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100 comments on “GERMANY or CANADA – Which Country is Better?

  1. I’m a Guelph boiyo- Canada, it’s just, a nice calm place to live. And I legit couldn’t live without the ice coffees of Tim Hortons

  2. You can argue the pros and cons of both countries until the cows come home. They both have positive and negative attributes. But as a Canadian who lived in Germany for four years, I can say that overwhelmingly the biggest difference that I found was how clean and clear the air is in Canada compared to Germany.

  3. I live near a expensive City on the List in Bochum and well I live in the Most poor state in germany and its Bad and the politics here are pretty Bad in my opinion but im half canadian the family side of my mom lives in Vancouver and im proud of that

  4. Both countries are great but as a person who has lived in Germany I must say few things about the people:
    1. People, especially the young generations are open minded, and are not religious. which is really good
    2. They have a social correcting behavior. They watch you a lot. which sometimes you feel like you're not free
    3. Maybe it's in my mind, but I think they mostly are perfectionist. They have too much consideration about other people's opinion about them
    4. Nice, polite and very intelligent people
    5. I'm coming from Iran and Iranians compare to Germans are much more social. Germans tend to be alone most of the times, Iranians tend to be with others

  5. Well yes Germany is more advance and futuristic in everything i went there like 5 years ago but i also went in Canada for me germany is more opportunistic country but Canada is also not less.

  6. I am from Munich in Germany. I really love Germany. I love the way we handle our past about the world wars and Hitler and I love the education system. I honestly think it should be far more practical but I am grateful for the fact we have free universities and colleges. I think that is a great blessing

  7. Alright in my opinion this question is unfair. Both countries are fantastic in each of their own ways. Germany has such a rich and interesting culture while Canada not so much. You can pretty much sum Canada in one sentence “If Britain and France had a child that grew up with their rebellious brother, USA” while Germany, a sentence wouldn’t be enough (Unless you throw in a bunch of stereotypes). Canada (In my opinion :P) has nicer people and is better place to live in general. Now the comments are full of German (or European) people who are quite fond of Germany. I, for one, think that it’s a tie. You can’t say ones better than the other, they’re both great in their own unique ways

  8. Germany my dream country that’s why I’m living for more then 8 years in Germany 🇩🇪…. peoples in Germany they r really awesome 👏 Thansk they r the great humanity!!! God luck for both county !!!!

  9. Aren't you spending your life in Canada like this:

    – get up around 5am, prepare*
    – travel more than 2 hours to work
    – do 9 hours work
    – travel the same 2+ hours back home
    – …at 8-9pm

    Just curious, never been in Canada or Germany.

    * most of the preparation I think it means shoveling show from your courtyard (to get your car out of the garage) because the WSV throws the snow from the streets directly to courtyards or walking lanes (aside from normal showing) which happens 6+ months in a year

  10. I despise Canada!!!! I won't even recommend my worst enemy to live in Canada not to talk of a close friend. #canadasucksbigtime

  11. Very informative video sir. I'm currently living in Germany and I can say that their social service is superb! I can say that it is the best place to have a family because of its social benefits. Just to add some of the benefits
    1. Children aged 0-18 yo will receive €180 per month.
    2. If you lose your job, you will receive, I think 80% of your salary from your previous job for upto 6 mos.
    3. Paid maternity leave of 1year and can be extended upto 3 yrs. However the second and 3rd yr is unpaid.
    4. It's an advantage if you have kids if you want to get a house loan here because the government will grant you 12k euros per kid. The purpose of this 12k euros per kid is to help you with the payment. You could use this as a downpayment for the property. Amazing isn't it?

    It's a nice place. I love it. My only complain is their language. You must be good at their language because local colleagues will never adjust theirselves just for you to understand them even some people in KVR, they'll just tell you you are in Germany so you must speak the language which just makes sense! Haha
    Realtalk: the language is the only difficulty here. If you're good with their language then I think it's the best place to be.

  12. America cannot be compared to a country in Europe. Germany is originated by Germans. Canada is built by Europians Canada is not even a real country compared to a country from Europe or many other countries in the world

  13. As a foreigner, Canada has the edge that people speak English, not sure about healthcare but in germany i can assure you its best and worst (goes both ways), but yes its free and same with education. Jobs are fine, taxes are high, you get enough to live a reasonable life but you don't get enough to save loads of money, fact

  14. Which country is better? How retarded can someone be to ask such a dumb question? As a German I love Canada, the Canadian people and I def. think Canada has one of the best ranks for living-quality and big society advantages over probably most countries on the planet, because money and how many billionairs a country has, doesn't say much about the people. Germany is awesome, but Canada is awesome as well. My brother and my dad already travelled through Canada and they loved it. Next time the whole family will go there. My dear Canadians… if some of the German comments here insulted you – just forget about it. Idiots are everywhere on this planet. 😉❤️🇩🇪🇨🇦

  15. Haha.. Sorry not kanada.
    Germanie have better system…
    Canada is a country left behind. has no system.just 150 years old. Germany is 1000 alt. best country in the world.

  16. Canada land size 10 million square kilometers for 35 million but house prices 700,000 + dollars for wooden plywood house. Germany 1 million sq km with 85 million population but affordable brick houses at 150,000 euro. Why is Canada so greedy with their land??? Also property tax is 10% of house value in Canada, in Germany 1% of land value.

  17. Canada is too much like.the unites states lately…but at least we have an existing middle class and beautiful spots even when its cold.

  18. I'm from Azerbaijan, but i'd like live in Germany!
    I love this country. And I think that Germany is the best country in the world!!!

  19. Sweden or canada is the better in salaries and saving money for a single guy after the basic month expenses example [ drink , eat , rent , transport , internet ] and after taking a tax from salary ( take into consideration that the work in a restaurant or any casual works and work full time and over time ) overall in the end which is better for saving more money ????

  20. I am a Pakistani plant geneticists and thinking to study masters abroad after 6 7 month research reach to the conclusion that Germany is best for students belonging to average wage families though there is language barrier but you get familiar with in few time inshallah i am going there next year

  21. İ love germany 👏👍💓💓💓💓💓💓💓👍👍👍. Germany is best country👏💓👍

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  23. As a German I´m very happy to see all these positive comments under this video, as I got very sad because a lot of people said really mean things about Germans in the Germany vs. Poland video.. :/ I´m very happy that people under this video know that we are much more than some old Nazis now. Thank you for your kind words <33

  24. The real answer is neither. It all depends on your socio-economic status. You can live in a very rich country like the US and be dirt poor or you can live in a poor country in Africa and be super rich like a king. It all depends in your occupation and wealth.

  25. Vancouver real estate market was ruined under christy clark and her band if bozos who looked the other way while billions of dollars were being laundered through the real estate market and casinos. Her buddies did very well though.

  26. I'm from Germany and I'll spend my exchange year in Canada and even if I never were there before I love it.

  27. Germany and Canada were both great countries before they were infested by liberalism and idiotism!! A country that doesn't control its borders is not a country!

  28. I’m ashamed of the UK, imagine trying to ban fucking knifes! All of these refugees are invading our lovely Europe and causing problems. We got “muslim no go zones” and every day muslims enforce the sharia law in the streets of England. I’m ashamed of Being A European

  29. Canada produces 3.6 billion barrels of oil in a single day? With a statement like that I question all your numbers and I won't waste my time watching your videos.

  30. my parents want me to move to germany for my university and i hate it! i live in canada and i always cry whenever i have to talk about the conversation. i love canada with my whole heart and germany is cool i guess but i just dont wanna move 🙁

  31. Affordable housing in Canada is vastly diminishing due to higher immigration and high taxes .homless Canadians are not being taking care of. The money that was supposed to help the homless was given to the immigrats to house them in which many homless died during the winter cold so there's many hidden facts not too proud to be a Canadian .

  32. I saw a comment in Germany vs Poland and someone said: Someone touched my wifes’ ass in Germany. They told the police but they did nothing about.

    Also Germany is racist as fuck.

  33. Canada has a climate like Siberia in the winter while in Germany cold winters are rare.
    Also Germany is in the middle of Europe and you can travel easily into dozens of different countries with their own culture and language.
    while in Canada there is only the USA with no old culture and the ocean around.So probably Canada is good place but in the long term it gets boring.

  34. The national anthems


    Einigkeit und recht und freiheit für das deutsche vaterland dannach lasst uns alle streben brüderlich mit herz und hand einigkeit und recht und freiheit sind des glückes unterpfand blüh im glanze dieses glückes blühe deutsches vaterland blüh im galnze dieses glückes blühe deutsches vaterland


    O Canada our home and native land true patriot love in all thy sons command with glowing hearts we see thee rise the true north strong and free from far and wide O Canada we stand on guard for thee God keep our land glorious and free O Canada we stand on guard for thee O Canada we stand on guard for thee

  35. Germany doesn´t have free Unviversity education… there are partys fighting for it but no luck so far. You can get help from the state though but its not enough.

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