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100 comments on “Gender Identity: Can a 5’9, White Guy Be a 6’5, Chinese Woman?

  1. students don’t want to learn cause of comments other people leave on videos such as these, even if they are true 🤷‍♂️

  2. When the most basic questions stump the most "educated" minds…..society has officially hit rock bottom.

  3. Why are people so scared of offending people. Using your brain to correct people shouldn't be a cause of offence. People /surely/ aren't that precious?!

  4. Imagine describing someone to meet him for the first time. Oh she’s 6’5 Chinese woman waiting in front of building B.

  5. "If you stand for nothing, you will fall for anything" quote of the day …..also, I identify as Nancy Pelosi.. can we please get the imposter out and let me run this sh**

  6. For fuck sake these people are so worried about not being offensive, that they are being offensive. You are not a Chinese woman. Period. You are a white male. College students who really believe it's ok for people to live in some alternate reality shows college is really an institutional scam.

  7. Poor children, they've been heavily indoctrinated. They have good intentions, but they are doing more harm than good by mixing facts and opinions/feelings.

  8. These people are communists, They agree with paedophilia, They come up with problems that are notproblems but still complain about them as if they are problems. These people are the problem of society

  9. OOH my. If this is the current American generation then tbh, you are well and truly fucked. If you are born with a cock then you are a man, if you are born with a pussy then you are a woman.

    A MAN walks into a changing room full of women, gets is cock out and starts swinging it around, who is going to complain???

  10. Jeez come on people grow some Balls , it’s not offensive to acknowledge the ridiculousness. You know that an anyone bathroom comes with a smell , yeah enjoy that one men will poop anywhere ladies mostly just indoors, but seeing that we all ok with every thing let’s try it in this university, and remember standing room only. Darn it who’s feeding these kids this nonsense

  11. Stating “I feel” is an infant mentality. Our society is under developing our brains and mental state at this point. Walking vegetables.

  12. 🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️

  13. I am 58 years old , I think identify as 23 years old, so I am going to start going to college campuses and picking up 18 year old girls, because I identify as 23 , and if you Disagree with me are harass me, I will take you to court and Sue you , how does that sound

  14. The con artist in the World are going to have their way with the new era of people we have in our country , because they believe anything you put in front of them logs it fits their narrative , con artist will be getting rich off of these idiots

  15. In all honesty people lie about their height all the time. I'm 5'11.5 and I can see the tops of people's heads that claim the are 6ft.

  16. Oh my God why do you care so much about trans people? They make up like 0.3 percent of the population. We have a separation of church and state in our constitution.

  17. Let's face it. The whole subject of 'chosen identity' and 'gender pronouns' etc is simply bullshit of the highest order and we would all be better off getting on with the real world which is more than enough of a challenge. Who started this nonsense anyway?

  18. SCHOOLS ARE THE REASON FOR ALL OF THIS IMOP god damn these sissy kids need a ass kicking and take accountability for there actions.Half ass answers You have balls in your pants you are a male grow up and get a job be a man.

  19. Cultural appropriation is somehow wrong, but gender appropriation is not. Welcome to crazy land. and BTW, cultural "appropriation" is actually very respectful in most cases. Most cultures dream of a world that honors them by adopting their practices.

  20. If he told me he is Chinese, he would be lying or insane, in this case he is clearly lying, in the case of trans people, they are insane. Why does everyone else have to play along in their illness.

  21. What a slippery slope. If were to do a home invasion and tied up the family and made off with their possessions and the police are asking questions like how tall, what color, or what gender how do you answer?

  22. The moral compass of the society has declined rapidly. This was foretold in the bible that the days prior to Jesus return would be like the days of Lot. God made us male and female end of story, there is no other gender. Satan is trying to destroy everything that God has created and blessed. Male and female – family – babies – morality etc. People put the pieces of the puzzle together and open your eyes, this a war for your souls, do not let satan take you with him. Only the Lord Jesus can saves us from this truly evil world that we live in.

  23. Thank you so much! Who's with me on this one – why don't we all creat a new nonsense? We all disassaciate ourselves with our age and claim to be ageless or rather having any particular age at any given time. That way, we could claim our state pensions and spend it on private children's tutors or go back to state primary school or better still, claim welfare for ourselves as parents to look after our infant selves when we decide to be more infinite than these poor, poor beings interviewed here.

  24. I just lost some brain cells watching all these people. Ripperoni to our next generation, cant let these people breed out.

  25. What you feel and what you are are two different things. There is also a difference between feeling like a woman psychologically or wanting to be a woman psysically and saying you are shorter or taller than you are since the first example is possible but latter is not. The metric system is final and you cant pretend a meter is shorter or longer than it is.

  26. The only downside to your videos is that it saddens me how society has dumbed down, incapable of answering questions with factual answers.

  27. Oh my goodness. This is what we have come too Whatever you believe is now true. What a bunch of indoctrinated students. Do they have a logical thought in their heads

  28. "I feel that it's not right for me to tell someone else they are wrong"

    You know, except the person who insists there are only two genders. That person would be wrong.

  29. If we completely followed the logic of these people we'd have to let everyone out of prison. Let that sink in.

  30. Interesting … I didn't know a person with a penis was a female, if they chose to be. All my years of education must've been delusional fantasy.
    I choose to identify as Donald Trump …now where's my money?

  31. I am a prehistoric Tyrannosaurus Rex dinosaur and my pronouns are Lizard King, Dino Ruler, and The Very Best Dino

    If I want to devour your hand be honor I have chosen to do this. Do not insult me and say no.

    Legit College Student from UGA answered: Oh yeah dud- uh I mean dino. You can eat my hand.

  32. You're male or female at birth there's only two sexies if you're a man and think you're a female you need a lobotomy. If you're female and think you a man you need a lobotomy. As for sports you are insulting ever real woman that works hard to be the best in her sport it's disgusting to see a man standing there competing against these real women stay out of women's spot you don't belong there your a man a never will be a woman. I've yet to see the woman who pretends she a man compete against a man they don't do it as they know they would stand a chance of winning. Just men beating real women in sports I've never seen a woman that thinks she's a man stepping in and competing against a man in any sports weightlifting boxing sprinting javelin discus shot put hammer throw. Stay out of the women's toilet use the mens toilet for that what you are and always will be there should be a transgender League for these freaks so they can't cheat by calling themselves women

  33. Why the fuck do people have to pretend to be so nice. Feeling a certain way doesn’t mean shit. These college kids are fucking idiots.

  34. I'm transracial. Police keep stopping me and treating me like a black man. I am not receiving the respect that I, as a 43 year old white man should receive!

    "You can let me go officer…..I'm a white man."

    And after watching these people answer these questions…I see HOW it is possible for so many people to accept the lies Trump spews on a daily basis. Americans are slow.

  35. Gender is nature…what chromosomes you posess….gender identity is the adult version of playing in fantasyland….and has no basis in reality.

  36. This stupidity is going out of hand. This is what happen when we challenge basic science. Science is connected with all of the things, if we ignore one main thing on science we can ignore everything. Giving priority to peoples thoughts, opinions and ignoring scientific facts will callpas everything. If I think basic math problem such as 1+1=10 no one can argue me just because they are trying to respect my thoughts.
    Breaking the CIRCLE OF LIFE will lead to the extinction on humanity.

  37. brainwashing of that generation to the point that otherwise intelligent people respond as if they are complete morons

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