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[Full documentary] CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism [2010]

[Full documentary] CUBA: Defending Socialism, Resisting Imperialism [2010]

Fidel Castro whips up afurore in Cuba, charging the United States with arming and training mercenary forces for an imminent invasion.
He calls out some 200 000 militiamen for training and guard duty at key points throughout Havana,
in a move timed to coincide with the landing of our 14 000 American Marines at the Guantanamo
naval base for a weekend of liberty after training exercises in the Caribbean. I’m Neeva. I’m a member of Rock Around the Blockade, and in 2009 I went for my first
time to Cuba on a brigade I’m Rebecca. I went to Cuba with Rock Around
the Blockade because I really wanted to get an understanding of what it is like to live
in a socialist country, and I was really interested in the education system because I want to
be a teacher, so I wanted to look at how education functions within that society and how is used
as a tool to help the revolution I think that the example of Cuba becomes even
more relevant and important because it is a society where multinationals are not the
focus, the ruling class are not the focus, but it is about the people, it’s about providing for the people, it’s about providing for the needs of society. My name is Ethesham. I went on a brigade to Cuba with about 14 people. When I look at Cubans, I don’t look them as a Cuban socialists. I look them as Brothers and sisters
on their side of the planet fighting imperialism in the way that they are, and I think is my
duty is as well to fight imperialism, and obviously my fight will different to their’s
but it will be one struggle. And I will look at my Cuban brothers and sisters and will
give my solidarity because it’s standard, I think.
People in politics here are… you know, they walk around in suits; they are professional
politicians. They get paid to be a politician, and in Cuba if you are in the Communist Party,
I found out, which is the ideological leadership of the country, you are not paid to do it
– you do it on your on free time. You work voluntarily on farms, you do things in your
own free time, so there is no material incentive – there’s no ulterior motive – for why
you want to be in politics. You are not going to get rich off being in politics in Cuba
– you are just a normal person that bring politics into your work place, and you continue
on the same salary you are on, and you continue in the same job. For everyone to be integrated
into politics it just has to be around everyone, and in Cuba it’s not limited – the people
that can get involved in the ideological direction of the country are not limited to the elite
like here, the boys that go to Eton that become the prime minister and the home secretary
and the cabinet ministers. My name is Anthony, I’m a member of Rock
around the Blockade, and I went on a brigade to Cuba in 2009. Living in Britain I think
in some way what I’m trying to do by understanding the Cuban struggle is to show an element of
internationalism – you know, solidarity with the working class movement in the world today
– and I think that’s something that the Cubans have thought us to do, through things
like Operation Milagro – where you have got thousands of doctors in Latin America carrying
out operations on people who don’t have access to proper health care systems – people
with cataracts and blindness – and just thought doing that you can see what level Cuba is
on internationally. It was impressive to see the level of openness
in Cuba. For example the economist that is in the video – the way we stumbled upon him
was quite interesting. We walked into a café to get some drinks and we saw what looked
like a teacher and his student going over some notes, so we just asked them what they
were talking about because they had a book about economics. And that’s literally how
we met the economist. I thought I was going to go there and then
come back thinking Cuba is either socialist or it is not. But I came away more thinking
that Cuba is aspiring towards socialism, and improving constantly and evolving constantly,
and it is a constant process and up against many challenges, but they have the means to
overcome these challenges and work around the situation, even under the US blockade.
The Cubans that I spoke to when I was on the brigade – they understood that all Obama has
done is reverted the restrictions on remittances back to what they were before Bush got into
power. So he has not completely challenged the blockade, he has not said no to the blockade,
that the blockade is genocidal and we must end it, which is the truth. He has not pointed
out how all the previous presidents have just enforced the blockade, and how disgusting
and brutal it is. They did not really have much to say about Obama to be honest and I
thinl that’s the correct position to have – to wait for him to actually do something
to change the balance. Cuba has consistently put itself out there
in solidarity with other nations – whether it is the people of Angola in the fight against
apartheid or the medical aid that Cuba sends to various countries like in Haiti, like in
El Salvador, Bolivia and Venezuela. They also have one really important fundamental
thing that gives power to people, the right to recall of elected representatives that
they feel are not fulfilling their role and representing people. And that is giving power
to the people. Here you just don’t have the option. The MP’s expenses – what could
we do we could? We couldn’t do anything. They are still running the country.
Oreste abogado de Pinar del Rio. Cuban farmer
My name is Helson Leonel Rodriguez and I’m a boy who is 20 years old, and I’m here
because I’m in civil service – not military service, because I’m Jehovah’s witness.
If some Jehovah’s witnesses are watching me now, your partner from Cuba says hello
– we are here and we are working here and you know, it isn’t bad, man!
These insects are named cotorritas. In this little house we are trying to breed them,
because we want to have many of them. When we have many we put them in the environment
with pests, and they eat the pests. The organoponic is surround with palms – that helps against
the wind and protects the bananas in the other side.
Look at that. That is natural fertilizer. With this we don’t have to buy abono fertilizer
from the outside – we create our own abono. Manager State farm Pinar del Rio
International School of Sport and Physical Education
My name is Michael Knight. I’m from Trinidad and Tobago. Here I study sport and physical
education. The objective of the course is to better sport in my country. If you look
at other countries they have to pay a lot to have access to this kind of knowledge and
here it is free. Language School Havana
Values are a very important element in the curriculum because you don’t want to be
very good at speaking and writing if you are selfish person, if you don’t have solidarity,
if you arrive late, or treats badly other classmates. So you might be very good at writing
and speaking but you don’t have values. So in this case you have 3 chances or you
are out of the school because you have no values. This is important in our pedagogy
here in Cuba. The term black was invented in the Caribbean.
I don’t use that in my classroom – I say descendents from Africa. My great great great
mother in my mother side was a slave who was brought from Africa. So this is really important,
because here in Cuba sometimes you listen to some phrases – you know, phrases that explicitly
or implicitly include racism. So that is for you to know it is not officially – because
of the politics of our government – not in education. If we know that someone is racist
that person is not fulfilling the values, but that does not mean that it doesn’t exist
in the mind some people. Student from Trinidad
Did you do any research – for example if you were to study in the US how much would you
have to pay? If I were to study in US it would cost a whole
lot more than studying here. I think that the reason why we have to pay so much in US
is because the system there is capitalism and here is socialism. Medical care here is
free, housing is free, education is free – that’s the basic reason. Transport is really cheap
here, medical care is really good and doctors are
The economy is like a little hole, you know? That is the only thing, but I guess at the
end of the day if the trade embargo was blocked it would be much better here, there would
be a lot more opportunities, jobs and production going on. With this degree, I can go home
and a job as a teacher easily. Cuba is an inspiration because they gone through
a hell of a lot. That country was producing sugar only for the US. That’s no way to
live, that’s not fair! The US has no right to impose anything on any other country. That’s
why I support Cuba. That’s why I tell people about Cuba, because they are an example of
the direction we should all be taking, because that direction will eventually benefit all
of us. Britain, imperialist countries, the developed
western hemisphere, makes its living – makes everything – off the back of the exploitation
of third world countries. So if every country followed the example of Cuba then the imperialist
countries would have nothing to live on. As a principle I should support the Cuban
people because they are standing on their own two feet, and they are opposing imperialism
directly. Imperialism cannot infiltrate Cuba, they can’t control their state. Cuban is
standing by itself. Rock around the Blockade doesn’t exist just
to celebrate Cuba, ‘isn’t it lovely that there is a country out there that is like
this’, but we recognize the important contributions that Cuba can make to the world because of
its socialist system. The Cubans understand that their society is not perfect – that’s
the first thing they say to you, ‘we are not perfect but we are trying and it is in
our hands, and we get to try different options’ – and I want people, I want my children to
be able to grow in a society where they can be part of forming it.
If you look at May Day around the world it is a protest against the state, a demonstration
to say that the state and capitalism is not serving the needs of the people. When you
saw people out on the streets on May Day in Cuba it was really uplifting to see such a
mass of people so proud of their country. Living in an imperialist country like Britain,
I would feel disgusted to even slightly feel that way, I have no place to feel nationalist
in an imperialist country, because I know the effect it has on other people around the
world, so I completely distance myself from any nationalist thought, whereas it is different
in Cuba because if anything they are offering a hand of solidarity around the world.
A third world country like Cuba can provide all its citizens with all their needs, feed
everybody, everyone has access to free healthcare, and in this country we don’t have that.
Where are the resources going? The resources are going to kill Iraqis and people in Afghanistan,
they are going on these imperialist wars. Why? So that the oil companies can stay rich,
so that the rich elite can stay rich, and everything can still ticking over and the
bankers can keep taking home their bonuses. That’s why.
You will be able to see what is achievable, and I mean that
is what the Cuban revolution is. It’s the
working class masses overthrowing the ruling class, putting their own destiny into their
own hands. I was really quite moved by the fact that
young people – young teenagers – are seen as a productive part of society. They are
seen as the next generation of people that are going to push forward the revolution and
not just criminalized as they are here. I think is important to show the working class
kids here that are criminalized every day. The tabloids in this country are always going
on about youth violence, kids on the street, and kids up to no good, ‘hoodies’ and
whatnot. I think it is very important to show that there is a society, an alternative socialist
society, where young people are valued and given the chances that they need to become
positive members of society. You look at supermarket here like Tescos – you’ve
got the whole world, produce from the whole world in Tescos. I wouldn’t think that is
a privilege until I go to another country where they don’t have that. Then you have
to ask yourself why don’t that have that? Is it
fair that they don’t have that? Why it is that
we have the privilege of having access to the whole world by walking 5 minutes down the
road, whereas in
some countries children have to walk for 3 hours to get to a school? Why is that
the situation? That’s not natural, it’s
not determined by floods, it’s not determined by climate – it’s determined by human
beings and by human interaction. For me looking at Cuba helps you to understand that, because it is the polar opposite of what the British state represents.

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    Thatcher forced Pinochet to step down and now Chile has democracy because of this.

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  13. Cuban people have indeed got spunk and have tried to stand up to the Castro regime for years. The embargo as designed to help free Cuban people from the slavery of the Castro regime.

    Your communism survives through oppression, poverty, famine and propaganda.

    No one ever choose to be governed by communist dictators.

    Maybe one day you will be exploited.

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    Here you are on Youtube, which is banned in Cuba, promoting dictators and oppression.

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  19. No matter how perfect the system. In the wrong hands, it can be abused. Communism and socialism has been abused just as much as capitalism has been over the last 30 years. A beautiful idea executed by an ugly person will distort the beauty and the distorted idea will be used by the opposing force as propaganda against the idea because they know that the organic, academic idea would be too attractive to people.

  20. Being frozen in time is not a bad thing if you're happy. Just because something is modern does not make it good. If being on the cutting edge makes you happy, great but don't expect everyone to be like you. That's just arrogant. I take it you live in the US now? You have have definitely taken on the famous US pride/ignorance.

  21. Socialism (not Lenism, Stalinism, Maoism, Catroism but pure Marxism), : Materialistic, selfish, greedy people hate it… Compassionate, social, cooperative, people love it. End of story. Next debate please. This one is old, too diluted with propaganda from both sides and uses the wrong terms too much. The same as Wall Street capitalism is very different to Adam Smith capitalism. Castroism is not the same as Marxism.

  22. R u Cuban? My whole family is. Im first generation born in the U.S. but I have been to Cuba and met family still living there. They hate it. Its beautiful the country but yes modernization such as roofs that don't leak water, indoor plumbing, 24 hour power and light are pretty nice things to have. My parents came to U.S. with nothing. My Dad a physician now and we own rehab center together. We make a lot of money, money won't make u happy but it makes life easier in certain things.

  23. My parents would never go back, not even to visit even if they were allowed they say. They take much pride in their accomplishments they have 1 college grad, me, and 2 in top FL universities, all on FULL scholarship and don't pay a penny. Cubans are not happy, the people in this documentary I don't understand them? Cubans pack in little boats everyday and risk sinking, sharks, coast guard, their lives to get to U.S. Why do u think they do that?

  24. Most don't know what they are missing in America. Capitalism. U work hard you will make money. U go to school for a profession, u will make even more money. In Cuba a Doctor makes the same, eats the same, drives the same car as the trash man….

  25. Like I said. Don't expect everyone to be like you. Just because your family landed on the right side of capitalism does not mean everybody does. Have you spoken to every Cuban? Have you spoken to every American? Both systems, Capitalism and socialism are great ideas in theory but in practice they get twisted and implemented imperfectly. Being unaware of that just means you were lucky enough (or ignorant enough) to not see the suffering that capitalism creates.

  26. I see no suffering in America. I see lots in Cuba. Luck had nothing to do with it. Its called working hard everyday of ur life. Its called being intelligent enough to know whats important in life. Money isn't everything but life is much harder without it. Life is even harder when u work hard and no matter how u work you are not rewarded. Capitalism works. Communism obviously does not. This is the dumbest documentary I have ever seen in my life.

  27. "I see no suffering in America". I think you have been punched in the head too much Mr Iron Toledo because that is the most ignorant statement ever typed on a youtube comments page! So far your "intelligence" has made you completely blind to what's going on on your own doorstep. You are a great example of Rich Kid arrogance. Please don't ever become a politician as you clearly don't have any insight into the world you live in! "Capitalism works"? Where have you been for the last 5 years??? Mars?

  28. Without the trash man, everyone will become diseased. The trashman stops diseases. The doctor cures them. You would need a lot more doctors if there were no trashmen. Why should a doctor be paid more? He/she learns medicine to help people. Not get rich! Your arrogance is astounding!!! This is why you didn't fit into cuban society. Because you are too pompous! You'll fit right in in the U.S!


  30. No Buddy. I own multi million dollar business at 25. Rehab center for addicts and alcoholics. I see them suffering but they do it themselves and can help themselves whenever they choose, It takes HARDWORK, But in this country all of them lucky enough to have health insurance so they can come to a nice place to recover. Its not perfect because the hardworking people have to pick up the slack for the lazy "suffering" people. U don't live in America, that much is obvious.

  31. I don't get hit in the head. I hit people. Wouldn't be a good boxer and be a able to run the business I do without my intelligence, taught to me in America. In Cuba what I would I be? A boxer forced to box for no money? Never become anything but maybe a medalist in the olympics if I devoted my life? I get to live 2 dreams everyday. Tell me in ur infinite wisdom who exactly oppressed suffering people who are not doing better than those in Cuba? Im Cuban have family there and they are lying to me?

  32. Communist idiotic way of thinking! No way would I want to fit in that society. U say anything against the government ur thrown into a work camp, so people keep quiet and are afraid. In America, I can say fuck the president and fuck this government to the president himself and nothing would happen to me, its called freedom of speech. Pompous? Look that word up buddy. U don't know the meaning. Pompous is the Communist leaders who eat well and collect all the money for themselves.

  33. No they want a better life for their children is all. Ur wrong man. U've been brainwashed from birth. Its ok. Whatever communist background u grew up in is too blame. Not u, there are still people in Cuba who think the way u do as well. They are not able to see how good things are, unless they have family who made it here to America. Even the trash man is well paid here and has insurance benefits and receives the best healthcare in the world.

  34. See. Wild assumptions based on no evidence. I am English. I grew up in a capitalist society. I lived in the US for 6 years. I have also lived in Australia, China, Vietnam and now Thailand plus visits to 20 other countries. I have experienced many cultures and the one thing I learned was that one size does not fit all. You are pompous! You have no humility. You call me brainwashed I actually went against popular opinion. I left capitalism but it's okay for some. NOT ALL! That's my point.

  35. And where does freedom of speech actually get you? Nowhere. It's a useless freedom. As soon as you actually change hot air into action, you're just as oppressed as any other insurgent. Try it! See how free you really are!

  36. I can see why you didn't suit a communist society. You are way too full of your own self importance and individualistic ambitions. A communist society needs people committed to social needs, not individual needs. You are just not a communist. But some people are. Some people put their society before themselves. I know that's hard for you to fathom because you're a selfish-egocentric breed of human. America will love you. Cuba will hate you.

  37. And if you don't get punched in the head, you're obviously only picking opponents you can beat. The mark of a narcissistic coward unwilling to educate themselves. I can read you like a book little man. Obviously bullied as a child!

  38. Well I don't pretend know about countries Ive never done study on. Cuba and America relations is the subject no? Spouting off about different countries what does that mean? to me nothing. I have visited a lot of those countries but never lived. Vietnam the south is nice. The North is an isolated communist shit hole a lot like Cuba, studied the north. Humility…do u know me? I work with drug addicts as a counselor when I don't have to work. Thats humility. I box so im confident, any boxer is.

  39. No sir amateur still and work a lot. I get matched up, don't pick my opponents. Would like to take it further but gotta make a name as an amateur, while juggling a 24/7 business. Its not easy but u know what? I work hard and manage both. My face still pretty. My brain is not mush. I did get hit a lot at first in sparring and learned quick, to slip and counter-punch. Never bullied, my grand-father fought for communist Cuba, taught me at a young age to defend myself, in boxing. I was the bully.

  40. Communist society doesn't suit me. Its the other way around. Why would I wanna be poor and eat what Im told to eat? Why would I want shit medical care? I employ many people, so ur individual needs BS is just that. U want me throw my money into the streets? No. I own a rehab clinic? Is that not a social need? You should always put urself and ur family before strangers, then do what u can after. Im Cuban, they love me no matter what. I was born in U.S. I did everything my parents asked of me.

  41. It gets us very far, some law or some politician is corrupt we can voice our opinion, no dictators with absolute power over everything. The U.S. constitution guarantees certain rights communist countries dream of. Im not oppressed. Things I don't like there's an action free process to change them. Taking up weapons against the government, flying planes into buildings, leaving bombs near marathons, crazy people call that action.

  42. Tell me why exactly why u personally think communism is the best form of government? Not some propagated bullshit either. How has it helped u personally? What do u do as a profession that u move so much? Ur english ok. Full on English? A monarchy is ok with u? Im confused by your love of Communist Cuba. Have u been there personally? It wasn't on your list. A person whose parents born and raised and who still has family and been himself is telling u like it is and u refuse to believe it. Why?

  43. Do the people in this documentary look 'oppressed ' ? Of course not. All the haters on here are fools, they haven't even watched the film!

  44. Accept as fact that the revolution inherited fundamentally racist practices and economic exclusion, does not justify the current reorganization of the racism that lives and suffers the most marginalized social gear Cuban , you are certainly, blacks and mestizos

  45. 2 unThe contempt and poverty are united in the daily struggle, but the different way of approaching life completely separates, the black indolent and a dreamer, you spend your bucks on any frivolous or 'glue sticks' (drunk), European has a tradition of working and saving which follows him to this corner of America and drives him to advance, even independently of his own individual aspirations. "[2] in the movie" Motorcycle Diaries "omitted this observation uncomfortable Che diary .comfortable.

  46. 1 Che's racism is evident in these comments in his travel journal: "The blacks, those magnificent examples of the African race who have maintained their racial purity thanks to little attachment you have to the bathroom, have seen their real invaded by a new issue of slave: the Portuguese.

  47. Ultimately,the real blockade in Cuba is the one to which is submits the Cuban people on the Castro regime itself: a political deadlock determined by a unique party system that does not recognize freedom of association, expression and commerce. After decades of a rigid and repudiate state planning that has sunk the Cuban people in misery still remain strong restrictions on private initiative which are limiting the development of productive forces.

  48. In regard to the Asian brother and sister black. They are not advocating for the Cuban people. Failure in favor of good old discredited monarchy, Castro family

  49. What you are talking about is totally wrong. Anti-socialist trash and drivel … pure sloganeering. Yes, there is racism in Cuba but the system is fighting racism, challenging it, but of course in a country colonised by white oppressors for hundreds of years there is racism?? Then you say the Cubans are in misery? How did you 'measure' this? If we just want to make big statements like that, I would say their neighbours in Haiti and Jamaica are 100 times MORE miserable. Cuba is a success.

  50. You are parading as an anti-racist campaigner. What campaigns or groups or even nations do you advocate as examples of anti-racism? Please tell us, as there is no nation on this earth fighting racism and imperialism (the CAUSE of racism) more than CUBA. Socialism is the only system which can answer this problem of racial prejudice and inequalities, by destroying all economic and white supremacist ideologies which underly it

  51. Socialism, Utopian economic and political system that promises equality , prosperity and universal peace through the operation of a collectivist state , has been repeatedly exposed as a colossal failure . Its history , marked by failed societies and brutal dictatorships , is literally littered with the corpses of millions of innocent.

  52. The conflict between individual rights and collective rage on , but despite historical failures of socialism remains attractive for people vulnerable to the false promises of equality and economic equality . Instead of being relegated to their own proverbial " dustbin of history , 'continues long after their failures and crimes have been exposed for all to see.

  53. The truth about Simon Bolivar , Chavez 's idol
    A dictator racist , militaristic and Mason.
    1 The name of Simon Bolivar is sacrosanct in Venezuela and elsewhere in Latin , and Chávez has used to put a label to their own regime : " Bolivarism " . However, the figure of the " Liberator," Latin American independence leader , is undergoing a strong revision of not too good. .

  54. 2 The Peruvian Herbert Morote , in Bolivar : liberator and Peru enemy number 1 , is exhaustive. Simon Bolivar (1783-1830) was a dictator militaristic opposed any legal limitation of his power, arbitrary , imposed on American soil some artificial divisions that were germ border wars ; racist , who charged the Indians with a special tax and re- establish slavery for blacks ; Mason , who used Masonry to climb to power and then banned in Venezuela to avoid being shot down by her. The myth unravels.

  55. Cuba is like a mystery for me. I have a friend who studied in Cuba for a year, she told me something about this country, people earn little money but still love his country. When will America stop pointing others?

  56. The people of Cuba are free to remain in Cuba for the rest of their lives. They're free to go hungry, poor to non health care is ample, occupational choice is also available (for friends and family of the elite) and higher education is freely offered (to Party affiliates and fuck-friends). Castros govt extends free occupational therapy (labor camps) to all enemies of the people to encourage malcontents (honest people that want their civil rights) to not stray from the herd of humbled, led sheep.

  57. usa is everything but freedom,i hope american people will wake up before its too late.ill save some $ and im out of here.

  58.  People become Communists because they want attention and want to hurt people.

      No one actually thinks that a few elites in power can control and plan a whole economy. Nobody.

      The Castro family do what they do for their own power and money, that's all.

  59. Very naive the only 4 non Cuban people who were interviewed, what they said is not the reality of Cuba it is only a reality for an elite of Castro's Cubans The term is "Embargo" and not "Blockade"  there has been no physical, naval blockade of  Cuba by the USA since the end of the Cuban Missile Crisis in 1962. The USA does not block Cuba's trade with third-party countries, other countries are not under the jurisdiction of US domestic laws. Cuba can, and does, conduct international trade with many third-party countries and has been a member of the World Trade Organization (WTO) since 1995. Cuba had no Constitution fro 1958 to 1976 and the Constitution is named "Socialist Constitution of Cuba" but if I do not want to be Socialist means I am an outlaw?, very bad, no personal liberties. What does Cuba produce? surely it has never been enough as all the pictures you see of Cuba since the arrival of the triumphant Fidel in 1958 are of derelict or close to derelict people and only the dominant class (military, politicians and some sports people) have nice living. If you like this style of living, well congratulations and go on to your desires, but for me I prefer a system where I can be an owner and not where the dominant class and the state owns everything. Viva la Cuba libre

  60. These young people are clueless. I bet they wouldn't be so impressed about the Cuban system if they had to live in it.

  61. I think the United States really needs to leave Cuba alone they have the right to choose their own destiny an the type of government that they want it they don't want to be capitalist I don't have be.

  62. Cuba is far from a toilet they have some of the best doctors in the world has some the best healthcare in the world has some the most educated people in the world they grow their own food it is far from a toilet

  63. The United States just want to impose imperialism upon them to control the island their resources there tourism in the United States can really be a bully.

  64. But despite the embargo Cuba has done a lot of things well they producing the best vaccines in the world they have a thriving pharmaceutical industry. The united states just wants to control them and their resources. They have oil gas minerals and an educated work force. They have the potential to be the Taiwan of the western hemisphere and the US knows it. Cuba doesn't need the US. Forge partnerships with other nations like Brazil or Nigeria cuz the US likes to engage in economic blackmail if they can't control you.

  65. People say "Propaganda!" when they see films like this. 
    I say "Propaganda!" all day, for almost everything I see, because I live in a shithole that is called: the capitalist western society… 
    Thanks for the video!

  66. why did US impose such restrictions on another country? its their country, they can decide for themselves how things are to be done, why US has to interfere?

  67. Cuba , como un ratoncito hizo brincar un elefante !
    la culpa de la pobreza en cuba es de la mayoria de los politicos que no supieron  crear economia  , de la mayoria del  pueblo que piensò solo en robar al estado y de todos los gringos que solo piensaron en aplastar unos ideales  muy peligrosos para su sistema imperialista , prepotente y podrido ! Viva la nueva  Cuba con su identidad social , cultural  , solidaria y con un poco mas de libertad y economia !

  68. Fidel And Che are asesinos!!! Murderers!!!! They killed thousands of people!!!! America is #1!!! LOL You gotta love anti castros haha

  69. Clearly all of you making comments about viva Fidel and the revolution, either have never lived in Cuba and suffer the necessity those who live there are facing everyday, or are really blind and believe that that system works.  Please don't make ignorant comments if you don't know what its like to live there.  And if you are wondering I was born and raised there so i know what its like to be hungry, thirsty, not having a pair of shoes, so its funny how these young people from this video are talking so much nonsense because they dont know what life it like in Cuba.  Visiting Cuba as an European tourist is not the same as experiencing cuba as a regular citizen.  

  70. So if you really believe in the system, them move to cuba, become a cuban citizen  and then come back in 10 years and let us know what you opinion is.  I'm pretty sure your opinion will be different.  

  71. The worst human rights abuses in Cuba are on Guantanamo Bay – a U.S. international prison house of torture. Never forget that.

  72. Thanks for making/posting documentary.  I learned from this video.  The USA is an imperialistic, capitalist monster that IS GOING DOWN!  I need to visit Cuba soon.  If anyone has information on how I may connect with one/some of organizations shown, please email me at easpoet at gmail dot come.  Muchas gracias!  Viva Cuba Libre

  73. they act like they're culture is unique when it's totally ageing and fucked, they act holier than thou but really they send doctors like a prisoner sends "free" chocolate Bars to a new inmate. they whine and bitch and treat the us like shit when they're totally dying to be like them. worst of all, they were the ones who screwed central america twice over making it impossible for me truly enjoy Guatemala without seeing relics of their soviet backed meddling. they hate the United states but what they don't know is that cuba is just as racist and ignorant as their northern neighbors. don't buy their propoganda.

  74. Such naivete. Communist party members receive no special treatment? My ass. These people are victims of propaganda as well.

  75. Cuban medical aid is wonderful except none of the countries they "help" including themselves have NO medicine. It's wonderful to know a recipe but terrible to have no food to cook with. …

  76. In Cuba, only those lucky few who are allowed to participate outside the so-called planned economy prosper. If you are a Cuban and you are making money it's because, 1) You are in a government sanctioned private enterprise, 2) You are involved some way in the black market, or 3) You are a highly placed Government despot like the Castros who are worth over a billion dollars. I wonder why it's called a planned economy. Did they plan to have all those poor people?

  77. That girl on the 3rd minute…let me tell you kitty about "no money" in communist party in Cuba. The only way that there is for all thoose outside the communist party!!! I mean, their system is just like old Soviet communist system which is like this: unless you are in the party you are dirt poor like everyone esle and it is only a special cast of people who through their party membership get the special treatment and perks like more food, better housing cars, vocations, grls and so on. Those things might still be not super luxurious by Western standards but you have got to remember that in a poor society of nothing something becomes alot and that "something"…you get it only through the party membership (there and in all communist societies)!!!

  78. Man, how many ignorant, unthought comments there are here?? People really don't think at all (with a few exceptions).

    If Cuba is really a bad government, why did USA blocked it's economy?? If Cuba is really a dictatorship ship that strikes poverty everywhere, why does USA bother on making counterpropaganda agains it?? REally, try to think just for a while.

    UNITED STATES DOESN'T CARE ABOUT WELLNESS, all they care about is the riches that the Cuba government is protecting, that's how it works. Please, people, try not be fool.
    If USA really cared about poverty, it would be making counterpropaganda against Jamaica, Haiti and Mexico. But, real life shows that they don't give a shit about it (and explores them a lot)

    One last thing, if Cuba's poverty (or lack of luxury to be more precise) is due to its socialist system, why is China so Rich??
    "Ohhhh, it's an exception to the rule".
    No, it's not. The problem is that they (Cuba, China and the other three socialist countries of the world) have riches that USA want, and socialism is the only thing blocking the way.

  79. Havana is destroyed. I grew up there and it was a beautiful city. Castro is the devil, he brought misery and poverty to the people w/ his so called "revolution"…he was an illegitimate bastard, an authentic son of a bitch. His mother was the cleaning woman to his rich land owner father and now you know where his hatred for the wealthy comes from; he was attempting to kill his father, sound familiar? He is a Cuban Don Quixote and just as crazy saving the people from the wealthy, his stupid 1/2 Chinese brother didn't really understand what was going on, to this day I don't think he has a clue…Castro cares about Castro and the poor people suffer probably more than before…

  80. Hey. I want to share this documentary among my classmates sometime in the future. Is there a way for me to access the subtitle files in this video? I could translate easily translate them from english to portuguese.

  81. I never understood that argument : " We had to cave in to some capitalism because otherwise it was the end of the revolution".
    How is that?
    First : If you cave in to capitalism, capitalism won't stop there. The forces that push for capitalism will only grow bolder seeing that victory : "hey guys we can now exploit family members, it's legal! Now let's push for non family members also!". That was the debate a decade ago I believe. Today it's much worse, the debate in Cuba revolves around "hey guys now let's push for the capitalist to be able to own 3 businesses instead of the 2 we were just granted".

    Second : So now there are capitalists in Cuba that are allowed to have 2 shops which they clearly don't work because it's physically impossible to work at 2 places at once. So they exploit people to work the other shops and they accumulate wealth upon other's work (albeit highly taxed). How the fuck is that saving the revolution? If the capitalists now have this power, it's only a matter of time before 3 businesses (if it's not done already) are allowed and then they remove the limit. Then (very soon) it will be no different than a social democracy that will be, as they all are, inevitably headed towards rabid capitalism. There already is such a difference in standards of living between the white and black people. I was so sad to see that there already are 2 very distinct classes getting wider apart. The Miami tied ones that have dollars and buy from dollar stores and the ones that work for them.

    There already are millionaires in Cuba, they're very sad that they are very limited in what they can do with their money but they are pushing harder and harder getting more and more into politics to change things further. My host in Cuba was a subversive artist that painted against what little remains of socialism and he sold so well to foreigners that he was able to spend 350$ a month on electricity (the bill is an exponential function to kW, so dirt cheap for the poor, and very expensive for the wasteful). That's beyond crazy to be so wealthy when some people in Cuba barely get enough with the food stamps and what little they earn. To put it in perspective, he spends more in electricity than what 10 doctors make in a month, that's why her doctor wife doesn't work any more.

    That absurd system is beyond sad. There has to be a drastic return to socialism. I cannot defend the Cubans that say these capitalist changes are necessary. When there is no revolution left to save, there is no point in pretending to save it with more capitalism. The fact is those that defend the reforms are all people that would fare very well in a capitalist society. They would earn substantially more and live much more comfortable lives at the expense of the rest of Cubans that they would exploit. These are the forces of reaction, they will feign interest in the revolution while wishing for capitalism. They might believe in their own narrative and loyalty to the revolution, but when they mean revolution it has a very different meaning from what we communists believe in.

    Last point, if you watch the 8th congress of the PCC from a few years ago, when Fidel was still alive, you can clearly see that the general tone is that of reform, reform, reform. Only Fidel's voice had a different one, and no one listened to him. It was as if he was an old relic that all must respect and hear but no one will actually listen to. It was the saddest thing. The representatives, Raúl included, all spoke as if they had been imported directly from a social democrat country in Europe. I live in such a country and it was unbelievable to hear them speak with the same rhetoric and intent as they do in our parliaments. If the heads of state in Cuba are sell-outs, it's no wonder that the general discourse I heard from young Cubans save a few staunch communists was that it was time to embrace more capitalism.

    Cuba has indeed betrayed the revolution. What its ancestors fought for with blood sweat and tears is now all going to capitalist ruin. I give Cuba 30 years before it's back to Batista's time.

  82. It is easy to talk freely while in the UK I just come back from Cuba Of course I am sorry to say we are pretty rich we had so many colourful cars drivings us around Havana seen interesting places etc. I felt terrible for the poor people there we stood out too much and that was very uncomfortable for me hence leaving the second day The problem is from both sides… The Cuban Government and the greedy Cuban living in the USA waiting to move back to buy most of Havana and kicking out people that been living in the Havana all their life the Government have not helped them fix their depleted houses their kids sick because of the living condition …there has to be a happy medium otherwise there will be another Castro rising with bigger Revolution…Let us hope any changes in Cuba it will be in Favor of the People that suffered from all these unnecessary Embargo…. Live and Let Live…..

  83. Instead of visiting Cuba Go live there..
    without AC and without the morning coffe you get before work inside of your confortbale car ,without toilet paper without toothpaste ot even soap.. is always something missing in the bodega next door.
    Oh and forget freedom of speech and basic human rights.
    I still rememer when I was satying at a hotel in Varadero Cuba, and my grandmother who lived there and worked for her goverment all her life wasnt allowed to step inside of the Hotel because guess what?! Hotels were only meant for tourists not for Cubans..
    Go and experience the reality! All of us cubans we left looking for freedom.
    the only ones who own a car are rich people or state workers like this farmers.
    Those doctors came back from Venezuela with brand new tvs,fridge,dvs players,beds everything you can imagine and everything they couldnt afford in Cuba.
    I also spent 15 years of my life in Portugal and while living there I knew a Cuban doctor who was getting paid only half of his salary while the cuban goverment was bringing home the other half.. for what? so he could bring a tv and house equipment as a soveniur from Europe.
    Remember fear and ignorance ia great combination when it comes to power.
    Fidel was able to brainwash the whole country and his propaganda is infecting the world..
    The convinience of Venezuela frienship (who gave cuba 5 months of oil a year) look at Venezuela now!! dont buy into this lie,Please. Im Cuban love my country not the goverment.

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