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France vs United Kingdom (UK) – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

France vs United Kingdom (UK) – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

France-UK relations are long and complex. Both were conquered by Romans and during the
medieval period they were often bitter enemies and fought many wars, even one that lasted
116 years! In more recent times the relationship has
improved with alliances in both world wars and the Cold War. In my opinion the relationship between France
and the United Kingdom was best characterised by a French author who described the British
as our most dear enemies. This is Alex from Lifelong Learners, I eat
both pies and croissants and today, we will objectively compare Britain and France to
see which is more liveable. The UK and France both have strong education systems. The elementary school PISA rankings score
France above average with a rank of #27 out of 70 countries. The UK however comes in the top quarter with
a rank of 15 Higher education rankings also place the UK
in front with 32 UK universities in the top 200 second only to America. On the other hand France has 4 in the top
200. The tables are completely reversed when looking
at the affordability of higher education. While the cost varies greatly across the UK,
especially when considering Scotland’s free education, the average cost in the UK is approx. 10,000 EUR. This is substantially higher than universities in France, many of which have annual fees unders 500 EURs. So while the UK has better universities the
cost of study is x20 more than in France Interestingly, even with the higher cost,
the proportion of adults with tertiary education is higher in the UK with 42% of 25-64 year
old having tertiary education compared to 34% in France There are surprising figures when looking
past education and into employment and wealth. Both economies rank in the top ten globally
but current employment levels are very different. The UK enjoys a low unemployment rate of 4.5%
compared to France with almost double digits at 9.5%. The average wage is essentially the same in France and the UK with $37.3 thousand EURs
in the UK compared to $37.5 thousand in France Wages should be considered with reference
to the individual income tax rate and here there is a large gap. The rate in France is currently 22.5% down
from 45% in 2014. The UK has an individual income tax rate of 45% Which country is it cheaper to live in? In the past, France has consistently been
the more affordable country but since 2016 the UK has had a lower cost of living with
a rank of 25 compared to France’s more expensive rank of 18 out of 121 countries
Health While the UK performs strongly in education
and wealth France leaps ahead when reviewing health indications. Both countries have lower obesity rates than
the US and Australia however stats are still poor with 28% of UK adults obese compared
to 24% in France Maternal mortality, that is the number of
mothers who die per 100,000 live births is quite low in both countries with 9 per 100,000
in the UK and 8 per 100,000 in France Infant mortality, the number of children per
1,000 live births who die before reaching the age of 5, is about the same in both countries
with 4.2 per 1000 in the UK and 4.3 in France. Life expectancy figures show, on average,
the French live a year longer at 81.8 years compared to the average Brit at 80.5 years
Happiness The comparison of happiness between both countries
is more balanced. Both countries are considered happy places
ranking in the top 20% of countries according to the world happiness index. France is ranked 26 out of 141 countries and
the UK is slightly higher with a rank of 19 Homelessness rates are both relatively high
compared other OECD countries with the UK at 0.25% of the population compared
to 0.22% in France Suicide rates per 100,000 people shows a wide
gap with the UK at 7.5 suicides per 100,000 and France almost double this rate at 14.3
The British have less holidays each year with 28 days of annual leave and
public holidays compared to the French with almost 2 weeks extra at 36 days of leave Recent events in both France and Britain have caused alarm and some to wonder which country
to safer? The Global Terrorism Index ranking indicates
that both countries have experienced a high impact of terrorism with the UK ranked 34
out of 163 countries and France slightly worse with a rank of 29. Both of these rankings are worse than other
countries such as the US or Brazil Homicides rates per 100,000 people are very
lower in both countries, lower in Canada. France has a rate of 0.6 per 100,000 compared
to 0.2 in Britain The incarceration rate in France is lower
with 101 prisoners per 100,000 people in the population compared to 143 in the UK
The global peace index scores both countries in a similar way with the UK ranking 41 out
of 163 countries, better than the rating of France at 51
So France, on average, has healthier people who live longer, have more holidays and pay
less tax. The UK population pays much more for university
but has better education institutions, less homicides, less suicides and is considered
a more peaceful country. What do you love about the UK and France? Which one do you think is more liveable? Leave a comment below, subscribe and give
a thumbs up. Thanks for watching!

100 comments on “France vs United Kingdom (UK) – Which country is more liveable? (Animated)

  1. You should do more like these!
    Like a little series… it would be awesome.
    Some ideas:
    Germany VS the Netherlands
    Switzerland VS Belgium
    Spain VS Portugal

    (I'll cross my fingers and wait)

  2. A UK Gross salary £40,000
    After tax £30,480
    Tax rate 24.8%
    A French Gross salary £40,000
    After tax £23,520
    Tax rate 41.2%

  3. well education in france is so particular that only one of the engineering school ends up in the top 200 but france is the country with the highest rate of engineer per capita and french engineer are really sought after abroad while uk is more famous for its finance and service industry

  4. France is more liveable. Their food, fashion, music, film, art, and culture are to die for. Plus, the south of France gets plenty of sunshine each year. Also, the women are much more classy and attractive. However, the only drawback is the language barrier as there are more people in this world who can speak English than French.

  5. Less unemployment in the UK or false statistics ?
    It is far better to be unemployed in France than to be at zero hours contract in UK……
    And for the happiness, It is a subjective statistic too because french people love to complain about their country.
    It is a national sport. Even if everything is perfect, they will complain.
    So, without doubt, France is far more liveable.

  6. If you see King of england since the beginning you noticed they have all French or German origin . Just see you can check by yourself
    House who directed England:
    1.Wessex first King of England is Athelstan. Athelstan is from Saxe region in Germany, he was king of Anglo-Saxon and he invaded England in 924, So he was at the same time King of England and King of Germany.
    Then French Invasion
    2. Norman
    3. Plantagenet who get divided into 3 houses Lancaster, d'York and Tudor
    6. Tudor
    7. Stuart ( House of Stuart are from Brittany French region the city of Dol de Bretagne) When the Norman invade England other region had come like the Breton. So Norman took England and The Breton went higher in Scotland. Then Walter who has Breton origin created the House of Stuart and became King of Scotland). And in 1603 they Were king of Scotland and England till 1714.

    8.House of Hanover George 1 er descending of Stuart became King of England in 1714, he is born in Germany and controlled the duché of Brunswick-Lunebourg in Germany and he has French Breton origin.
    When Queen Victoria die in 1901 the throne was given to another German family.
    9. Windsor was basically called house of Saxe-Cobourg-Gotha, But during the First World War, the anti-German feeling is so important that they have to change their name and take the name of Windsor

    To sum up
    Wessex German
    Normand French
    Plantagenet French
    Lancaster French
    York French
    Tudor French
    Stuart French
    Hanover German
    Windsor German

    They are 0 real English house and English king

  7. Our educational systems are not comparable, we do not develop the same skills, and it is not measurable because of our cultures. But there is a reality, France is the 5th world power, it is like England the basis of Western civilization, we have spread together the freedom to think and to undertake. We share the same story, the English language is 80% French words, we had the same King William the conqueror, and we are together beaten for freedom in 14-18 and 39-45.

  8. Foreigners still don't understand France's education system, and this video shows it once more. France's best schools aren't universities, and Shanghai's rankings do suck when it comes to ranking our schools. Just to give you an example, I'm quite sure that ENS Paris doesn't make it in the top 50, when it's certainly close to being the same level of Harvard, especially in Mathematics and Physics.

  9. I live in England and I love France. I'm planning on learning it for my secondary education and possibly moving there or to another French speaking country, like Canada

  10. I scrolled down the comments almost everybody agrees that France is better except the few lonely Brits trying to defend their rainy island

  11. Paris is owned by Qatar haaahaa🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂 fuck France go eat a fucking snail with some Baggott you France cunt and go to the toilet and fuck off France from USA America

  12. I'm french but i would like to live in London . I don't hate France it's actually pretty good but the britain accent is the most beautiful thing to hear

  13. I have lived in both countries and both have their advantages. In the UK it is easier to find work, but housing is more expensive, generally in France with the exception of Normandy, Brittany and Picardy has better weather than the UK. British society is general more open than French society, the British are generally politer, the French switch from being incredibly friendly to breathtakingly rude. French food general is better than British food. British pubs are nicer than their French equivalent.

    Both countries are good places. overall the UK is more livable simply because it is easier to find work than France.

  14. I love these two countries but if I have to live in one of them I choose France without hesitation. England is interesting but is much less beautiful and diverse than France. If France has been for a very long time the most visited country in the world and it is not due to chance ….

  15. 🇬🇧 Britain 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 is definitely far more liveable. Have been living here since I was born 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 God save the queen and the british!

  16. As an Australian, France 100%. Britain is a fucking shithole, and they treat Australians like dirt. Never going back to that grey, miserable wasteland of an Island.

  17. Seriously ? Have you seen the number of houses sold to englishmen in the west-south of France ? That’s litteraly an invasion

  18. Warning you: don't read the comment sections. Filled with salt French bots and French nats. Both countries have their pros and cons and both have issues they can't really fix.

  19. I'm French and it depends on what you like. If you like hot weather, you will like some parts of France, but not all. If you are okay with a mixed weather system then you'll like the UK. I'm sorry for the French trolls in this comment section, I am French who has lived in the UK and both nations are similar. I wouldn't say France is a paradise but I wouldn't say the UK is a paradise neither. And, just ignore any French trolls calling the UK's culture poor or UK people ugly. Ugly people in all countries and uneducated will always call another country's culture poor. 🙂

  20. La France est moins sur car c est dans l esprit français, la mentalité français . Le français est dissident , quand quelque chose ne lui plaît pas , il le fait savoir ( v est un des héritages sociaux de la révolution française) .Ce qui entraîne naturellement des grèves et manifestations, et donc de l insécurité.

  21. I'm Indian I have stayed for 5 years in both the UK and France I have studied in both countrie's schools and I think France is slightly better than the UK but I am not insulting the UK but France has better living systems

  22. But when I went to live in the US there wasn't so much crime as you described in the video

  23. I know both countries and even if I prefer London to Paris I choose France by far and without any hesitation.

    The indexes cited are questionable, especially with regard to educational systems.

  24. I don't care what anyone says in here the uk is the greatest country in the world just cause I prefer Britain to France as it is better and more livable I must say

  25. If living in a city, Britain (French cities are a tip). If living in the countryside, France. France still has loads of unspoilt green space. Property prices are also much cheaper in France.

  26. 40 pour cent des mots anglais viennent de france, comme les plantagenets, sans parler des liens francais comme avec les tudors, ou la creations de leurs universtitee comme oxford. richard coeur de lion vivait en france et y est enterre comme sa mere alieonor. bref les britaniques sont les petits cousins des francais….. quoi qu ils en disent

  27. As a Brit, I'd say that both France and the UK are brilliant countries in their own right, but that they are also fundamentally different and so a person could potentially live contentedly in either country. It all depends on which lifestyle works best for the individual.

  28. What people think we do:


    What we actually do:

    Get on with our lives.

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