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Governor to Sign New Law to Make All California Communities Safer

Governor to Sign New Law to Make All California Communities Safer

Yeah . My name is Wanda Johnson.t was killed January first us look to the lord in prayer. Dear heavenly father. The great god of this universe. God. There is no one oh god different from another but you created all men and because. Ale commanded us to love laughter Weber god we thank you for her pushing forward the bill all god god we thank you for giving them the wisdom. To know. And then . This is a great day so we should all be celebrating I’m very happy it’s not a sad occasion is a. Together and we’ve got a long way in California and in this nation. Because of the inaction of those who have the power to enact change. We look around us today. In the state of California but also across the nation. My son who’s here today. Said to me mom. Often do something. And that touch me to the heart into the bone. And as a result of . Nine families to be caught in a circle of pain and us to do nothing. And so we begin that process. So when I was asked to do this bill formula. And so I thought hard and long about it most of you know I went to my church and said pray for me . It is necessary in California. For four hundred years. People of color. Have often had a different kind of justice. Most of you know this is been a hard in a long journey. And. Have with me a speaker Anthony Rendon who supported this concept and bill . That I needed to do and when this bill came out of the Senate 85% of the vote she whispered . The co authors who stood with me in the families. That I didn’t have to convince of this will good a good thing to do. And I also want to thank my joint authors. How people to bring it about. And we were fortunate to have the Los four to who’s here with us today. Thank you so much. Cannon was also with us we have folks who came to Sacramento to make a difference in who met with. So I want to thank them but I also think that making sure that people understood the importance of what we were doing. I also want to thank the co sponsors of the bill who are a. Force. Basically have an equal force to basically deal with the issues that we think are important . The youth justice coalition. The ACLU of California. Peco California. And United domestic workers of California and asked me local. r met individuals more passionate. And more concerned than the families who lost individuals in this whole process. Been truly grateful that when we have call they have come. And they share their pain. They share their experiences but most importantly they haven’t missed important in their life the future of their children to with to look after. And I took that with . Ages and adjustments that I would never betray them I would never misuse them . My daughter who’s become an elected official against my will. But she’s a great city council. In. Sometimes believes in me follows me everywhere but understand the work that we do is very important. I also have with me my heart in my throb keel. There the Weber they that called the Weber boys with the name is good conduct. And they are my rug rats. We. Influence their lives and it should not make them different because they deserve justice and fairness and. And Ik them for keeping me in reminding me of the importance. I told him just a few moments. d would basically allow us to protect data concerning racial profiling. I can only imagine the battle I would be having right now with the and that as a result of that it has had a profound impact. Of us working this bill and I thank the governor When others ask for reform in the future. You will look back and say can it happen. Will it happen. I felt the weight of the families. It’s been a difficult journey because they entrusted me with trying to bring change . It is possible it is necessary and that we must do the work. And I want to thank everyone. That possible this bill broke records in terms of those who finally saw what we were talking about. And lastly I’m grateful to law enforcement whol actually to them because I think in the battle made me stronger. Made us all. And whatl basically says to us that if the for. It will not bring back those that we’ve lost but we hope and pray that it will prevent those from being lost. My father. Kind of domestic racism that existed in South. He lived every day knowing that he was working to make life better for his children. My greatest fear to what a man with a fifth grade education the it. And a daughter who has multiple degrees can do. It’s ad thank you so much . I need Halle McKelvey additional because. Then he told of balloting and on Japan. I’m here today to represent my mother my release of Michael easy L. this came to serve in for tax. But they failed to do that. On April. Heh of Jehovah. She was dedicated to our family her friends her animals. And most. My mother my rest was a member. Of the United domestic workers . Of her own mental illness led to her untimely killing. See half of. All of individuals killed by law enforcement we may never know. But my hope going forward from today and for the citizens of California.. The state. Is an are lawmakers everyone who had come together for the collective action to change the system. Hold accountability the citizens of California assembly woman Shirley Weber. The rest of the. In our loved ones are going to go forward and have the impact that we all desire. Thank you . Just over six months ago my younger brother was killed by six Vallejo police . Of black and brown man unjustly and need to salute needlessly. t we are not alone. Don’t listen either communities throughout our country are frustrated angry. And hurt by the current status of policing. Of color face in this country. When policing is deeply rooted in race and racism. And when the justice system Mr into situations whenever they can to force officers to think more about the situations before they pull the trigger. Thank. Also known as Willie bobo Willie was a caring young man with an old soul. After losing both his parents a by the time he turned eighteen he had become a shining example of how to rise above adversity . Family and I saw a bystander cellphone video. In the police officer’s body camera footage. We saw the execution the venues to claim they feared for their lives. Obviously any person can agree that. Police. Save a life instead of taking one. Every year California police. Shoot and kill more people than in any other state an analysis of California department of justice data found that between two thousand and nine in. Two thousand and. Since since Willys death LA police officers have waged. An all out intimidation campaign against our family we face consequences and families like mine are left to wonder. Who is policing the police . We do however have this opportunity to see what kind of state California can become. The California AB three ninety two the California act to save lives can transform California from a state. That. Courts take into consideration police officers actions leading up to a shooting in. Whether the shooting is legally justified of where this new law can make a difference it offers a ray of solace from my family. And hope. Other . Good morning I an author of this measure as we finalize AB three nine two the California act to save lives. The ACLU and others came and told doctor Weber nine eighteen months ago that are law was over a hundred years. I said rewind that the go back there the stakes are two of the not just that we know the stakes are high but the obstacles are too high to pushed is the cross. We knew that. No nearly thirty years ago we saw the footage of Rodney king. Sight to see video footage but now to all see it we know that there is a better way. We know that there is a better way. And fortunately as Dr Weber said. Law. At the very beginning there is just two of us. We want to go far we wanna go. Sens and assembly member member. Hold income longer does. Can Salas Fletcher. I thank you offer stepping up and showing leadership. They said this bill will not fail this is about our values of the state of California. Goit we put this across. We know this is about families we have one family here today the Clark family. The brought this. Issue. Die in vain and the fight for this measure so I want to recognize the family here today to find take Clark. Brother of Stefan Clark Selena money. The children eight in in Cairo Clark and Raza money the grandfather. Should happen when officers do cross the line on that rare occasion because we don’t see enough accountabilityo save lives is the print out thank you for being here today and I’m pleased to be part of this historic measure . Sitting behind me who. Are making history. Today will be a day to remember with great pride in Toni Atkins and speaker Anthony Rendon all. The legislative colleagues and. The. Emotional and historic divide in our country. And you. Together accomplished real change solve the challenges facing our law enforcement communities. And our communities of color. Will discourage the kinds of confrontations that too often end in tragedy. Can legal standard is fundamental. Not only. To hold . But so was the urgency of more and better training for law enforcement officers. That statistic that one day let’s call this out for what it is the ultimate stigma. It’s the ultimate stigma. Jerry to be able to defuse the situation. With someone and. For someone who is in crisis. Helping people and saving lives. You know simply member of McCarty alluded. Then in eighteen. And I’ve often asked myself with. Three ninety two AB three ninety to have prevented it. I’m over here today. Rallied after that unacceptable tragedy. We. Change what must be changed. AB three ninety two will rightfully. Did make. Today assembly member Weber. Legislative leadership your colleagues. Unions more hopeful N. ever committed to peace . Emig and thank you all for being here. You know updating standards for use of force has.s the list of the dead grew longer and longer their. Voices grew stronger and stronger and their neighbors overcame the protests of those who had delayed our rival up. To this point but now we are here . We were starting to walk down. Thei Atkins who’s never afraid to use her to use thank you Tony . We will. After the governor signs this bill today there aref the of the California State Senate who worked incredibly hard to make sure. A priority of her caucus the great Toni Atkins. Good morning. I know it’s been a few minutes and but I do think it’s important we take the time. Yeah I am incredibly proud to be here along with all of you..w some on the right side of history. After a hundred and forty seven years the law prescribing are states. Force. Hard work on my colleagues in the legislature the victims families civil. Rights leaders and law enforcement I colder’s to ensure that this bill accomplishes its goal to make our communities safer for everyone. Thank you. I love this family. Is worth every bit of hard work. It was worth it this law is not a magic fix though for the racial tensions that are endemic in our country. It’s a testament to California again setting a new standard in our nation. I’m so proud to have been pardoned Holly Mitchell back there I . Anthony’s I the Anthony’s doctor Webber’s Anthony and are governor’s Anthony. Our work that you did to get us here today so now I have the incredible honor of introducing someone who is helping. Lead our. Thing so why why don’t we but it is cut to the chase but I didn’t fully appreciate. The size of the state Gen and you can’t begin as dot. Inviting some folks up to the stage for the signing. I would be remiss.. I had. Our den addition to those behind me I would be honored. If you would join. Up on stage this would not have happened. These to the future present in nine states and the Attorney General who need to stand in front of this podium. On both sides. We’re gonna test this state . But on both sides I need you right there. You don’t understand them yeah there you go . Particular gratitude as has been stated to doctor Shirley Weber. For her faith and devotion to the cause of justice back with the kind of moral force that defined the moment I. Doctor Weber. United States of America and we are doing something today. The boundaries of possibility it sends a matter to the pro tem to those or someone up here in mayor is program passing is not problem solving. Is in front of us that’s the work that’s inside of us that’s the work that we collectively as a community. To manifest at peril of missing this culture changing hearts changing minds changing our approach to dealing with one another. I am. To account and hold us to your expectations which I. Are a big part of why you’re willing to even since of responsibility. In a hope at we can reduce the number of lives lost. And we can begin to build trust . Three ninety two is now law the state of. Thank you everybody. Thanks . Stefan Clark step

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