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#GradSchool101 – Why Go to Grad School?

#GradSchool101 – Why Go to Grad School?

I think that people should pursue or consider
pursuing a degree in the social impact field because its so exciting its like its where
so much innovation is happening right now and getting into some of these highly impactful,
highly effective organizations takes a certain level of training and a masters degree can
be a great part of that. So going into a graduate program is an investment
in your career and its a way for you to really focus what you’re passionate about. Graduate school programs are very specific,
so I would never recommend a student to or a candidate to consider attending graduate
school if they don’t know what they want to get out of it. You should really look at grad school as a
place where you’re going to go to enhance and develop a particular skillset that will
help you achieve the specific type of job that you want to have post grad school. The piece of paper itself or in and of itself
is not really a guarantee for anything, its everything else you do around that graduate
school experience that you fully engage with the opportunity to network with faculty, with
fellow students, with alumni of the institution and position yourself through not only in
classes that you take but other groups that you might be involved with attending events,
internships, part time jobs you know, all those kinds of things that are really going
to be what makes the difference for having that future impact that you want to have. It really pays off to do your research to
make sure that you find the right program that not only offers the concentration area
that you are most interested in, but that will also help you develop the specific skill
set that is required in order for you to gain that specific job in that specific field that
you’ve had your eyes on post grad school. Research as soon as possible, start early
in all your preparations, talk to the admissions offices get information from their website. Visit the school, ask to sit in on a class,
ask to meet with a professor who does research in areas that you are interested in as well
and very importantly make sure to speak with a current student. Find out what their experiences
have been, has it been a supportive community? Many schools will post their course catalog
and in some cases I know at NYU Wagner we post course syllabi and course evaluations
online so that you can really understand what sort of material is being covered in different
courses. You know contacting alumni perhaps of those
schools that are doing whatever it is that you want to do.
I would encourage students to attend the Idealist grad fair because it’s a great way for them,
within one setting, to get exposed to a wide variety of graduate schools that offer programs
in the fields that they are interested in. It allows them to have a more personalized
interaction with those schools as opposed to the generic information that your just
going to find on a schools website. Trying to find the school that aligns with
your interests will really get you much further along than just going to a school maybe that
is the best name in the field or thats maybe the most prestigious, that may not be a great
fit for you. You want to try to find the school thats going to be a good fit for what you
want to do and give you the credentials that you need to advance in the field in the way
that you really want to.

4 comments on “#GradSchool101 – Why Go to Grad School?

  1. Speaker: the piece of paper doesn't guarantee anything; respond with: How about spending the huge tuition fee on acquiring real estate?

  2. Watches this as I'm completing my MiM degree this May. 😛 overall I think it's worth it since you become part of the 10% of Americans over 25 who have master’s degrees (competitive job markets). The advice on checking the syllabi and making sure the specialized program is a fit for the career journey you are embarking on is true. Don't do a program without reason; do it for something you're passionate about, but also pays fairly well for your desired location. But if you know you want to do something else such as a trade school, that's worth it too, Higher Ed isn't for everyone. 🙂

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