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GOP Rep. Weighs In On President Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

GOP Rep. Weighs In On President Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

100 comments on “GOP Rep. Weighs In On President Donald Trump’s Foreign Policy | Morning Joe | MSNBC

  1. Smart guy. Not sure why he's a Republican. Doesn't strike me as one. The whole wall issue is ridiculous though anyway. Why aren't the Democrats asking for permanent DACA in exchange for the wall sections that the Border Patrol says are needed? We already have walls…what's a few more!

  2. God the people in the comments are so stupid. this guy is being honest — sorry he doesn’t toe your liberal partisan line and criticize Trump every sentence that comes out of his mouth. It’s called honesty. And y’all just can’t handle the truth.

  3. God the vitriol towards Trump in the comment section is what’s wrong with this country. Too much hate, not enough love.

  4. We have no moral right – or sense of imagination – to call the troops home if they don't want to abandon their allies over there. Iraqi interpreters, Kurdish fighters, Afghan soldiers … if you fight beside someone you are rue to abandon them mid battle.

  5. Apparently, being an ex-navy SEAL doesn't mean you are honorable in all your actions. Nice to know. This guy is just a more polite version of Dump. He's a lying, spinning, power-grubbing hater, but he uses a measured tone while he does it.

  6. T.D.S This is all Trump Derangement Syndrome. Trump's policies have proven to be more successful and more productive than any other democratic president in modern history of your country. You're so wrapped up in hating Trump, you've neglected your own country… so sad.

  7. Someone should tell that guy that no one is arguing that it's not a threat… What they're saying is that it's a smaller threat than it has been for the last 50 years in a row, And America apparently has the Hottest economy in the world… So how could it be that much of a threat if it's been worse than that for 50 years.. you moron

  8. This guy runs Outer Heaven! You guys don't want to mess with him and his foreign policy, or you'll get stomped on by a giant mech.

  9. I'm not feeling this guy. I thank him for his service but I'm not feeling comfortable with his talk. Trump doesn't know a thing. HE listen, which is good but then tries to independently make a decision. You can say all you want about President Obama but we weren't laughed at and thought less of. White people forget so quickly. Trump walked in on contestant in the Miss Teen while they were changing. He stated that he would do his daughter if she wan't his daughter, and the list goes on. So those that toot Trump's horn, I can't support or believe the words they say.

  10. " Great Nations do not fight endless wars"???? Remember the Vietnam War!!! Now that was an endless war!!! Dictator Trump just says anything that comes in his demented mind! The guy with the eye patch should go in the Oval Office and drag Trump out kicking and screaming!

  11. what about Iraq, Libya, Afghanistan and the multiple African countries there are troops now?? How many more decades are Americans going to be there?

  12. Say what you like about Crenshaw but the guy had trouble keeping a straight face when Trump claimed that America would be a war with North Korea if it were not for him.

    Like most of the rest of the GOP he knows that Trump is ridiculous and full of BS but he has to go along with the Party line… Apparently, hypocrisy is the price you have to pay for membership of the Republican Party.

  13. Oh please, he gives Republican members of congress "quite a bit of time?" Pay attention to what has gone before! If you agree with his pontificating, his exaggerations, bragging and blatant lies, you perhaps can have his ear. Should you have the temerity to challenge him on whatever he says or chooses to believe, you're dog meat and therefore unworthy to be heard by his imperial ear.

  14. WHAT!! was that actual chemestry between Mica and Joe?? they honestly seems to like what theyre doing, together..

  15. You know what's under the eye-patch? The USB socket they plug into when they're programming him with the latest GOP propaganda.

  16. They are destroying the private and public wildlife sanctuaries in the Rio Grande Valley. It will cause extinction of hundreds of species. They have bulldozers ready to destroy the private butterfly sanctuary. Eminent domain is only supported by Republicans when they can destroy habitat and wildlife. Add more border patrol, add drones, add cameras, but do not destroy more wildlife. The elephant in the room is dead, killed by Don and Eric.

  17. There are plenty of people sitting at the table slamming Trump, allow him to have a different point of view. The comments here can't even see the middle of the road, 42 per cent of Americans now call there self Independents. That's enough voters to elect the next President.

  18. Trump's anti war policy used to be what Democrat party believed. Before they became necon's when DJT was elected. That's situational foreign policy. Creating hatred against our current leaders, is stupid foreign policy, and is sedition.
     Under Obama ISIS took over a huge region. Since DJT became potus ISIS has been destroyed. Msnbc all in when Obama retreated from Iraqthat created ISIS. Morning Joe show questions are obviously on a fishing expedition on finding a way to attack Trump. The vacuum being left, is so few honest democrats being opposing or supporting the Potus on valid reasons, with an over whelming number that oppose for any reason real or imagined. Democrats are like the boy that cried wolf. Joe is the boy who cries wolf. See post below for excellent hate club Joe has started
    Crenshaw was excellent, very reasoned and direct. They probably won't have him on again, because they couldn't bait him to slam Trump.

  19. All you bottom feeders can go F yourselves! This President has done more for Americans than OBAMA ever did. You all can leave American soil and all the Freedoms you have with our Blessing. You're all Anit-America and should be removed!

  20. Sun Tzu: “The supreme art of war is to subdue the enemy without fighting.”
    No need for a wall. You need Nation Building in Central America. TRADE and Security go hand in hand, which can bring people out of poverty and will stop the current migration. Make Peace not War! This GOP Rep. knows how to fight wars but does not know how to build "The Peace". It is always harder to do, but it can be done in Syria, can be done in Afghanistan , same in Venezuela or any other country in dire straights.
    "Speak softly, but carry a big stick!" Check out Roosevelt's big stick diplomacy.

  21. Does any one else believe that when Trump tries to speak sincerely or read the teleprompter he sounds so fake himself ….where's the barf bags !! 🙂

  22. Withdrawal of the US from the global stage is putting the American People in danger and undermines the security of friends and allies.

  23. Jpe and mike spent 10 years kissing up to lil donald, now they pretend theyre part of the resistance. Its about 10 years too late

  24. He walks on eggshells to not speak completely against Trump. He always tries to add something for which we should give Trump credit/respect and saying it's an improvement from the last administration. That doesn't sound too sincere or honest, total partisan is what it sounds like.

  25. Donald Trump Rush Limbaugh _Ann Coulter _Laura Ingalls meeting with each other to put money together to pay back 3 billion dollars that were lost during the shutdown. Donald trump. Said he would payback the money his self but he doesn't think we will except Russian 💰 lying donald trump. Lying the truth is hard to swallow. Lying donald trump

  26. What Rep Crenshaw is saying about the "wall" sounds good – drones, judges etc. – so why wasn't it implemented when GOP had total control???

  27. I agree with Trump for once. We shouldn't fight endless wars. Anybody who disputes that is full of hate towards Trump or likes war. If a historically anti-war crowd turns pro war to spite someone out of hate then we're in real trouble.

  28. Republican Representative Dan Crenshaw is the most sensible GOP to express the Republican plan for border security. As a Democrat, I can support his way of expressing this proposal for increased border security. There has got to be a way for our government to be able to work together and avoid another government shutdown or emergency declaration from our president. Facts: There is a border security issue. There is an illegal immigration issue. It may not be as bad as in the past but it still needs to be addressed. I'd like to see more immigration processors to expedite the issue for migrants that have overstayed in our country more so than military personnel being sent at the border. Technology will be more effective than a wall IMHO. A wall is a fixed structure that we can hop over, dig under, or go around from. Technology can adapt to the modification of our adversary, a wall can't. But perhaps a smart wall would work but don't know much about it. We or our government should be able to make both works.

  29. Fight for the freedom of the Venezuelan people? What about the rights of the people here at home? The right to vote, the right not to be profiled, the right to be who feel you are, the right have control over their own bodies, the right to love and marry who they love, the right not to be dictated to by religious groups, the right to have science be heard, the right for clean air and water, and the right for health care. Republicans are only interest in Venezuela for it's oil!

  30. I never comment on political videos like this one, but I'm actually kind of surprised and I enjoyed for once a civilized, calm and respectful conversation between both sides of the argument.

    Bravo all.

  31. The majority of the Republicans are descended from Europeans who were forced to emigrate because they were not welcome in their home countries. Obviously, their genes live on lol! And they crossed the border illegally!

  32. Three Branches: Separate but Equal. The powers of our federal (national) government are divided into three branches: legislative, executive, and judicial. The branches are separate but equal. They each have special responsibilities concerning laws, the principles that govern our nation.
    Three Branches: Separate but Equal | Scholastic…/three-branches-separate-equal/


    Donald Trump expressed strong opposition to the war in Iraq before it began in 2003.


    About this rating

  34. The blind hate for Trump and the lack of common sense in the comment section is insane. Focus on America, not your prejudices and stop inventing insane false accusations and implying things that aren't true. This woman for example is so obviously blindly ant-Trump that she invented entire reasoning and assumptions for Trump for something as small as reading a teleprompter and she had to get checked to cut off her little rant. The blind evil hate of people has been coming out and being shown to the level of losing their minds and common sense. I would say it's like talking to children but I have to say children have more sense and are able to be corrected with the truth when they are wrong.

  35. Did she say Trump hates reading teleprompter because it makes him think too much. I would think that you have to think less if you just read the teleprompter. Isn't she really making fun of Obama because all he did was read teleprompters.

  36. I’am for ending the wars in a safe fashion. I’am also for securing our border in a sane manner and replacing fences that need to be replaced. Best to listen to those officials on the front line of our border. They know better than anyone what is needed. We also need to help those fleeing their homes and help make it safe so they can return. We can help them now with aid such as food and shelter.

  37. As soon he make the point on legal immigrants, oops sorry congressman we are gonna have to take a break. How convenient

  38. Bunch of liberals here totally triggered by the fact we have a president that won’t do endless wars. This should’ve been Obama, but instead he continued regime change wars costing hundreds of Billions of $ per year.

  39. americans are tired of being world police, you numbnuts
    permanent american presence is a strategy for creating more terrorists, not less

  40. It's funny how many of you aren't willing to listen to the otherside. Do you guys think you're making the world a better place by calling people facists and traitors? None of you ever have actually struggled, and technically you're all 1 percenters who live in homes where your income is more than 30,000 per year. None of you have ever been under a real tyranny, and you should be thankful for that, and not cry wolf. Because when the real tyrants come, you'll have no one to blame but yourselves since no one will listen to others warnings.

  41. Reading comments from channels like this and others from republican channels shows that we as a country have a huge split that is primarily filled with rhetoric and insults. At this rate we may be doomed because of people’s lack of empathy or respect for their fellow man

  42. I wish people would get their information from shows like this. From shows like Meet the Press, Face the Nation. Serious shows with serious people. Unfortunately everybody makes their opinion from a Facebook news headline these days

  43. Crenshaw 2024. He will vaporize any Socialist Democrat Dixiecrat who is put in front of him. And they know it. I could care less about Trump and 2020

  44. Great job Mr Crenshaw. So happy you support our great president by pushing for the legal way to enter our borders. So many people who are in and out of the White House talk about the president being kind and a good listener but dems who have never even seen him face to face want to act like he’s a horrible person like they know him lol.

  45. Agreed. Trump is not a racist as he's pro immigration as long as it is legal immigration. He didn't say ban all Mexicans, he proposed a wall to keep out border jumpers. His ban on visas to citizens of Muslim countries was a preventative measure, a little excessive as going after a mosquito with a bazooka, but at least it was some form of fire-fighting. The left were too busy focussing on their hurt feelings to see the logic. Facts don't care about your feelings.

  46. Notice how they interrupt him every time he begins to commend the Trump administration or criticize the Obama administration? The entire panel was squirming in their seats through that entire interview.

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