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Foreign Policy Analysis
Governors, Senators, Diplomats, Jurists, Vice President of the United States (1950s Interviews)

Governors, Senators, Diplomats, Jurists, Vice President of the United States (1950s Interviews)

pentagon author ballgames television journal of the implementation
of the hour structural you every monday wednesday
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what happened later on launching the world’s most armored
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a launching good evening this is david rocks may i introduce our co-editors for this edition of the launching cross
kore mister william bradford kiwi and mister henry hatfield our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable john sherman cooper senator-elect from kentucky so difficult for a very happy to welcome
you caught a scope this evening i’d like to begin by asking you because
of your experience in the u_n_ whether you think there’s any chance for
true security in now because of the moment immediately uh… i i do not think so which is always full uh… i i don’t look forward to in the
immediate troops and frankly i have never felt that the i think for action in the recent days resolution the indian resolution is for them and getting up forms genomic authors say that he thinks he
has a clear a definite solution of the problem mistaken view of that that uh… general
eisenhower or consult with them now forceps question for general eisenhower pat i would guess that he would be withdrawn to find out what his plan is i think it would be indefinitely for what steps do you think can be taken
to put their pressure on the chinese communist of one approves knowledge that think of this grand questions as part of the of the uh… larger difficulties between russia the rest of the world and with that did you start out but knowing it it’s a difficult problem of a long
problem because we have the real force there uh… i believe that we’ve got to have the strength in korea which will give the greatest influence to our well a lot of some of the snaps wouldn’t
be so i think the the viewpoint not knowing the sales but the military dispositions are there i’m not certain how much should be added but before the convention russia mercure
primarily that that they cannot win the famous adjust
the position and career that i think we’ve got to
have the string further uh… certainly favor the the proposition in general eisenhower
that his quickly as we can we build up the streets of south korea very strongly that every bit of influence that we can bring
to bear upon the other members of the united nations
should be brought to get from them military strength added economic
strength lozad and proper aller yours of course tonight thinking about
the u_s_s_ helen out in the pacific and all of this
uh… meetings going on out there uh… nasa first of all uh… why do you think all of these
cabinet members of the most out to see general eisenhower and canada board
uh… bag helicopter with mrs it’s a good operation well you know the illusion that had a
little melodramatic to you uh… one oh i don’t think so i swear correct the the first place everybody at presented in korea he’s he’s just ten days dot whatever
information that he could get their and i think it’s with his experience it that he has got new information and much clearer beautiful mister those has been in washington conferring with the state before me has there been and now they meet together and there’s a chance to bring together those but different viewpoints but we’ll be right back i think that probably the best
opportunity he’ll have until the takes the oath of office and perhaps for a long time after that as many of his advisers together and
have the chance tuned confer without interruption well is it wrong about other things
besides career there well here i don’t think one of the things that make you
intersting that beers and here is uh… you republican who’s just uh…
been elected to the senate down in kentucky and i believe that you are the only
republican that was elected to the senate and the state that did not vote for eisenhower is that correct c but that is true but the just like a few votes of voting for
azamara out of about a million votes mister stevenson shed constructive only
seven hundred votes and yet uh… no stevenson kidded state you were elected
to the senate that back what what was your majority
owner training and for us in now add let me ask you this year plan where you elected to the senate and what did you have the general
eisenhower didn’t have been that in kentucky i’d like to make it for him i probably wouldn’t be here on this
program it’s at all as a diabetic and so that they want why do you think he
has it made the change but why do you think you you ran ahead
ticketed legacy is because you are well known owner and
i have elections third race are made for the senate and six years and of course they do normally i would hope so i was on the senate two years and then do they approved of my records
there you are not always on the ground
notified all the time generalize matter came into interviewing day we’re getting money back to you the care
kentucky put for about eight or nine months i was on the ground there would be
making fight right now other than the republican
party is a strong in kentucky and these are the growing party there no signs of unquestionable always ask his and you
are eight republican from kentucky actually miss kentucky has a rather strong republican party out of
about a million registered voters we have a registered voter about two
hundred and twenty five thousand registered republicans we cashed in consistent with the republican vote
since nineteen hundred we’ve had five out of the fifteen brothers which are about the first republican has
been sent to congress live from talking twenty five years when
she won nineteen forty six the ninety minutes or so if there was a
first one who’d been elected the senate for the senate and twenty eight savvier system coming from born in a
huge insurance from a state that has a strong republican party what do you
think of the republican party’s chances making a solid the reluctant party
system itself my status set of border state and and and then
that uh… category you could class west virginia oklahoma even tennessee i think that all of those states those four states
have possibilities to become republican states are at least
two have been a position where they could republican majorities a much more often and i think there that’s a problem good morning is from outside from the in kentucky and these border states and then the parties in the states watching their leadership having good programs and uh… remembers to develop their own party i think the situation in
the south is different uh… while higher status not typically southern state politically rests on the same problem where the problem of not having local and state administrations which
give your continuity learning can be done south instream take advantage of the azamara pickford to take him to the leadership some of the democrats who for generalizing undertaken and
leadership even more in importantly came under his banners here’s a national
holiday although you’re republican you have been serving as a
delegate idea of the truman administrators are serviceability right
women and girls your experience and i’d like to ask you
some questions about the u_n_ phrase do you think the in the united nations says no mister that’s not the succession the
terms of people talk i think it’s had a successful i think it’s great successes of his it’s been a national passion with which as hell together the nation’s where members of the
satellite nations and russia and kept them pretty generally reform fence posts as against rs russian
domination and aggression or has as one of those cheap affect being black is a
sounding board for rashi in propaganda against the united states who has just given russia a forum is also given united states smaller countries whistle oil it was given and the other nations of the world there
at least the representatives of their chance to uh… scene the russians to hear them and our allies
their propaganda i think that’s been a definite valley grocer our viewers i’m sure would like
to have reviews on about the republican party is
likely to do on domestic issues on january the twentieth first of all so you believe that the
republican party will reduce taxes i think it will be take the steps which will lead to
revenge in texas i think production taxes depends of walpole would have mentioned general will show you where you think that the
uh… that the republican party will attempt to repeal any of the so-called social legislation that’s been built up by the new unfair
deals uh… detailed there may be specific laws will be repealed in general i think the general programs of social
security weijin are lol some labor legislation well i don’t know if you program it will
be maintained but they will be examined and analyzed when you come from a state that has and a personable labor vote you think that they’ll be more strikes under a republican administration then
they have been i have the you believe that there will
be fewer strings i think we’ll all have already seen some
evidence of that sense election that some try to bring some
reason i say that is i believe that one labels and capital as well but i think particularly labor because delegates generally understood evaluate i think a stroll over advocate but and the merits always when they know now that they’ve got to
do what they say they want to do bargain collectively well then you’re going to have better
chances for green blockquote contracts at times have been thank you
for being with us thank you very much the opinions you heard our speakers
expressed tonight are entirely the wrong the editorial board for this edition of
the long-term cromer school was mister william bradford puri and mister henry has lived our distinguished guests with very
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what happened later on launching the world’s most al-kidwa and whatnot distinguished companion to the world on
its own gene good evening this is david ross speaking for your regular host right not may i introduce our co-editors for this
edition of the launching promise kal mister william bradford jewelry editor
of the american mercury mister henry hathaway contributing editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening is the honorable heather farr o’connor senator from maryland saturday i’m very happy to welcome to
the crime has filled this evening as you’re a member of the senate
internal security committee i’d like to begin by asking you what
your impression is out of this uh… freeman panel report that was turned in by the united nations
uh… for the united nations to secretary general lee but this has the time i approve uh… of the conclusions reached by the
international terrorists at these three distinguished uh… uh…
attorneys at have don a comprehensive job i regret that uh… and it was necessary really too and in both their age because the
questions presented seem to want to be very clear in that that subversive those individuals of american citizens
rain uh… who are disposed to work against
the inner city united states we feel ought never to have been pro-life at the
united nations and the fact that tonight some fifteen of them are either under
suspension or have been uh… separated from the uh… uh… indicates that there was uh…
very much to be done i do think that the conclusions reached by the in a national
panel uh… are to be approved well there were several important
conclusions there the first one important thing to me that
anybody who was an active member of the communist party could be dismissed i assume that you agree with that
thoroughly full heart and then there was another rags and other recommendation
that anybody who had it would make it that he had been separated in the past could be suspended until his record was
looked into the light assume you agree with that but if that
is correct and third not fought quite an important one in view of the public
uh… confusion on the point is that that anybody who refused to testifies on the ground but it might incriminate
him could be dismissed and should be
dismissed on the ground that he had as created suspicion of guilt by
diffusion to answer how do you agree with that final point ideal is better
than i would like to just aditi another were to work in respect to that our principal difficulty uh… in the hearings up until this very
day act has been that uh… many of our people of our
citizens labor under a misapprehension they feel that having secured a position with a
international organization uh… are beyond the reach uh… out that the regularly constituted
get agency of the federal government enquiring into their actions as united nations numbers optic in relation to the particular work but uh… prior to their association with the organization for outside of the scope of that work and we’ll of course have been deftly of
the police that uh… the senate committee has a right to inquire into their uh… affiliation with the communist party for example
before their engagement subversive activities and wait they declined to answer on the ground that to cancer would tend to incriminate them we feel
that that puts them under suspicion to such an extent that they are not suitable persons her to be in the
secretary at of united nations researcher clarify disturb it many american yours and here feel that your committee is deliberately
harassing united nations and number one the committee is is the
mccarran committee uh… here’s the link our committee irregularly constituted subcommittee i’ll be senator he’ll hold hearings in
new york and and who are your colleagues on the committee cert well senator mccarran of nevada senator ferguson of michigan senator watkins senator
jenner senator will smith the former president of the american bar associations and refused to
mississippi and myself now bob have you found evidence that they are
communist employed american communist employed by the united nations
definitely you can eat your position that you you
have a right to too investigate these people and to expose them now we
are right dead but it did now are you a a supporter of the united
nations and yes and i’d like to have digest and
reply on that have been i’m not one who believes that just because these
uh… uh… the little problems have arisen uh… possibly not-so-little but deftly
problems is the reason for the uh… abolition of
the united nations has such i do not think that you don’t think it’ll be
necessary burn down a bone to get rid of the wreck i do not think so i feel that
the uh… objectives of the u_n_ now are so important in this critical
period that we should give support to the u_n_ and we believe that ultimately al action will restore the confidence of the
american people which i am regret to say and we felt was being shaken win
revelations were brought out effective communist people who had been discharged from department in washington for either
doubtful loyalty are found in a in the secretary and for the united nations do you think there are no win situation
created here senator now my understanding of this committee report
this panel report was that uh… leader secretary general
could fire any member of a non communist nation guilty of being a communist but that he said he couldn’t fire a
communist of course in the communist nation now doesn’t that create a very
and i was position within the united nations inka sanden offered is too good
to treat really eat i feel that the uh… responsibility is
not the indians or the foster family has not given me because i think he has made and she had me when i first to uh… uh… discharged his
responsibilities and at the same time to retain the status of the u_n_ as it was
originally conceded is of course and international organization if secretary at is not supposed to be
under dictation from any member uh… the nation and consequently uh… he has had to chart a course which would be pad between that uh… that at getting
at recognition to the rights of the united states for example as against the the communist country
gotten the very fact that we have communist nations that members of the
organization make the organization either ineffective or effective as a sounding board for
communist exactly so and it is to be expected that uh… with the international
organization including communist is nations that of uh… necessity their representatives in the secretary at will be sympathizers
at with their uh… particularly over what you think russia should keep a veto
power over the president has layout uh… aren’t i think of course
that there are rome uh… reasons on both sides i do not think of
course that uh… should be carried to the extent
that it has because i uh… in a way at it demonstrates the
yet uh… fact that uh… russia is not sincere their in their rad uh… in
their room uh… efforts to work achieve the objectives of the u_n_ about senator is this a fair statement sir that our uh… keeping the united nations in new
york allowing it to me here that is a a calculated risk on the part
of a nation isn’t he has any calls for this this one extra consideration i
think as the host nation the united states at is uh… within its
rights in demanding that uh… extra
precautions be taken to bogart ecc the internal security of
the united states moving on to the united nations arab leader committee act family rather interesting piece of
content and inside the armed services did it not
that was in the third in the lieutenant thurman case a very disgraceful one and uh… and you found that uh… an
officer in the army and was actually in charge of prisoners
oncology allen but actually he has been commissioned he still in the army although with he’s under observation by
the uh… at the military authorities he had been commissioned at had gone to coach ian had actually
been in joint you fourteen i think you’re going to forty thousand thirty
thousand prisoners of war and it’s now that your committee is
going to take into that situation do you think that it’s being corrected well i certainly don’t think it uh…
ought to be in mind i yet have been a conference in the uh… bear in the
secretary of the defense of the entire military stepped in to believe that they
are going to be after the bombing ngo brought the circumstances rather
remarkable under which he was taken in yet he refused to answer some
questionable portents yes in the application for commission uh… in answer the questions as to
whether he bizarre has been a member of subversive
organization and he declined to answer uh… backed on constitutional grounds well it was nonetheless accepted his
numbers accepted so that they were cancer years and i
wouldn’t want to deliver that recalling the fact that you are uh… part of the people over
investigation now after and looking back in retrospect
only keep forever activities do you think that that uh… was useful for the
country i think are useful yesterday you heard you’re one of those i think that made
the mister dole i_r_s_ enjoy the clemens
down in mexico are belittling at least it uh… he has soldier and therefore the
period since that time wept what do you think about the
situation as far as crime in our cities now do you think they did it’s still one that uh… that through calls for investigation well i think undoubtedly so i i do not
think uh… at the u_n_ work of anyone committee in
a limited time would clear up the uh… very uh… unfortunate
situation has existed in america in the large metropolitan areas particularly and and since you are not to be a member
of the new congress ur is it your opinion that the new congress
should continue such an investigation i think there are rare uh… are many
things to be sent in favor of some periodic jet whether it would be funny committee set
up ah… as tiki barber uh… committee was uh… or whether it
would be one that would give just a tribunal of condition in the country as
well well thank you very much for being with
us this evening the opinion through part of our speakers
expressed about our entirely their own the editorial board for this edition of
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world on a daunting good evening this is frank nine mail
introduce our color that there is for this edition of the launching props mr bernard shaw offer editor and
commentator mister william bradford killing editor of the american mercury our distinguished guests for this
evening is the owner of a bummer ferguson united state senator from michigan in this spontaneous and unrehearsed
discussion the opinions expressed are necessarily
those of the speaker partition audience for similar curative
one-man crime buster in detroit and as a distinguished member of the
senate specifically circus what are your
committee assignments at the moment i’m a member of the judiciary committee also of the policy committee the appropriations and uh… if you get your committee the
subcommittee course is concerned with security at the
moment is business subcommittee of that internal security navigation that committee is concerned with date presidents uh… current efforts to enforce victor censorship on the
american press i believe it is concerned with apple and want to be in your position sir i
have your oppose the president’s efforts to make censorship specter on the press yes i have opposed that the reason the
bottom old the rosa i believe that in the republic such as
well that we must have freedom of the press freedom of thought one of our fundamental we must have i was free the danger is that use of the weapon of censorship haha cardio apology karen that sound apology kerrigan at the end of the
national defense how frequent debate with publication of news and national
defense of course i’m a firm believer i’ve stated on the senate floor though i
believe you me and there are certain things in the
national defense that day should determine whether or not it’s for are secure you can’t wear on your cards all of the of the nation military status in fear reconstruction finance committee sir uh… pitted decided what information properly the province in the united
states we probably would not have had some of the recent revelations woodley
you wouldn’t have had and as i say three-week government most of the censorship to attempt things from the public take the order
after the presentation let’s give good faith to his issuing upon the question of
security but he was delegating to each one off his mate in the various departments and agencies
the right to determine on their own was to be security neil p_s_ prop one a
m anything that might be embarrassing to wouldn’t you say you have that he might having more reasonable approach to life and that the people would accept it with
greater recent if if he had issued such an order uh… together with the press with the
selected group of the press to discuss it then too to express that judgment on these
various kinds of orders including military steps hoover’s widow but he should have taken the precedent discussed the whole matter and first if there were sufficient
causes had a voluntary censorship and then couldn’t on rely on a voluntary when then he should have used the next anthony real censorship on security senator i believe that your endemic karen subcommittees which he
remembered has also been considering the matter of
the institute of public relations and particularly uh… controversial
figure mister jackson now are what are your views and jessup case multi i would say that’s and i’m not going to
draw a new job tonight because we have not finished the hearings are going on around my work on the bench is almost talked me
below full judgment on my website is in the record i’ll say that that so far the record disposes that there was a penetration in the institute office of the privilege all bones who at least we’re giving aid and comfort to the
communist bloc you have heard senators standard-bearer former governor staffs and i believe the
four years since he was the even out of date mhm appeared before the publicity i’d
like to ask one question that when she was saying that sense uh… mister jessica himself said
he was a member of the market for his committee and other dari let’s say you right wing
organizations that is somewhat incompatible form to be charged with
both that and communist affiliation but when she say that regardless of what he’s charged
with these got pretty near a hundred percent back in a bad judgment well i don’t want to say it’s a hundred
percent that that’s blowing a little far already many jet we all make mistakes i think there is some evidence in the
right some of these judgments were very poor no i don’t think there’s any doubt about
that our audience of course no if you as the
coming in the late senator vandenberg and his uh… memoirs i understand their
about the published do you think that they elected to share
in the light on this particular controversy they’ll shed some a lot on february the fed they’ll shed the light that there was a meeting in the white
house and the question as nineteen fourteen
nineteen forty knots of furnishing military aid with the stopping of the to the national scholar in china the uh… committee in the next few days will
receive copy of the p of the senators battery that he wrote
with these on paper and you think that vandenberg revelation will be damaging
to the cause of mister jessup and most important dispassionate
controversy well i think it supports the contention
of mister staff that the state department distractions was perfectly willing to have the aid
stopped as of that and that senator robert byrd was only consulted on that china policy as i understand that on that particular occasion contestants out of my second many i
think about twenty to twenty-five it was that a pretty well balanced
committee well great uh… a committee that way that’s another committee on in october on nineteen hundred and forty nine that’s the committee that mister sasser was talking about
that’s the one that he contends that the record not show and they have finally produced a record showing that they sympathy was on the
side of the recognition albrecht kept was on a wild palms committee will
decide you know i i think not the reason we’re investigating that decanter committed was that they are so many members are
but were members of the institute of pacific relation which we are investigating as to whether
or not there was penetration the communist or the communist one the sound that point out that your do
you have we’ve appointment that missed ingested
to the ambassador oppose to these recommended for i would say that the present time from what i can learn from the committee
here that i should be compelled to vote
against the confirmation of mister depth for this particular pope allen i tried to reserve judgment as
long as possible on these matters and uh… i want to hear all the evidence but that’s the way i would spend the
night nor the focus of that power audience also knows that you have to do
with taxes and and money sir sent you an important
member the appropriations committee now this morning we notice that we have
eleven percent tax increase would you favor that tax increases mister newly added voted against that
night i came to the conclusions of my
conscience really that i could not vote for it because i felt that we were
placing the burden on the american people that could be avoided by that all the expenses invalid and i sincerely believe but that was true having any idea at all quarter-mile tool in comparison with all
the other things that you probably in favor of which is nice huge national
defense point paul marshall plan and all the others israeli is avaliable moffett his considerable or is just a matter of
principle of them i believe that we could have p sixty feet billions of dollars i’d hesitate
mentioning billions of dollars because it’s such an
enormous up that is very difficult to understand i
like to explain the video as being one on the entire production of metropolitan detroit of all the
industry’s for a year because they produce about ten billion dollars worth so you can see how much goods at the
earliest with the amount of automobiles and
everything else that’s produced in upgrades metropolitan area senator i’m sure that our audience
wouldn’t want to do leaves before you gave us a prediction
is that when you think taxes will go even higher in america well i don’t see how they can go much
higher than my reason for saying that just about three weeks ago i met with
members of the house members of the senate and we were discussing respect and they came to the conclusion we are about at the bottom of the barrel
some of you think we are through the bottom and there are no other greater sources to actually yet returns without diminishing returns
ideas that you tax people so much business goes down and there’s a failure to get taxes
rather than to get more icy tells of some of you would you
believe as a member the appropriations committee that we have reached the point
of diminishing returns thank you very much for being with us tonight the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise co laws mister barone auto show off and mister william bradford hewitt our distinguished guests wellesley
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and on gene remain with us right now now introduce our code of those for this
edition of the loan gene cosco misdirected baker managing director of
time-life international and mister henry have editor of the freemen and contributing
editor of newsweek magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening is the honorable give or take a break united states senate uh… prominent out the opinions discussed dot necessarily rows of the speakers well senator humphrey i see that the new
york times this morning credit you with a very important victory in helping to
get that’s the presidents reorganization
plan of the internal revenue bureau the times wrote the victory was left personal one for the president but it was for three freshman senators
who led the fight hubert humphrey of minnesota mike and
ronnie of oklahoma and there will be at michigan so put you begin by telling us what the
reorganization plan does that answer from the key to the reorganization plan
or the crux of the is that if we move easily political patronage system from the uh… office of the collector of
internal revenue in other words replaces the appointment
of all the collectors of internal revenue and the many revenue districts
strictly under the civil service system the competitive america examination i think this is highly desirable if we have had uh… plenty of a demonstration of the inadequacy uh… be politically appointed
collectors of internal revenue invoices and opinion upon competence and
technical backward for the best out of my memory is correct
of the sixty-four present collectors and seven needed and forced to resign or discharge now doesn’t that mean that the uh…
president’s plan is in effect a plan to present himself from uh… making their appointments
rose matter-of-fact that president truman made no likeness
military or our credibility that he let that go to another for any president
because may i say that back in the good old days uh… the days when andrew
mellon was secretary of the treasury we had an even worse situation than we had
no i don’t mean to inject partisanship into it but it’s not really
true that we do not holdovers from the knowing that they’re not always but the
political patronage system just has not produced the kind of caliber and talent
that we should have been in office is as important as the crack of internal
revenue is office plus the fact that they collectors office is a busy office you have over seventeen million tax
returns for example about fifty million taxpayers and when you consider the
tremendous number of taxes that attractive internal revenue must be
responsible for i think he ought to be recruited and hired on the basis of technical
skill background experience and all that comes with a competitive merit system
examination while senator very very the passage of the bill was very time
with the idea of march paper tax payment or close upon us hi understand that you are in favor of
uneven tighter is that correct i’m in favor of what i
call late tighter or eight more on herbal tax
structure that is absolutely true by for personally believe that the entire tax
structure of our country needs a basic overhauling it has grown pretty much
like topsy every time we’ve needed a little more
revenue we fished around to find some new way t o batting impacted the pack
structure in the meantime some people been fishing around to see how they can get
out of paying taxes senator what specific recommendations would you like well my recommendations are have been
turned on not by myself alone but by many others
over the the years uh… loophole uh… plugging provisions uh… by that i mean uh… taking up the
tax structure in reference to it uh… certain specific uh… tax allowances
org says special treatment taxes that we have in the tax system such as
the capital gains tax structure family partnership sir leave failure to have withholding upon
corporate bond interest and dividends that media student one provision of mediaone depletion allowances for gas
and oil wells or other such cervical tax matters as corporate spinoff saturday’s
both attacked the first one you mentioned is there anything that
actually had to do about that electorate recommendation on that well first of all i wanna make my
position quite clear i think that the capital gains tax schedule which is to be differentiated from the
earned income schedule and the corporate income schedule is illegitimate packed schedule i mean
it has a legitimate purpose media purpose for it when it was enacted was to
promote investment capital improvement and investment uh… the original capital gains was for
twenty five percent tax maximum of twenty five percent but you had to hold your property or
your bondar your stop for a period of two years to give a sense of legitimacy to the
investment now that period of holding period has
been reduced from two years to one year to six months and in the last two sessions of the
congress to try to cut it down to three months when speculation has been rampant
particularly at the by the way every time you have a
defense or a war situation they always want to cut down the holding period on capital gains of senator isn’t it
true that on the other side you cannot deduct capital losses against income you
can be done except except against about three thousand dollars so capital losses are not deductible
uh… therefore you can’t jump at capital gains has fallen contribute
mister has and i’m sure that you and i’ll have got a disagreement about that
because when you talk about capital gains and capital losses you can deduct capital losses from your
capital gain capital gains an audio incoming house yet quickly but i think i’m sad your capital
gains tax to your income tax but you cannot deduct a capital losses from your
income that you have a rectified when i when i think that it had right
window killings know what you wrote an article in the government loses entails
you won’t tolerate that government wins that the failed we do the taxpayer and the people who
get begumpet against her income at the simple fact senate mister has worked there are no everywhere so it was a poll
in your life economist and you know that there are three basic tax structures in
this country the kind i pay which is earned income tax the kind of corporation pays which is
corporate tax and the kind of a speculator phase which
is capital gains tax and the night of speculating on the
market pays a lower tax rate than a worker that’s earning seventy five
hundred dollars on their short-term gain unless you already know and i think
maybe pay the same as my music is once again the people that is not considered
a short term they speculated aggravate your smuggler exit around sixty eight
years to require computers for capital gains when i’m
sorry mister has learned is that if you lose in the capital gains market you can meet you can deduct your losses
from your capital gains and you only pay twenty that price per cent of the present law up on your ernie but you know i i i
don’t know why defined rules as a wager if i lose as a wage earner one-year i
cannot go back in deducted from my taxes i paid the other here but you don’t have it as it may senator
humphrey that that’s an area in which in which i
believe uh… both or all three sides of the of the of
the argument are graded whatever change might be made would be comparatively
moderate there’s another area uh… you mentioned earlier that earlier
the phrase depletion allowance when we hear a great deal about what you you
care to explain and and in general terms what the principle of the depletion
allowance is yes i did a little historical background on the depletion
allowance it was enacted in the congress i believe in the year nineteen twenty
five or twenty six and right around that period and the purpose of the depletion
allowance for gas and oil and some mining interests like so preferred to
have an extended for a bit of an extended to about forty five commodities and by the
way that’s that’s another one of the tricks we even got another place their
shelves nalla depletion allowance has been expanded by moms are everybody
congress by the congress over the objections of the executive every time a
special interest groups and unravel boys want to get enough last time will make a
decision wicked they have a good way to allow when israel replace admiral i
think a depletion allowance that’s fair and equitable in terms of the scientific
type of the technology of the day’s legitimate now the purpose of the
depletion allowance of first was to promote exploration of oil and gas uh… fields so we have a depletion allowance of
twenty seven and a half percent but since that time and i say the scientific knowledge of broker i
guess field is and where loyalty of his is much better than it was in nineteen
twenty five but it’s not that it had also told
senators affect an advocate that they actually know how much uh… oil is
under the ground not not in every adult and they don’t know how much they
dictating activity has perhaps looked and then a business gets what he calls
me because she shouldn’t allow sick you at one hundred thousand dollar thailand
and indonesia if it’s not a depletion allowance is a twenty seven and a half
percent up on your bro’s revenue well everybody to get in three years and
that would be right you are likely to be made even longer plus the fact plus the
fact that amendment drills oil wells and finds a devil when he finally hits one he can take all
of the deductions for all of the losses that he had before serotonin five separate gratuities or
benefits given by the government for mining and gas and oil glorified but you don’t have a nineteen
twenty five and i say that it’s absolutely wrong in the year nineteen
fifty two do have a depletion allowance of twenty seven and a half percent on
both income when you have twenty-five special benefits debate but you didn’t
have the time of the law was enacted plus a tremendous change in a great many
respects between nineteen twenty five in nineteen fifty two however insofar as as
the supply of oil and other critical raw materials are concerned that’s correct the suppliers even the norm supply today
is much greater than it was in nineteen oh nine when he saw it in and they have
a better bond markets are vast oil wells are guilty of securities and a profit percentage of gas and oil
development is about any other commodity in the american market well senator at the last question is a
final question do you think that there is a prospect in the near future other
reduction of taxes generally or do you think the prospect is for higher taxes
well i think it greatly depends upon the international situation and i think the american people must
know at the high schedule attacks today is
primarily the result of the great international crisis it is my feeling
that as we level off and people often are rearmament program that we can get
these taxes down and i think they should come down earned income tax in the corporate pacs
are terribly hot they’re very high and it’s for that reason i say that we
should point out the special treatment areas and thereby be able to at least level off the earned income tax
rate and the corporate tax rate so that you don’t knock out and send even
business and that you do not place an undue burden up on date of the individual it is
having a pretty tough time making it go when they simply did period well senator thank you very much for
your answer they’ve been very illuminating the appreciate very much
for being with us tonight the editorial board for this edition of
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and on gene good evening this is frank night may i introduce our collateral for this
edition of the launching promise co mister william bradford puree editor of
the american mercury and mister robert vito brannan editor of business week
magazine our distinguished guests for this
evening is the art of our being and i united states and other from new york senator i have to pleasure to have your
again on the grounds group tonight sir and earlier this week we have had uh… mr franklin roosevelt junior and mister
abraham on who have summed up the issues for our viewers and tonight sir because we’re not on will not be on the air monday night
because of the large wound up programs tonight is our last program before the
election and would like for you to sum up for the
republicans justice mister roosevelt and mister harmon has done for the democrats now sir uh… great deal of emphasis has
been put on the korean issue in these last few days of the campaign an hour democratic spokesman have accused general eisenhower of being
a little unfair and injecting the issue that he would go to korea now number one certain do you think that
if he has been an unfair tactical on the part of general eisenhower material uh… certainly do not then at the same time i’ll tell you how
much i appreciate being on this program i think the general eisenhower in undertaking a strip of that kind of
doing exactly what he should do he is a military man one of the greatest generally that more
time this country do you think its primary military
problems i don’t know i have political also but i think both military and political
and i think the general probably could get more out of the cold war there than almost anybody else in this country
would not be acquainted with the first ten g_o_p_ primary information gathering
for that i would assume that’s what he intends to find out what is being done although there are all the
equipment is all the supplies are highly mentality morale is it firsthand because
of course he said this tremendous experience is two people is that leading understand he is your sense that
uh… that that general eisenhower would have
a better chance of settling the korean conflict then governor stevenson i certainly do and uh… one of the things that general at her
rejected was the fact that he would step up the
training of self korea’s with the hope that he could relieve our own troops of bearing that brought evade the
front-line battle and for that uh… he was accused of
some dishonesty now sir do you think that general eisenhower has a valid point
they are a lot of a gentleman please letter that was written indicating that he had done that she
demo completed done all of you can do or could do within this capacity within
this uh… they live the than the the lives of the supplies and equipment
all concerned there would permit indicated that more can be done on the
fact that gentleman fleet no said there are stated as i understand that
more can be done at the end more quickly be able to do more more supplies you’d
be able to do more initials that uh… general eisenhower
was absolutely justified issued a statement what would you think would be
a reason necessary supplies and such would be
withheld i would only be against training workers i don’t answer that question i don’t
know if there’s a real estate any official statement made on the subject
of the store sisters confidences offers such a statement that can see what it would be a catalyst
and why we shouldn’t the what utterly tired sick and tired of this
whole korean tragedy and i think this sunday we kept the
south koreans and the condition where they can hold the front lines as fires
are able to hold on the better offer all of us the u_n_ and ourselves concluded and quietly south koreans haven’t been placed in a condition where they can
occupy the front lines i don’t know i haven’t seen any excuse of any kind
offer to that well sir uh… do you think that generalizing powers uh… suggestion that we use more
agents to fight agents is a is a sounds that is the fundamental out
there on which uh… we were supposed to operate in the orient from the beginning we’ve always understood in this country that uh… if we’re going to fight any part of asia mainland asia we should not do it with the troops of the western powers the very fact that our western troops
are doing the fighting automatically gives the give to our
action the wrong impression where the lows against two were fighting
or at least those who may be able to remote area are concerned that the
fathers of western invasion differently or asian powers can deal with his
attorneys well i think what near if there is any asian power they
can deal with attorneys well yes i think if you know i think
you’re suffering is properly trained to deal with them insofar as possible
insofar as the numbers of from that their twenty million people of south
korea i don’t know why they can’t provide not
talked to hold on for awhile moved as a matter of fact we’ve got to bring the
south korean thing to a termination one of these days and i i i must say that these people
that say that this is only a peninsula it’s not a part of the mainland of aidid
says that we’re not in the mainland war has just we are out peter forrest is a
potential a_t_f_ well route a hit far greater snot island then we’ve always have been led to
believe and i know of no reason why it isn’t true that if we ever get on the mainland war
in asia we’re going to be a bit white and that can very easily happen in korea
or casualties now running as you know over the power of the week slots are now moving on the west jenna
regarded as the second big issue and sort of summing up what’s been said
about communists any government star do you think that general eisenhower’s been on sound
ground their or that they’ve been anything on fair in his uh… approach
to that issue nothing out there that i know of
whatever the whole record as indicated that there is a general position is
absolutely sound absolute indicated terms of your particular interest
senator terribly happy pc question is whether
the is a major issue mister well i think i
think you determine that the pcl use a broader
term i think it’s a question of civil rights i think that’s really
fundamentally vital questions today i believe there a way that we’ve got to
begin practice what we preach in this country at every meeting what we say in what we
profess to believe it’s night time we began to carry are configured character since the mix of new york state
legislation on that subject fireworks where they are under welfare of the took
all that’s been a while the do you feel that your own views and i’m eddie mair in accord with the
views of the platform for the republican national platform
there about the national platform which was created that you’re talking about
not quite as they have access to that plank is created in such broad
terms that we can put it for a fifty pcs you desire to call it that
with enforcement provisions at any time that we can possibly get a chance to go ahead with
it there’s nothing in our platform it prohibits anything of a kind in fact is
left wide open actually were intercepted said don’t
mind because it is as important actually and during the course of that convention
during the course of the committee action on the matter in the convention the a proposition to limit epi pc activities to the level
of the states and not to permit it on the federal level what they see it in committee level thirty nine thirty demonstrating definitely that the
position taken by the profile but the platform committee resolutions committee was definitely opposed to eliminate that the p_c_ operations to the state
level and thereby leaving the door wide open
for the federal court that there was uh… those of our
viewers concerned with civil liberties civil
rights and who want during the next four years fish the uh… more and more dot in that
direction do you think that they can safely go
with the republicans in nineteen fifty two the lap of a c l_ e_ inevitable will get
anything done to the democrats i mean the very adept back of that is
utterly ridiculous because the history of civil rights these during the last twenty years sure that the republicans from the standpoint of the filibuster the attempt to get culture from the standpoint of activity and the
national legislation itself them from the standpoint of the record
all the way through the republicans have done for more information all rights legislator standpoint none of the democrats and i think they
really want below the details of that because it’s rather warm exhausted but
they’re actually is the republicans have done just about twenty times as much in the senate if the republicans control congress next
year would you expect to hear some civil rights legislation would pass no effect less civil rights legislation
but we can talk to the filibuster that their first hurdle we have to make a
massive that’s for the drive to be made directly on getting a culture provisions will apply
it to his call changed is such a way that weekend photo another stop for the filibuster by
majority vote of the members of the summer when that’s done that we can go ahead
the civil rights legislation and that’s going to be a big hurdle to get over it
we’ve got to get over we got use every ounce of energy we have to meditate
moving to the other big issue sir a labor legislation many of our viewers of course are
interested in labor legislation uh… believe that uh… mister stevenson has promised to repeal
the taft hartley act outright now what can you say on that such a stir
in something we’re talking about what the status of the position i guess and
start with that because i recall mister stephens of position prior to a
nomination was not in favor of the leaders of both repeal the fat hartley
act in favor two men many got the nomination or immediately
thereafter almost changes position came up a repeal the act well now let me just point out what
repeal of moscow’s compared to men you know i think that one gains by
repeal is a change in the name of the act what is needed are very broad members that uh…
hartley act to bring him in the line with current conditions and also take
out of it removed from it particular sections which are not fair and which are not workable in large
measure that should have been done back in
nineteen forty eight or if we’re trying to get some labor
relations legislation through the taft hartley act in the first instance
expected in nineteen forty eight new finish the job i correcting the defects
in the act unfortunately the president nine states thought he had a wonderful political
argument there are one of a political issue and he did all he could to block it and
do is control over the members of the congress leaders anyway in his party in
the congress he was able to prevent any effective legislation being passed
by congress during the period of time from nineteen forty eight the present
that’s what happened i see as a final brief questions are
sent you yourself are a running for reelection in new york how do you think you your approval in
your race and i’m for general eisenhower onto well i’m not going to predict
regarding myself but what the wind service of the worst thing i can if i’m
elected to carry on the work i’ve been going down the congressman works the best of liability and i so
appreciate winning effect get their forest fire states concern the state’s
one republican for eisenhower well thank you very much
for being with us the opinions that well speakers
expressed tonight on cod liver oil the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promised both laws mister william bradford healy and mister robert
b copa our distinguished guests will be on a
boat are being analyzed united states senate are from new york next use the millions of americans will
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and on gene good evening business frank night now introduce our colored letters for
this edition of the mounting problems co mister william bradford hewitt editor of
the american lecture and mr donald dot raja as an editor of
the new york herald tribune our distinguished guest for this evening
is the honorable john jay stockman united states and other problem out
about the opinions expressed are necessarily those of the kids senator sparkling along in many
activities in the senate you’re chairman of the committee and small business which is of mounting problem tonight we’d like to have you tell us
some of the things you or your career doing to help the small businessman for server would you be kind enough to
tell us what you consider to be the major problem from small businessmen of
america i believe that right now the major
problem confronting the small businesses none of them are good
news getting a sufficient uh… materials with which to continue operating his
business is there anything you wear committee can go to jail materials to
live we can’t travel in the period but we can
certainly keep back to the various agencies that they do that you know what to make certain that small
business gets its uh… fachet absent in internal when you
talk about small businesses remain a small manufacturing denied ordinarily that would be true although
not necessarily true because uh… service organizations that would be
small business just same however they’re not confronted with this problem
of materials materials that’s really uh… there’s a problem confronting
manufacture and and how do you define a small business what do you think that
was a small businesses the uh… defense department uh…
sat-sun arbitrary definition of small business as any business uh… which wickets associates employees not more than five hundred
persons now can you make a big general statement about miss in this business now the small
businesses father a generally are suffering uh… at present yes a great many small businesses are
suffering because since it outbreak of uh… war in korea there has been a scarcity of steel aluminum copper all of those have been the principle of
anything anyone section of the country hurt worse than other sections i don’t know that we could save one
section was hurt worse than another but uh… it’s too spotty some cities are in very quietly but yes
i wanted i reside here are some some so you can find a surplus labour areas that
are yes uh… all of those however are not due to a small business problems for
instance i see all of you cut back in detroit yes but don’t know about providence
rhode island for instance yes uh… that is one area that i had in mind another
goal there is primarily the uh… along with the colors over swallowing colors and things of
that time yes that’s true now what would you do it all the jeweler in providence we believe that the defense department
ought to find uh… some use for their men making up precision instruments so turning instruments fuses and things of
that car could you give me an example of where your committee as help they certain small business yes i i i i’ll go back to lou can i give
you many but uh… since you’ve got to something
and i’ll tell you one day you know or in every he already love
every shooting there are certain number of blue
attacked i don’t know what you know that and not
but it’s true on the head of every one of those taxes
and little tiny washer all you get put your appealable issues
unless you’ve got those washes all of those watchers are made by just
uh… two or three thousand homosexuals appear new england four years old but i got to the point
where they couldn’t get any go to steal which make a little watchers and because they couldn’t make the
watchers the shoe industry was confronted with a very serious situation we got busy and got uh… steel for
their own to make that watchers here took racketeer dozens of examples that
you took that still from some military operation they do not know recently sold
it to steal was gentlemen that not all that was plain stealing just simply
uh… so mistaken been made and they didn’t
get their fair share senator on our show the other night uh… missed out the framing of the
manpower commissions here and he told us that food in the plans were being made now on
the assumption that this uh… defense emergency will
continue over a period of ten to fifteen years now in uh… and you’re thinking of your
committee in the senate are you making the same assumption that
we have something like a ten to fifteen year plan before us i don’t think we can safely make any
other assumption uh… let me say this bill which uh…
at the present time we’re building up that doesn’t mean that we’re going to
continue to build up for over a period of ten to fifteen years i believe the present program calls for
getting to load up into our maximum production by on july first nineteen
fifty then we’ll be able to level all and i think that is what he must have
had in mind that you were pure to connect with fifteen years level off at
peak production unit capacity yes not necessarily that will
be producing the tapes and don’t forget me to look to the point that we can
produce them tell me that senator do you find that
they government the per se they administration is uh…
sympathetic through small business or is it dealing
mostly with the larger businesses well i don’t think that to mister
certainly yellow color does go together uh… yes i think uh… i mean i love
the question i mean and opened and the president of the government that
cognizant of the problem that uh… small business day yes sometimes i think that some of the
agencies are not as came the alert to them as they ought to
be arcadia what uh… michael has been it’s a good this that it’s so kisi and say to do business with big business yeah all first of all they have their
representatives there they help work out everything they have find records they
know that they’re capable of doing it that the other than the president’s also
for that it’s easier to do business with them what we believe they ought to exert a
little extra effort in order to keep this uh… hiding the central part of our national
economy bodily remember this that uh… ninety percent of the
businesses work for small businesses senator that that very intersting with our audience also knows you is a
very influential seven senator and i’m sure they’d like to have your
dues where do you stand in the political
firmament uh… you are a uh… a southern new
dealer you think of yourself as being a new
deal senator who i don’t think of myself as being the new deal senator or i’ve always felt that uh… i would
rather independent and i think most of the southerners all now where do you stand in the fight now
the presidential photo u the for senator russell for the
presidential nomination the alabama delegation supported senator
russell in the nineteen forty eight uh… convention in philadelphia uh… that we think very highly of
senator russell i don’t know what and that i would
rather support and heat and uh… and beauty the traditional seven position on uh… on uh… civil rights legislation also
called civil rights legislation i do suppose general eisenhower becomes a
republican nominee uh… if you have any predictions on the
outcome of the vote in the south i would say this is hard for me too invasion fissile voting for anybody under two
republican emblem yeah you know there’s a tradition down now here’s larry now by
what we have the you know crowing roosters are simple and people when they
go to the polls in november don’t mail build them but when they do
go or they like them make their crawls under that rooster will be pretty hard to get them to make
the crawls under an elephant regardless of who was a lot of electric but let me
say this derived the power is very very popular in the south more popular than any other republican
candidate you i think that’s true i think that’s true uh… here also a powerful member of the
banking and currency committee senator and our audiences are a great deal about
the reconstruction finance corporation now uh… do you think that uh… all of the correction has been cleared
up there obligated hairs all i think senator fulbright in his
uh… subcommittee did an excellent job in logging in to the r_n_c_ ad nauseam
set time there’s been a reorganization object along the line of senator
fulbright himself suggested we have a single administrator who just uh…
uh… descendant of just confirming new and i believe you’re going to do a good
job than on the side because taxes which a great many people are thinking of
about this time where do you stand uh… you drive believe economy man did
this year do you want to cut the budget yes i do would you cut foreign aid well i think tornado let me put it this
way i pulled the foreign relations committee had bill will come before us i don’t know that we will examine it
most and the last year we cut it down a
little more than a billion dollars are you know it should not be surprised
to see it got some days here also whether your prediction for the cut on
the overall budget i don’t know i’m also on the joint
economic committee and analyze through three weeks we’ve been wrestling
with that very uh… problem oskaloosa it’s alright for me to say
that our report will probably come out tomorrow morning and we’re going to
recommend that every effort be made to bring the budget into balance and to do that that would be a lot uh…
well was that hard to tell but it probably would be in tokyo and cutting
the budget up something like seven or eight billion dollars maybe even as much
as ten billion how much would you cut from foreign aid under this and and let
me put it this way i wanted me to pay so that i don’t prejudge it if i had to
make a rough guess i would guess that uh… the billion dollars at least would
be cut out of the foreign aid then are you uh… in how you wouldn’t believe unbalanced
budget yourself yet very strongly i think that uh… non-violence declining without the inflationary pressures that
are generated as a result of it could give us the tremendous a lot of
trouble and what do you think about taxes that are you in favor of cutting
taxes as soon as possible all yes but uh… i don’t know that scope would love to be
a good time for a couple of years and have now so i thought you were asked me if i vote
in favor of raising taxes that’s what uh… both the talk is about no i’m not
in favor of uh… increasing taxes you’re not in favor of increasing them you think that they’ll remain about
where they are for at least another two years yeah especially noticeable in the
world under two-year answer that alin suit
very much appreciate your views tonight thank you for being with us the editorial board for this edition of
the launching promise toh laws mister william bradford killing and mr
donald i rogers our distinguished guests was the
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its own g good evening this is frank night mary interviews are co-editors for this
edition of the loan gene collinsville mister william bradford healing editor of the american mercury and mr
dot on dot rogers an editor of the new york herald tribune our distinguished guests for this
evening if they are one of those of oligopoly united states senate are from wisconsin the opinions expressed star necessarily those of the speaker senator mccarthy are probably the most
controversial figure on the american political scene mccarthy and mccarthyism oh well i’m sure our audience is very much
interested in your political career so suppose we start right out so it’s all
us about the campaign in wisconsin you’re running for reelection i believe
projections and estimates about mister rogers except i heard the new moon
announced today it will be tough close contest i think in the prime in the primary gathering public an
opponent and empty three or four republican opponents might
hurt now and hope to encrypt missed we heard the new mam island schmidt
announced today this is an hour for governors of that he ran for governor two years ago and
uh… through the signs moguls if mister human-edited ineffective campaign heats here’s an effective campaign and he
regard mr smith is running as your uh… perhaps most
uh… dangerous opponent i wouldn’t want to solve dealing and
running man saying they were not dangerous tracy and
and uh… you say that uh… the pan am flight would be serious what kind of panera do you have been an
open primary to both democrats republicans vote in the republican plan
m unusual situations comes in june leading multinational the republican
primary search engine and the republicans of course could go
to the democratic primary in security that means that if lean democrats could induce enough of
their democrats more republican primary vote
against me you could make a very rough cut one
hundred for mccarthyism couldn’t it representative said that uh… and i think this uh… don’t get the muslim democrat vote
something similar to me we had some awfully good democrats this
conflict has got a bit those their campaigns that uh… considerable amounts of money will be
spent from outside the state the expected money will be spent there said
in the wisconsin the travail the feature there’s a fortunate son was killed so
many conflict i think there’s more champion literature put out by my
opposition up to this time the normally has been done in her campaign went up about uh… condition that i should say there’s a book coming out the written by computers and movement in repose originally the recall of the hairy it
for the missing link i guess i mean they have floridians and systems rheumatism or something like
that can we all the usual smear and innuendo soon it’s going to be
a unpleasant campaign well speaking of
support from our other state you have banned supported or endorsed by such
general manager location etc an upturn close doomed except their
support you’d be welcome i don’t think it endorsed or supported by jealousness or
people stop not till i know let let me say this i’m not going to cancer from demand parties reputation panel certainly in the reputation of the
anti a snack i’m sure the new one can point to anything in my
background the show that i am anti any particular group i have a narrow mind votes nothing else
i have here senator mccarthy a publication called headlines in one’s behind them mother publication called conspiracy in the fall of jerome case or
in the military is not with the publications religion mention your name in here that endorsing your room and they also mention that uh… general
eisenhower is uh… part of a semantic to overthrow the world part of the literature that’s
circulating about you know you know about these publications no no i don’t
minnesota aznar or changes nominated you know and i think we’ll have a good
nominee them by saying i have a heart transplant
don’t want to exclude the possibility of another great
american league general macarthur homer it’s on the contents blumenthall disturbed about the americanism the loyalty uh… any of the front-running candidates within twelve
million americans i think they’re good republicans did from the animations and administered at
any any publication which intimates that there’s anything on
american but many of our front-running candidates whose mistake putting it mildly they all of our
candidate in your opinion or or solid american job malval’s front-running
candidates all those that have been mentioned in connection with feedforward agent orange and white issue one of our own general eisenhower you do
not believe should be circulated and what’s in the publication is
religious all i can say is that uh… and into not worth the presidential race i’ve been fully satisfied that regardless of which one of the men nominated he’ll be a good candidate and we’ve got a bunch of the delegates
at chicago good americans don’t be afraid to support him to the
hilton tentative that regardless of who the nominees on the republican ticket well the senator now speaking of campaigns do you expect the campaign outside of
wisconsin uh… between now and november also move heavy obligations to other senators
manhood complaint and things looked black
customers but his communist government some of them on the so-called marginal
states use this link to having difficulty innocent of racist i think that i can
help them i’m looking to their states let me say
this that uh… fifty republicans should take over the summit i happen to making id number on me investigating committee that means of
appears to be concerned one of the senate investigating committee in the
defeatism committee one promise that leavenworth won’t hold on you’re going to use the same tactics
that your viewers gradovs incidents name tactics the cd if you have a committee that investigated you don’t use the same tactics to use
when you have no no committee no part of subpoenaed we’ve got to jagan root out the communists and the crooks knows her bedroom bravery on the committee uh… so if you look for a subpoena you
can get the records and if we have a republican president uh… would be able to get those records
i’m sure uh… it will be needed a less spectacular flight much more effective seats it’s difficult when you’re all
along it was uh… the entire power of this federal
bureaucracy against you difficult to believe that you see we have the exposed got the government eleven uh… of those over to me some of the son of a convicted others
before the grand jury but all of the government onto the loyalty program driven all you do it all that ah… mr
lamb or has been requested not to leave david the country switzerland was not willy loman because he was no longer in the government has been used as an
advisor but i didn’t kill him once he left so that they are very happy new year
long here right you spoke of uh… minister
something in the preliminary research mister rogers the state department has been taking
credit for the uh… band of online mowers leaving the
country that but i think that is uh… used improper because the state
department issued on behalf of it because the justice department the justice department either folderol mister please division need is a division answered close the canadian border is
closed nixon borders closed atlantic close the pacific do a lot more don’t let him leave the country as a
result of our no attorney general unlined the previous attorney general with uh… we’re gramps was a good friend of mine name very happy to see the new attorney
general currently going about his germany good serious fashion kind of
name and they could just pelican sighting if i’m making predictions of with his
predictions might means if the state department musictory but apart their disposal to try and get
a lot more out of this country within the next two or three months you
might have reasons for saying that uh… very good reasons and then i suggest
that cute what’s what happens over the next few
weeks in few months long standoff let me understand these contradictions that
you’ve made senator they sound very important to me here are predicting for our viewers that
within the next few weeks the state department will use its influence to get professor
ladder mort outside the country kenya and weinstein trying to keep now and then i could but i for reasons which i’ll explain if you
don’t see red just couldn’t do it if you didn’t have the other end of the
understand why within a matter of alright i’ll answer my alaska collect
our viewers’ attention to your prediction million lives and then that the other thing that i’d
like to get very clear because it sounds important if you’re elected re-elected senator and
if there’s a republican victory this fall uh… then you will be chairman of the
president uh… question on is the mccarran committee would like to meet
with you judy the seeing is now known as the some virtually
committee the truman committed see special summit
mismanagement icy and you’re also made a prediction that uh… if you and get control of that committee that day you expect to uh… and fill up
the leavenworth then a few more of the federal prisons is that correct isn’t business in future
good any good american in charge of the
investigating committee cited as one other two that you
mentioned the book and there’s one book here that uh… we should tell our
viewers attention to if your book that is published today i
believe he is mala i a m again affect what’s a bus the message of this book
uh… do the people of america says we’re told that book mccarthyism leaflet
for america it is uh… he carefully documented history of the
fight to expose communists van security risks and the dupes who stages of the kremlin have banned and still are in our federal
government senator yes it is also distributors i’m sorry that china’s at
present i’m sure that yours is appreciated your
clear forthright views and thank you for being with us the editorial board for this additional
amount being promised felt laws mister william bradford hearing and
mr dot on dot roger our distinguished guests was the
honorable joseph oligopoly united state senator from wisconsin the united states olympic committee has
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