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Foreign Policy Analysis
Grayson Caldwell MPA-DP ’19

Grayson Caldwell MPA-DP ’19

I’ve worked in rural development, I’ve
worked in urban settings, and at the heart of it all is food. Food is
political, it’s gendered, it affects people’s health. Their socioeconomic status
affects their access and the quality of food that they can get. My goal is to
make the food system more just and more sustainable and it’s something that I
wanted to build at SIPA. SIPA provides so many opportunities to take what you’re
learning in the classroom to the ground level. There’s capstone projects, there’s a summer field placement, there are
Columbia World Projects. SIPA, unlike other graduate programs that I looked at,
provided really practical skills and I knew that was exactly what I wanted.
Through my work I want to continue to find new solutions that have a bigger
impact and affect more people.

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