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Foreign Policy Analysis
Government & Public Administration

Government & Public Administration

My favorite part about this job is I’m a huge
government nerd and so just being at the center of where everything is happening is really
cool. And then doing communications, I get to be
an inch deep and a mile wide in all these different policy areas. So, I get to learn a lot of information about
policy but being able to condense that into short snippets that might help people understand. My name is Paige Waltz, and I am the digital
media coordinator for a member of House Leadership. The CTE courses that I took while in high
school were culinary arts, interior design and leadership, and leadership was what has
translated most into my career now. But, in terms of knowing self-awareness and
being able to read rooms and be able to take an idea that you have and then pitch it in
a way that people will respond to and get your ideas to come into fruition. On a daily basis, I serve as the official
photographer or one of the official photographers for my boss. I also write a lot of social media posts and
maintain his website. Taking CTE courses in high school is one of
the electives you can take that teaches you a tangible skill. Whether you want to take culinary arts to
eat food that’s kind of why I took it or take a technology class that might give you a tangible
skill, I think it’s very beneficial. There are definitely worse things that you
could spend your time doing. Going into college, I was always a good high
school student, but I had only got accepted to one school and so that was a little disheartening
and so when I was applying for graduate school, of course, I had a job to fall back on but
I really wanted to go to grad school and so I was nervous applying that I wouldn’t get
in any place or would only have one option. Do not be afraid to ask for more work and
to be a team player. No task is beneath you if it helps the team
and helps your boss look successful. A motto of my current boss is to do your job
with joy and as corny as it sounds it’s so accurate. Because if you’re not willing to do your job
with joy and have a positive attitude, you should probably find another job because you’re
not giving one hundred percent into your career. You’re not being successful.

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