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Godfrey Santos Plata – California State Assembly, District 53 – Official Campaign Video

Godfrey Santos Plata – California State Assembly, District 53 – Official Campaign Video

My name is Godfrey Santos Plata. I immigrated from the Philippines on October 28, 1988. I grew up in LA and Long Beach Unified schools
while my parents worked union jobs. My education and the security of their wages
and benefits got me into college, so I could serve my people:
immigrants and people of color as a public school teacher. I’ve worked and organized with students, teachers, and schools for more than 13 years. I love what I do. But we’re not all so lucky. Today, I’m 35. I’m a renter in Koreatown. Forty percent of my monthly salary goes toward my rent, and for too many families, it’s more than half our checks. All around us, we see luxury apartments we can’t afford rise behind encampments of those who have
become unhoused in the process. And when it comes to education, we tell our teachers and schools to solve for poverty,
solve for lack of health care, solve for trauma. We put pressure on our schools to do more with less while big money captivates the attention of our leaders. We deserve better. And I believe we can make it happen. In Sacramento, out of 80 people in the assembly making law for the state, only 3 are immigrants. Only 2 on each education committee have ever worked in schools; and just 1 is a renter, representing every single tenant. 25%? Landlords. In 2020, we can change this reality. In District 53, we’ve got the diversity, hustle, and bravery to send a clear signal to Sacramento: let us in. Working together, let’s send one of us – – a renter, an educator, an immigrant – – into the assembly and lead on behalf of our own communities. My name Godfrey Santos Plata. On March 3, 2020, let’s take Sacramento back. Go with Godfrey on the ballot, for California State Assembly, District 53.

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