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Global Trade Diplomatic Simulation: Cost of IPR Violations via Public and Private Diplomacy

Global Trade Diplomatic Simulation: Cost of IPR Violations via Public and Private Diplomacy

One of the best tools that we have, I think,
is public diplomacy, raising awareness about the impacts of counterfeit goods as well as
the impacts to the people who create the goods. We can speak publicly about that dangers and
how it harms those creators. We can do this through our embassies, we can
use social media to help amplify those issues. Just last week we put out a tweet that talked
about how much counterfeit medicines are floating through the continent of Africa. It’s estimated as a third of the medicines
in Africa are counterfeit goods. So if we talk about that and the word spreads
through social media, as it often does, it’s a way of reaching people around the world in ways that we wouldn’t normally be able to do that. Private diplomacy is also extraordinary important. We can ask out embassies, our economic officers
up to our ambassadors to approach the foreign governments and talk to them about the impact
of a website that is putting our pirated television shows or movies out there. The servers being hosted in their country
that is harming people. It’s harming our creators, and it’s also
potentially harming every single computer that connects to that website, because often
malware is associated with some of these sites. You also sometimes see child pornography and
other sorts of ads for things like that associated, that you don’t necessarily want your audience
to see when you’re going to these websites and getting these movies or television shows
for free. So speaking privately to these governments
about the impacts of these sorts of counterfeited, pirated goods, whether physical marketplaces
or digital marketplaces, it’s a very important tool that I think the State Department uniquely
uses to help counter counterfeit and pirated goods.

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