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GERMANY or SWEDEN – Which Country is Better?

GERMANY or SWEDEN – Which Country is Better?

Here on FTD facts we’ve been looking at multiple countries from all around the world and discovering What is great about many different? Places and getting a look at the real stories behind its people and culture and today here on FTD facts We are taking a deep look at two particular countries that offer so much to the world these are the countries of Sweden and Germany and today. We are finding out the differences strengths and weaknesses of each country Hey Everybody what’s going on? table here and welcome to FTD facts a channel where we generally talk about people cultures and places from all around the world and For us here on this channel We are doing something a little bit different and yes that is comparing two different Nations now here on the channel we decided to talk about Sweden and Germany and compare the two because well first of all we did a video on Sweden and we haven’t talked about anything Sweden related in the last three months and Germany is one of our more recent Videos that is getting a lot of attention so we figured let’s combine the two and find out What is different and similar about these great countries now before we get into it letting you guys know this video is brought to you By Graham really calm and with that in mind I want to know what country are you from if you are from one of these countries? I want to know what you like about your country Let me know down there But let’s get started on the facts so to dive right into it Germany and Sweden are two big powerful players One a Nordic country and one a European country and as close as they are to each other the people within these countries Have their own customs rules and ways of doing things now Germany is a country that has a population of 80? 2.7. Million people as an estimate for 2017 with a population density of 227 people per square kilometer now Sweden on the other hand is a country that has approximately over 10 million people for 2017 with a population density of 22 people per square kilometer and the reason for the population density Difference is well Not just the population But also the countries are very different in land size and shape for example Germany has a land of three hundred and fifty-seven thousand one hundred and sixty-eight Kilometers square and as for Sweden when it comes to its land size It’s it’s a Four hundred and fifty thousand two hundred and ninety five square kilometers and in Germany when it comes to its northern region it has more Flat terrain where its southern landscape has more of hilly mountains and countryside However Sweden is more Or less actually heavily forested with 69% of the country being filled with forests and of course besides population land size population density and Landscape we should look more at the economy and the GDP of these two countries Now Germany is a country that has a crazy amount of economy with a GDP per capita Equaling 48 point 7 K making them ranked 10th in the world however Sweden beats them with forty nine point nine Thousand per capita making them ninth in the world and these two GDPs are made not just because of jobs within the countries But also because of the import exports of the two countries for example as for imports exports in Germany it has about one point three two trillion dollars in exports and one point zero five billion dollars in imports, Sweden has 135 billion dollars in exports and a balanced 132 billion dollars in imports so landscape population money all that’s very important But what’s it like to live within these two countries now when it comes to government for example? Sweden is a government that grants most of its power to its people it is a country that has a government listed as a parliament under constitutional Monarchy meaning that they do have a king and queen oh, yeah That’s right and within the government of Sweden citizens have their own individual rights such as the right to free information of the government Rights to vote as well as health care when it comes to its citizens because in Sweden They have socialized medicine that is fuelled from its taxes and even though this central healthcare exists There is also still private health care as well when it comes to life expectancy in 2015 the expectancy of an individual within Sweden was eighty two point five five years now Germany is a democratic federal parliamentary republic it has a Constitution that states its rights for its citizens Some of their rights include the right to vote the protection of its citizens, but as for health care Well their health care system is different than some of the other countries in Europe And it is different from Sweden’s for example Germany’s health care is actually the oldest in all of Europe dating back to the 1880s Now for them their health care isn’t actually taken from taxes, but they have what is called Sickness of funds now these sickness funds are a system of health care insurance Which is compulsory for all German citizens, but however for people who make under fifty thousand euros a year They are put into a public non-profit sickness fund and most of all these sickness funds are generally paid through employer and employee contributions Germany also is a country that does indeed have private health care, but as for its life expectancy It’s 81 point zero nine years as of 2015 now dipping into the military Let’s take a look at Sweden Sweden is a country that has approximately twenty two thousand five hundred active military personnel With somewhere between twenty two thousand to thirty four thousand five hundred in reserve to be honest guys I couldn’t get an actual number on the reserve units because I heard one thing from one source and one thing from another source so I said it’s probably within that ballpark however on March 2nd of 2017 Sweden announced that it will bring gender-neutral conscription back in 2018 and this means they will randomly choose about 4000 people to join the military and these will all be individuals born in 1999 and they will serve for 12 months now also keep in mind when it comes to its military although they don’t have a huge Military this is because Sweden has not participated in any wars in the last 200 years pretty much. It’s in their rules They just don’t want to go to war They as a government and as a people just say nope we’re staying out of every single war even world war two in Germany however mandatory military service Stopped in 2011 and in today’s world. They have approximately 180,000 active personnel with about 30,000 in reserve so one thing that is very important when it comes to looking at these two countries again It’s not whether or not one country is better than the other, but we should look at the human development index And when it comes to figuring out the HDI of these countries we have to break it down by each country In terms of literacy schooling average lifespan and much more now for the literacy rates of both Sweden and Germany they have not been recorded by the UNESCO organization But it is assumed that both countries are over 99% for its literacy rate But when it comes to schooling the expected years of schooling in Sweden is 16.1 years with Germany being 17.1 years for education and in Sweden 46% of people aged 25 to 64 have finished upper secondary education with 15% finishing compulsory education and in Sweden of course your schooling is Absolutely free but the one thing is 85% of students actually finish school With major debt as a matter of fact Sweden has the highest debt ratio out of any developed country in the world and this is Simply due to the fact that the rent and cost of living is really high in Sweden so they’re not going in debt because of school they’re going in debt because of other reasons in Germany no school charges any form of tuition at all however they do have a small Administration fee or an enrolment fee in which you do have to pay for but it’s really minuscule You won’t even notice it out of your pocket and this free education is not only available to its students But is also available to international Students as well and the reason for this is because in Germany they feel that the fees for school are socially unjust And these rules were put in effect in 2014 overall Sweden has about 30 universities of higher education whereas Germany has 400 universities So with health care schooling and of course the GDP the Human Development Index for these two countries is slightly different as Sweden comes in at point nine one three ranking 14th in the world and Germany equalling point nine two six having the country come in at fourth so when it comes to protection of wildlife and culture Let’s talk about UNESCO zones Germany is a country that has 42 UNESCO zones and Sweden has approximately 15 of them and of course each one is very different To its own culture and of course has its own meaning and although Germany may out Number the UNESCO zones of Sweden there is one thing that this country has that no other country has in the entire world not even Germany and that is for the fact every single year in Stockholm, Sweden They host the Nobel Prize ceremony And this has been happening since its introduction in 1901 as well when we’re talking about Nobel prizes we need to mention some Allegra liffe Whom was the first woman who was also from Sweden to ever win a Nobel Prize? Which happened in 1909 and if we’re going to talk about really interesting traditions that are held annually such as the Nobel Prize ceremony We should probably mention that the Christmas tree that is usually put up once a year around Christmas time Came from Germany and many scientists believe that this actually began back in the 16th century When Christians brought trees into their home and began decorating them and as for other achievements within Germany We can say that Germany has hosted the Olympics three times and has won a total of 1681 medals as of 2017 547 our gold 567 silver and 567 our bronze but as for Sweden it’s one of the most progressive countries in the entire world And it definitely has a record that no other country can claim because although in 1944 this country allowed for same-sex activity it was in 1972 that this country was the first country to allow Transgenders to legally change their name after they had their sexual orientation surgery, but either way guys that is us Just looking at a unique differences between these two countries. What are your thoughts on this guys because here on FTD facts? We don’t really like to take sides that which one is better as each country has its own positives and negatives So let us know your thoughts down below of what you like about your country and what you like about other countries as well My name is Dave Walpole And I want to thank all you out there all you viewers for tuning in and learning about two really good powerful Countries here on FTD facts as always on this channel We take a lot of recommendations from you guys So if you guys know other two countries that you want to see go up against each other and let us know down there in the comments section below as always if we missed some really interesting facts be sure to let us know and You’re on FTD facts when it comes to Sweden in Germany. We’ve actually talked about each country individually We’ve talked about Sweden a couple of times We’ve just recently talked about Germany so the links for that are gonna be down there in the description box below or at the end of this video On top of that guys this video has been brought to you by Graham. Le comm check these guys out guys They have a free program that can help improve your English So these are the countries of Sweden and Germany Two countries that both have a lot going for it either being an economic powerhouse that gives Materials and wealth to the world or a country that leads in front giving a model for equality and fairness for all and no matter Who we are as human beings and where we are from our story will always be different from one and another’s? So, thanks for watching guys This is FTD facts the channel we talk about people cultures and places from all around the world once again If you guys liked learning about Sweden check out our videos on Sweden down here also Be sure to check out our videos on Germany if you guys are big German fans other than that be sure to leave a comment down there for a few chapter new facts video Hit the subscribe button share these videos if you feel like it and until next time you guys have a great day And we’ll see you in the next video. Bye. Bye

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  1. I am Turkish and I would choose both countries, my sister lives and works in Berlin yet I had exchange experience in Sweden and ı choose Sweden I guess:) I miss my Sweden days

  2. Sveeeeeeeeeeeeenskar, var är dom, jag vet att ni är dör, var inte rädda för att lajka kommentaren ENDAST om du är svensk! NORACIST

  3. So whats the Point for this comparision other than trying to get an opinion reaction from your self opinionated question, you tube boy.

  4. As a former Israeli citizen living in Sweden and who also lived in Germany from time to time earlier, I got say its impossible to point out the best country? If you enjoy wildlife and wilderness in abundance you will choose Sweden for sure. Out here in the southern suburbs of Stockholm, we see deers, foxes, rabbits and even the occasional Wolfe in the forests surrounding Stockholm. A beautiful Swedish-Finnish Woman was what made me choose Sweden in the end.

  5. Well, I'm happy to live in Germany, but Sweden is awesome too. Maybe they taking all this progressive shit too serious, but I mean, they're still awesome

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  8. As a German… it’s horrible to see how my own people are rating their country down, because we have 0% national pride here. It’s especially sad, because germans invented nearly everything that the modern world is build on and all people forgot about that fact because of a stupid war.

  9. Oh, wow. Sweden was my first foreign country, as I was an exchange student there. It will always hold a special place in my heart. On the other hand, my late husband was from Germany, and my kids have dual citizenship. And, despite being a German citizen, my youngest has a Swedish first name! I simply cannot choose.

  10. Two countries in a dick-measuring contest which can destroy their own culture faster with
    SJW political correctness and muslim infestation? Tough call.

  11. Two fantastic countries – especially for replacement migration and growing third world idiotism! 40 years ago I thought Olof Palme was a great statesman, today I know he was for Sweden what Merkel is for Germany – evil and destructive!

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    I am a trucker and I like Swedish trucks, especially Scania trucks, the trucks made in Södertälje. Swedish trucks are the best trucks on Earth.

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  14. I,m from Sweden. And what i like about Sweden is that they are so Good at so many sports😄

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    And im so happy and glad that people dont say things like this: GERMANS ARE BETTER! or
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  23. And both countries get destroyed by mass immigration from Africa and the middle east. Great! In 30 years if not earlier, both of those people will be a minority in their own country. Thanks to the left traitors. But we do not give up the country of our people and our history. We stay here!🇩🇪🇩🇪

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