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Greatest Country Singer Of 70s 80s 90s –  Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Don Williams

Greatest Country Singer Of 70s 80s 90s – Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Don Williams

Remember way I was young so you time Stood Still? Loves all we do you were the first so was I Made love and then you fry man Now Walter gave our parts laid Start in his heart who lived in line laughed and curves There was Joy There was hurt Where Own time Life is changed Tis the seven rearrange became together Philip our Rope each other’s hearts, man Man the Strayhorn We’re Sound little feet wasn’t music We danced to week two we brought back the love we found trust God we never give Man when Same so now Just a stepping-stone to where we are we Simply do it all again When Remember when Said when we turn break when the chilled War Way we won’t be sad will be For all life we met And we’ll remember Remember way You cleared my mind I Sold my soul You bought it back for me and held me And gave me dignity Somehow you needed me To Stan To face You put me hi It is too so And I can’t believe it’s you And Because I found someone who really When I was lost It took me home You gave me home When I was an Intern Back into truth again You even color? Different they give me strength Give this Oh The stone so see You needed me No, lovin every weekend When I’ve reached an for you you’ve always been there Now I’m so far away in baby our ski Oh You are and strengthen Keep me safe in this line With you in my four kids To I came making all the time Out Tea You I’ll always remember the song The first time you dance As we sway to The music and help to each other. I I’ll always remember Magic when To Together I knew forever Why don’t you sing it with me good Gather But Syria, I know you Say some bad spread way settle down Living on low She don’t care but what’s in style – smile it takes for marble tile living on In a No Living our It sounds simple it’s what you’re thinking looking walk In living on By the time children gone He can’t see In vain All through that just living on Living on It sounds What you think love your party Doesn’t take much Only This change in me It’s true You all do your stuff When Hill That you do My dream come true my wall And only And I guess that was most times true, but you know Rocket would also be very beautiful One of those voices is still now But I guess the beauty will always be Wow Only All day long Yeah Oh Like Julie darling Hey Maybe I didn’t love you Quite as often as I could have And maybe I didn’t treat you Quite as good as I should have If I made you feel second-best Girl I’m sorry, I was blind But you were always on my mind You were always on Maybe I didn’t hold you All those long day long the time I Guess I Never told you But I’m so happy that you’re mine Little things I should have said and done I just never took the time But you were always on my mind You were always on Tell me Tell me that your sweet love hasn’t died And you Love me Give me one more chance to keep you satisfied I’ll keep you satisfied Maybe I’d love you Quite as often as I could have And maybe I didn’t read you Quite as good as I should have Little things I should have said and done I Just never took the time But you were always on my mind You were always on You were always on my mind you were always I’ve been throwing horseshoes Over my left shoulder Taps me most of my life Searching for that four leaf clover yet you Jason my rank evils Honey I love you, too That’s a way Let’s away the go That’s music God Far out the world to say it’s never owned it grow Losing makes me sorry You say honey don’t win I love you, too. That’s a way That’s a way love goes play that’s the music God Far world to say it’s never on Losing makes me sad You say honey, don’t worry And I love to That’s a way left That’s away love That’s away Hey Shibu stain Ever Leaving your Way I’ll think of you every step of the way Love you You you Bittersweet That is all seeking put me So good bad You need Treat you And I hope you have on him dreamed up She Hey Yet through one you ever had Can that be You’re not how you Would take away You Gimme There’d be nose Beetle Oh Too bad Take away Longitude Linley Me To be It’s everything why Maybe you don’t know me anymore than I know And I wouldn’t blame you if you walked away I’ve been watching you all leave with those teardrops in your And it touches me much more than I can say You know, I hate to think their son You loved instead of me and at times like this, I’d be right by your side Lay your troubles on my soul with you Risk your love on me Lay your troubles on my show with you Rest your Saw you in cone from the moment I walk I Saw your only face across the room No, I won’t forget all the way it might appear Why do you have to leave so soon You know I hate to think that someone could have hurt someone like you And if I was him, I’d be right by your side Rest your meal lay Rest your low Rascal Rascal Everybody wants a little piece of my time Still I put you at the end of the line How it breaks my to cause you this pain See the tears you prefer Falling like me Give me a chance – Musti Always be So strong true Babies They’re a long way guess I just lost you only thinking of must Never looking back All the times I’ve heard – finally you meet you Nothing Still So strong Love the skin be with you If you think that you were the sweet tea to the Sun the host ed Hardy the snow There’s a magical be loose Haha You can’t fight it I’m gonna get to your time there’s no escape Freeze we despair love Tanya ha no matter what? Rhythms Felix to your heart You can try to resist try to hide my keys. You know, you never knew Ha To turn is gonna get to go Be in the stand fearless Oh, yeah Aha but sugar Two kids Shudders You can’t It’s gonna continue Oli food, Russia Hold it in Stay would it be soon Falling Son Today Jail whoa Oh – the zoo’s something to be Take my home You We gotta go down the bow Oh see I Don’t know but I believe There’s something cement to fear And then to make it better I know I never though that RISP up to But you saw Listen We don’t your heart and soul it’s a touch This is my Inside I’m sorry that does Until you beat on your heart and If I would to say yeah Together we are the very man I know that I hate you And I give you It will shaddai el shaddai el You la are the night Age to age you’re still the same by the power The name you shall die el shaddai air Corner, although I will praise and lift you Through your love and through the realm you say the song Through the power of your hand it turned the sea into dry To the outcast honor needs who were the gods Rooney And by your my friend you said your children free Will shall die el shaddai el You’re not are the like Age to age you’re still the same By the power of the name Shaddai el shaddai Eric um, I Don’t know. I will praise enough to hi el shaddai Through the years you made it clear that the time of Christ was near though your people couldn’t see Once I ought to be though your work contain They just would not But your most awesome work was done Through the frailty you’re so El shaddai el shaddai Learn age to age. You’re still the same by the Name el shaddai el Shaddai air con I will praise you to lie You On a warm summer’s eve trained by the doorway Knit up where the gambling we were both two times So we took turns stand the darkness at the window to ward off all the tickets He began to speak. He said some alive reading people’s faces No and white the cards were by the way they feel they wrapped us and if you don’t mind me saying I can see your ID a basis for a taste of your whiskey I’ll give you some advice So I have Track down my list. Whoa been upon the savory and asking for But I kept That is piece lost. Our expression said if you’re gonna play the keyboard you got to learn the way You got to know the home No You never count your money When the deal is done To survive But to keep those impre– hands and then loser Is to die As you speak it Sleep The darkness the cat-lair he broke even The words I found me said I keep Walk away and know when to run down Sit back dad Don’t walk away No way to run. You never count your money when you sit in that table time enough God when the demons done you got Walk away Johnny God the DS You

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  1. Beautiful awesome music enjoying all of the great singers amazing artist's great legends thank you BC for posting have a good weekend god bless you all👍👍

  2. Greatest Country Singer Of 70s 80s 90s – Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, Alan Jackson, Don Williams

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