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Hacking Sub-Tasks & Chatting Todoist with Carl Pullein

Hacking Sub-Tasks & Chatting Todoist with Carl Pullein

11 comments on “Hacking Sub-Tasks & Chatting Todoist with Carl Pullein

  1. Guys, if you aren't following Carl on YouTube, we highly recommend it!

  2. Francesco and Carl on the same video! What better to ask to see for a productivity video on Youtube at a Saturday 🙂
    Thanks, guys please bring more videos together!

  3. @23:25 Ture!! It just populates the day view. I hope Todoist will figure out this old issue.

    If Todoist couldn't able to fix its old issue first, I'll definitely think to switch in Asana or Notion as it gives more functionality and flexibility.
    Although this new update made me explore more options rather than stick to Todoist only.
    I hope Todoist will fix new flaws soon.

    Btw great to see you both Todoist's legends together from whom I get learned Todoist over the time.

  4. With the morning routine issue, I'll be creating that in my [Notion] daily journal template, to check them off there… then tick-off the Todoist entry when those are done! Another way is to [possibly] have a "Routines" sub-task and have morning, daily & evening (etc.) routines as sections…

    It was great to see this video, with the both of you, especially the "what do we do here" bits, lol.

  5. For sub-tasks on a recurring task, I’ve made the sub-tasks non-completable so I don’t have to worry with repeating or recovering them when they’re completed. I’ve found that for those kinds of tasks (like my Weekly Review), I just need a list of prompts, not necessarily sub-tasks to complete. I end up with a collapsible list of prompts that I can expand when I’m doing the task and hide away otherwise. That’s the work-around that works for me, although I would prefer to have recurring sub-tasks that don’t populate the main list.

  6. Amazing Marvin has it done in perfect way, by doing every time a copy of recurring task template. If they, wife-husband team, can do that, it's definitely doable for a bigger team. I like Todoist UI more and I'm still using it, but…

  7. What I like about the Todoist sections is that they can be neatly folded up when not in use. Good to see you two gentlemen in one video. 🙂

  8. Great to see 2 of my favourite youtube productivity geeks getting giddy excited about Todoist features. Awesome work guys. Todoist is a great tool, but will be better in time.

    Do you have any view of what is coming next for Todoist (except for Kanchan boards)?

  9. Too many pain points guys. I enjoy so much my Things 3 auto-reset subtask from repeating tasks specially the ones of big projects and events that happened every month and the ones from my morning routine hopefully ToDoist will fix them for you.

  10. As a software engineer and tester, this was really fun to watch!
    This is basically like a live software testing session. 😂

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