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7 comments on “Heading into the Fall Sitting of the Alberta Legislature

  1. I lived through the 90's and the sky did not fall, the sun came up and once we paid off the debt Alberta had on of the biggest economic booms in the provinces history…! So everybody calm down..

  2. We are overspending on transfer payments and under spending on our internal economy. Cut imports, milk and cheese from Quebec would be a good start. Then bring back an Alberta owned oil company and refining. impose 90% of fuel sold in Alberta be Alberta fuel, Alberta refined. Our province is rich, our thinking not so much. Out politicians linked to lobby groups. make law against bad government .Fines maybe to control politicians support for lobby groups. The only lobby group politicians should listen to is the Alberta public.

  3. Mr Kenny money grab , why are we registering our cars every year , my car is 20 years old at $ 80.00 a pop that's $1900.00 the car isn't worth that. are we the only province being taken advantage ? for that kind of money they at least could notify us when due , so now we pay a hefty fine ,an other money grab.

  4. The sky is falling. The sky is falling!!!
    I lived through the "cuts" of the 90's. The restructuring of the Klein government's set Alberta on a course to unprecedented growth.
    Makes me sick how the special interest groups and media freak out that a government suggests we need to restructure.
    In my opinion the Kenney government is being far to timid, far to weak.
    Government pay should be cut at minimum 5% across the board.
    They received outlandish pay increases in the past 20 years.

  5. FIRE the 50,000 NDP Pigs that Nutley hired to Bloat Government Expenses. Their Services are no longer Required.  Start Up the Coal Fired Electric Generators Nutley Killed and Put People Back to Work.  Stop Giving Millions of Grants to Businesses that Do Nothing.  Fire 1/2 of the AHC Administrators who do Zero for the Benefit of Albertans.  Cut Government Employment by 50%.  Give Albertans a Real Tax Cut and Stop Wasting Our Tax Money and Driving Us All To the Poor House.  STOP ALL EQUALIZATION PAYMENTS UNTIL AFTER THOSE PIPELINES GET BUILT!!  That way the NUTLEY DEBT can be Paid Off in 3 Years!!!!!

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