to the Mammoth
Cave System for all we know. [footsteps] [Greg] Holy fuck how far back does it go?
Look at this… -Oh my God dude look! It’s literally an
entrance to like the underworld here. Insane. Look at this! This is amazing. Fuck. This is deep. [Greg] Oh Jesus. Yeah dude we
can’t go any further. No, no we can. Here give me the light, We’ve just got to get… [Greg sighs] -Just got to get right there. -Godammit -Oh my god dude.
-What is it? -This is fucking huge.
It’s just fuckin huge. -Oh shit you can see! Right down in there, that’s
where the water is coming from -It starts now, it’s activated. [Greg] Strand and I went much
further into the cavethan I think we anticipating
we were going to go. and while we were there we start to hear
these sounds, coming from far off down further in the cave. And it sounded like people. It sounded
like there were people whispering.[Greg] Yes. Yes.Yeah you think.
Alright let’s turn around and go -Fuck -We need to leave. [Tyler] Just look at this place though. Ahh so weird! [Tyler] Oh my god! [Greg] You see the size
of that fucking bone? -Yeah. -Look at that.
-What? -The size of those bones! -I know, I know. Look at this.
It’s a piece of the skull. No… maybe. One of the last things that we found in
the cave were just big piles of bones. all of these little piles everywhere. They didn’t look big
enough to be human.Butwhatever it was that brought those
bones in, had to be fairly large becausethese were… these weren’t small animal
bones. It didn’t seem like anyway.[Greg] There’s vertebrae here,
there’s fucking ribs. -What the fuck? Oh my god. -So something’s dragging shit in
here to eat. -Look at the size of that bone
over there. -I know. Something’s dragging
stuff in here to eat it. -Oh my god. [Footsteps] [Tyler] It might be…
this might be the church. and that cabin might be somewhere
in the woods like near here. It could be anywhere. We might be able
to find it through satellite images. It makes more sense, her saying
the entrance is off of Hail Bridge Road which we’re still technically on.
-I think we’re on Hail Bridge Road. I think this is the chapel.
She mentions this chapel. This one’s upkept.
So I’m pretty sure this is where the incident in the first emails occurred. [Karl] Right off the bat there were
similarities between the Amy emails
and the David emails that just felt significant to us. It started with even just the subject
line. David’s subject line was“Urgent help needed, please respond”
Amy’s subject line was“Urgent: life and death.”But even from there, having a
stranger reach out who doesn’t personallyknow of or know Greg, learned about
Greg through a mysterious figurethat Greg doesn’t know either.They’re both normal people
who had some kind of a strange supernatural experience related to
the cave systems, in rural Kentucky, in the woods, seemingly a similar type
of phenomena and environment. And then they disappear completely
off the grid. That stood out, it felt significant. I know Greg gets a lot of strange
emails, given the work that he does talking about weird experiences. but there was something very similar
between these two. What was almost more interesting too
was the opposites in the emails, it almost seemed like an overcorrection
by the phenomena to the point that David was a ghost
who had zero information about him. The Amy email she gives us her date of
birth, everything about her, addresses, names of people in the town,
Greg found her immediately. But where David was apparently a doctor, he was very eloquent at the least, very
detailed, he supplied photos. Amy was much more marginalized and much
more chaotic, she was typing it out on a cell phone, cell phone and there was misspellings. Very different in that regard but similar
structurally at their core. In the emails that Amy sent
to us, she mentions UFOnauts and she mentions SLUF. Those were
the words that we couldn’t overlook. If Amy didn’t learn this word
through research, then obviously the other, possibly more likely,
scenario is that she learned it from Terry, or from somebody who’s in that
circle who uses that kind of term to refer to the goblins. And if that is the case that
makes her even scarier. Because now we’re dealing with somebody
who is in the know with these circles that are obviously very…
very intimidating. One of the things that really
stuck out to me in Amy’s email was this reference to
something called “the gatekeeper” and immediately it made me
think about all of these reports that we had been digging up from hundreds
of years back all the way into the present day of creatures holding these staffs or
wands that can paralyze people. [Amy emails reading]
The gatekeeper is the scariest of them allhe can actually perform magic.I literally began to suffocate as he
whispered and blew me a kiss,holding this curved, weird
walking stick and a crystal.Amy should not have known about these
wands or the staffs. It just seems like a really obscure element
to include. The other thing that’s a common theme
when I get into this is not only do a lot of these reports
have things holding wands but you’ll hear a lot about cloaked
figures. [Tyler reading]
According to Brad Steiger,a woman named Norma Hall felt sure
that she had encountered a subterraneanInhumanoid as she lay dozing one
night in a motel room…she was shocked to see a dark,
smallish figurestanding motionless in the corner
of the room.She soon saw that it was a
hooded figure in a dark robe.“I switched on the lamp on the
nightstand” she stated“and he put up his hands to shield
his eyes from the bright light.”This thing keeps its head
down because it doesn’t like the sunlight beating on it.
That’s another recurring theme we see is these things have a
sensitivity to light. “When I got out of bed I towered
over him, I was amazedthat he seemed even shorter when I stood
before him.He was scarcely five feet tall.Only his very large eyes with their
black pupils seemed alive.His eyes and his little
twitching nose and lips.He reminded me of a large grey
rat standing there,and I still shudder every time I
think of him.”So there’s a tale here
from November 1997, “Two young outdoorsmen, 22 year old
Duane Berger and his friend Mark, 20, had decided to camp near an old
deserted Coppermine in Arizona.‘By the time it was dark we had each
downed a couple of long-necked beers’Duane later said ‘and we were just sitting
around the fire, feeling pretty goodabout life in general when we began
to hearthese terrible screams that seemed to
be coming from the old mine.’”[omitted] states she hears these
screams that she thinks is initially a bobcat, so we have this
already a similar narrative. “The screams sounded female and
there was more than one of themscreaming out at once in what
sounded like pain,as if they were being hurt.’Bravely the two entered the mouth
of the tunnelweapons and flashlight in hand.and it says in quotes “we had
barely walked a dozen yardswhen we saw a greenish glow
ahead of us.As we got closer, we could make
out the dark figures of two menin hooded robes….” as they drew
closer,they saw that the hooded figures were
barely five foot tall.then the little men produced what
appeared to be wands of some type,from which a yellow light erupted,
striking the two and instantlyrendering them immobile.”Even Jacques Vallée, the UFO
researcher who wrote “Passport to Magonia”, he talks about
these same wands in his book “Dimensions.” – These reports just keep
going and going. [Sound of pages turning][Tyler] “According to a November
issue of Fate magazine,a similar fate awaited two
young boys from Pike County.The youths were seen entering into the
old Truck coal mine 3 miles eastof Pikeville, then they never
came back out.A full scale search of the mine failed
to turn up any evidence of the missingboys.” What’s weird when I was
looking into Pike County, you fast forward into the year
2008 and that same ridgeway that overlooks that same mine
has bigfoot sightings, crawling along the ridges. “Years later a woman from Pendleton
County named Patsy Wingate would claim to have disturbing dreams
that might have some relevance here.Wingate mentions a mountain
near Riverton Kentuckywhere a certain UFO was
seen on several occasions.Once while on the mountain she heard
strange humming soundsshe was certain were coming from
underground.Later that night she had the most
frightening and vivid dreamsof “children underground on the
mountain begging for help”.“Researcher Ronald Calais told of
a tunnel laborer digging undergroundin 1770, who heard a roaring
sound behind a large flat stoneCurious, he pried away the stone
with pick and crowbar,and was amazed to see a smooth stone
stairway leading down into the Earth.Suddenly the stairway ended and
the man was standing in a large stone cavern filled with gigantic machines,the astonished laborer glanced
about the well-lit roomthen saw hastening toward hima strangely clad hooded figure.The being held a baton like object
in his upraised hand.”[Greg] I mean the wands start
to show up… –They’re in everything! There’s even another report from
an old Native American man in the west who is talking
about the things in the Mojave Desert, that live
in the mountains there. They call them, I don’t know if
I’m pronouncing this… it’s like the “Hav-musuv.” They have these
objects that are like wands these metal rods, he goes, and
when they point them at you, he says they can immobilize you. He goes, or they’ll take out another
object that’s like a rod and “all death
will follow.”[Connor] Some of the information
that Tyler was telling us really cameout of left field for me. This wasn’t the portion of the phenomena
that I had necessarily researched but finding out that these robed,
hooded figures carrying wands could either be occultists, which is the natural thing to think,
or could actually be strange creatures, some sort of members
of the phenomena their selves. It made me even more weary
because now, we have to think about, in the little
portion in the back of our mind, we have to think about the possibility
that if we run into one of these things they apparently are now armed with weapons in the form of wands. One of the
stranger things I didn’t think I’d ever have to think about. So to go further into that I figured
if she’s telling any ounce of truth she’s talking about people being tortured,
human sacrifice, all of this stuff. Kids in the mines, caves, and if that
stuff is happening you would think there would at least be some
bizarre reports of people going missing or
people dying in these caves. Well here’s what’s strange about that. There are multiple deaths in these
caves quite often. I’m not going to jump to wild conclusionsbut there are some reports here…
that are kind of unsettling.And we have here: “Spelunker Found Dead
inside Wayne County Cave”“we found his hoodie. It had been
shredded. Just ripped up” he said.“and about 200 feet in they found his
body. The way the gear was scatteredthrough the cave, it doesn’t make sense.
It doesn’t.” Nothing wrong with him,items scattered all throughout,
clothing ripped up,nothing wrong with him. Irisman was not stuck, or injured,
and there was no evidence of foul play. I mean there’s a lot of weird murders, that are really strange and unanswered, but I didn’t include any of those. There’s a lot that I’ve read.“On Saturday someone riding
an all-terrain vehiclesaw a body in a brush pile off
Strawberry Road.”During one of these forums in
the discussion of cave locations and entrances,
someone is talking about that cave. It says “a word of warning about the
Strawberry cave, there’s another cave below that bluff
across the road not sure if it connects but I have reason
to believe something big is living in there. I have seen entire cow carcasses
drug into that cavern and partially eaten.” [Tyler in flashback]
What the fuck there’s bones! Someone responds to this and
they go, “I heard a loud thrashing in the bushes and this thing around
10 foot or so comes running out the bushes right
in front of me. Well what I saw looked more
like a Yeti that thing stood there looking at me
for a couple of minutes making some sort of muttering sounds
like a baby crying.[Connor reading] “The crying baby
phenomenonis common not only among
UFO witnesses but also amongthousands of ghost and
monster witnesses as well.”But here’s what makes that cave
a little bit more interesting. [Omitted – Amy] gives us a very
specific address. This is Hail Bridge Road here
on the map, this is where Strawberry Road is, it’s separated
by 12 minutes, in a fairly you know.. driving. Hail Bridge Road, where this dot is, where this line of passage goes
to connect it to, is literally the passageway of
the second longest cave in Kentucky. The whole time that Strand
is laying all of this out, it’s just sinking further and
further into my brain that this is Hellier all over again.
It has to do with cave systems, potentially the Mammoth
cave system, again. It has to do with strange creatures
in these caves and people being terrorized by these strange
creatures. and now all of a sudden
there is all of this extra scary stuff that none of us
would’ve ever seen coming. [Karl] Now I didn’t do as much
research as Tyler did into Somerset and all this stuff. But the little that I did, uncovered
some weird similarities and parallels. A simple google search of Somerset and the Green Man turns up
a New Yorker article aboutJulia Somerset who was the wifeof the Earl of Somerset, SomersetEngland overseas. She wrote one
article of folklore in her lifetime in1939, in which she basically laid
out the origin and history of the Green Man. She named the Green Man. The fact that we even know
it as such today was from this woman,
Julia Somerset. There is a lot of different ideas
attached and associated withthe Green Man. But for the most
part the Green Man isan archetype
or a deity that is often,he often appears in Pagan circles.He represents the woods,
woodland , the harvest, being in naturehe’s sort of a guardian of
those spaces and isinteracted with a lot by a
majority of the pagan community as sort of an archetype that represents a spirit behind nature. The idea of a green man has
nothing to do with human sacrifice. It has to do with death, but it’s natural death, it’s
death and renewal. So if there was some cult
dedicated to the Green Man, it doesn’t make sense that they
would be performing human sacrifice. Amy mentions Beltanespecifically in the emails, which is
really interestingwhen you talk about the Green Manbecause he is so connected to that
specific sabbat.Beltane is a Celtic fire festival,
it’s the end of spring and thebeginning of summer and in a lot of…in the Wiccan tradition
there is a belief that at thatpoint of time, if we look atthe cycles of nature the
goddess and the godcome together. It’s a very sensual
festival, it has a lot to do withcreating life.
When you think about summer you know, we’re about
to come into a time when gardens are full
and things are coming into fruition and we’re enjoying the
benefits of a lot of that kind of stuff and the Green Man is often
the deity that’s represented as the god during that festival. [Karl] So over here, if you check it out, that’s Hopkinsville, that’s Cave City, that’s Somerset, and that’s Hellier. [Dana] While Strand is looking into
all of these newspaperarticles about deaths that are
happening, Karl is lookinginto all of these locations
that have some kind of a connection.[Karl] If you draw a line between
them roughly, and between the averaging
them all, they’re basically in what kind of
looks like a straight line. To make matters weirder, all four of these
points fall on the 37th parallel. The 37th parallel is a theory that was
popularized a few years ago by Ben Mezrich. He wrote a book
with the same title. and it basically says that between
the 36th and the 38th parallel is where there’s an abnormally
large string of strangeness. Everything from UFO sightings to cattle mutilations to just straight up paranormal phenomena. And it
basically lays out this idea that there’s something going on
on that line around the planet that makes
it extraordinarily weird. It’s statistically interesting
because if you look at, for really populated cities
in that area, you won’t actually find many. Most of the cities exist
above or below that, especially in different
coastal regions. So you would expect more
sightings, in those areas with more people. But because it sort of cuts across
this fairly rural area of the United States, it seems like
something worth paying attention to.[Karl] When I drew a vertical line
between Ashlandand the Wriste Coordinates,they intersected the horizontal line
right beside Hellier.So then I started
drawing more lines and I thought, alright let’s put
up Stillwater Bridge.Interesting. Threw up
Stillwater Bridge on there,also thought let’s find the exact
spot of thesethese tin can UFOs that were
seen so close in Minnesota.Turns out if you draw a line from
the Tin Can UFO sightingthrough Stillwater Bridge, it goes
right through Point Pleasant.[Greg] That’s bizarre. -It’s pretty weird.There’s a nearly perfect line
that goes from Point Pleasantto Ashland, to Somerset.If you continue further and you
draw a linebetween the Wriste Coordinates
and Cave Cityyou wind up almost exactly a mile
and a half from my apartment?[Dana] Oh my god
[Greg laughs]And if you go ever further,and you draw a line between
Table Rock, where you guys visited,you went to Cave City shortly
thereafter thatwhere you guys visited,
and then wheredid you guys go after thatwhen you got so distracted 
from Hellier? [Greg] Mount Shashta…. [Karl] Finding Bigfoot at Mt Shasta.
[Greg] Get out of here… What? Is that, right over
the peak?! -Right over the fuckin peak. -Right over the peak! [Tyler] Right over the center of it,
goes right through the circle of that mountain. -And like the whole story with
that was about you know, things living in the mountain and
UFOs coming out of the mountain. -This book right here,
“A Dweller on Two Planets” is literally a tale that’s torn
between a guy spending time on Venus and going underground in
Mt. Shasta. The spot where Woody Derenberger
met Indrid Cold was very specific, where he said he met him, so I put that in on the map
and that onelines up directly in linewith the Point Pleasant,
Ashland, Somerset line.Now if you look at that:Woody Derenberger meeting spot,Point Pleasant,Ashland,chronologically that’s the
progression of Indrid Cold’s locations where he visited
people. So with Somerset being on that line
you have some interesting implications there about whether
or not perhaps Indrid Cold might have passed
through that area? I tried to use a lot of different
control points on this, I put Rashad’s house
in Willits in it. I put Tenney’s place
in Royal Oak into it. A bunch of different outlying points
just to test against and there are places that you try
and you can’t make them line up with anything. Also it’s very hard to draw a straight
line on a globe. There is some room for, you know, error and embellishment. But they’re close enough that there’s
a high degree of strangeness. I’d emailed Amy back and forth
a bunch of times, and her story didn’t really change. I just didn’t really know what we
could really do about it. So when we decided it was time
to reach out to her again I sent her an email and
I didn’t get a response. And I waited… and I sent her another
email and got no response. And immediately I just thought
the worst. Well. Doing a little digging,
it turns out she was in jail. There were a list of charges, um…
related to breaking and entering and burglary. There was some possession on there. But we knew that she was in a space where she
wasn’t going anywhere. And because of that I didn’t really feel I didn’t feel like we had a ticking clock
to chase because she was, it seemed, safe. [Tyler] We always had the concern, how do we do it safely? How do we.. how do we have a
good means of staying in a centralized zone to
really study the phenomena. I came across a location that is literally directly off of Buck Creek, that overlooks the river. And take a look at this map here, the
Buck Creek Bungalows which is that location that we can go to to settle down, is right here. This river is Buck Creek. Hail Bridge Road is right here. That is literally waking distance and with paddle boards and kayaks that’s literally overlooking the river. It gives us a perfect viable means
of having every reason to be there. ♪ ♪ ♪ So we have the perfect Alien Cave Base Task Force HQ.♪ “Leave Your Home”
By Sons of the West

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  1. I love the hellier series I couldn't wait for season 2 now it's here and it's extremely good very well laid out and produced considering how mysterious and chaotic the subject is your dealing with ,I'm sure it can be stressful,taxing,and a bit scary doing these series but as a fan it is an amazing you guys wish your team the best.

  2. I think these "paralyzing wands" could be like a less-lethal ray from a blaster, kinda like tazers.
    And as the original incident stated, the Dr that mailed you stated these beings are aliens, thus they must have some kind of blasters with them

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