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Fox News DESTROYS Trump’s lie about hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama

Fox News DESTROYS Trump’s lie about hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama

The president continues to defend a tweet
that he sent out on Sunday morning in which he said Alabama could possibly get some damage
from Dorian. The president tweeting, “Alabama was going
to be hit or grazes, and then Dorian took a different path (up along the East Coast). The Fake News knows this very well. That’s why they’re the Fake News!” Bit of a controversy has erupted over this
because at his hurricane briefing yesterday, the president held up a graphic of a 5-day
warning cone from last Friday the 30th which appeared to have been modified with a sharpie
to extend the bubble out there as you can see to include the Florida panhandle and parts
of southern Alabama. The president was asked how that line got
there yesterday afternoon. Listen here. But the original path was through Florida,
but was probably three days—I think that’s probably 3, 4 days old. The original path that most people thought
it was going to be taking as you know was right through Florida where, on the right
would’ve been Georgia, Alabama, etc. And that map that you showed us today – it
looked almost like a sharpie— I don’t know. I don’t know. I don’t know. The president saying he didn’t know how
that line get there. The president also tweeted out a graphic of
hurricane model plots collected by the South Florida Water Management District to prove
that Alabama was at risk. And some of those tracks did come very close
to the eastern part of Alabama. But those spaghetti models were from Thursday,
August 28. By the time the president tweeted about Alabama
at 10:51am on Sunday, the forecast track had moved well east. This is the 8 o’clock in the morning warning
on Sunday the 1st and you can see that they’re indicating that Dorian would stay well off-shore
and well away from Alabama. We are now on day 5 of the president of the
United States, a full-grown adult man, refusing to simply admit he made a mistake and instead
digging in his heels on the claim that hurricane Dorian was going to strike Alabama. To be clear, all of this is happening WHILE
the hurricane has all but destroyed islands in the Bahamas and is decimating the Carolinas
with flooding, strong winds and even tornadoes. But I’m sure Americans whose lives are actually
in danger can find solace in the fact that the guy who can allocate emergency federal
funding is digging through old forecasting models to prove his point. The entire issue here is that on Sunday, Trump
tweeted “In addition to Florida – South Carolina, North Carolina, Georgia, and Alabama,
will most likely be hit (much) harder than anticipated. Looking like one of the largest hurricanes
ever.” Moments later, the National Weather Service
tweeted, “Alabama will NOT see any impacts from Dorian. We repeat, no impacts from Hurricane Dorian
will be felt across Alabama. The system will remain too far east.” But instead of just accepting the mistake
and moving on, Trump has instead opted to pretend that he was right by tweeting out
models of the hurricane’s path… from three days before his original tweet. His models clearly show the date as Thursday,
August 29, whereas on Sunday, the updated models show Dorian’s path nowhere near Alabama,
but instead making a hard right up the east coast. He even went so far as to show a model of
the hurricane with its path altered with a sharpie, prompting a deluge of mocking tweets
online. And yet still, amid all of this, Trump is
defending himself, because clearly to simply ADMIT FAULT would be the embarrassing option
here. [blink]
But what’s so disgusting about Trump’s annual roleplay as weatherman is that he’s
spent the better part of a week trying to “protect” a state that was NEVER in any
danger, and yet he’s STILL ATTACKING Puerto Rico a year AFTER Hurricane Maria hit, which
that saw more lives lost than on 9/11. I guess even the POTENTIAL for lives lost
in a red state is still worth more to Trump than actual lives lost in a place with no
political upside for him. And look, this might seem like a petty and
obvious distraction from the White House, but it’s a clear testament to his mental
unfitness. If he’s so narcissistic that the most powerful
man on earth will spend five days fixating on weather maps, imagine what OTHER lengths
he would go to not to admit fault. Imagine if he misspoke about the target of
a missile launch and bombed the wrong country anyway because he was too proud to correct
himself. When you take into account his rapidly declining
mental health with the fact that he is physically incapable of admitting he was wrong, you’re
left with a horrifying recipe for disaster. Sure, it’s sad and mostly pathetic when
it’s a sharpie on a weather map, but don’t forget that this guy has the nuclear codes. But while we expect this degree of narcissism
from Trump, it’s watching the entire Republican party humiliate itself to defend his rambling,
incoherent tirades that’s especially sad. It’s watching a party that just lost the
House by the biggest margin in modern American history continue to dig in its heels on a
proven losing strategy. Trump is objectively the least popular president
in living memory, so to see the whole GOP predicate its success on falling in line behind
him, to watch them defend his disregard for the rule of law, circumventing Congress to
spend taxpayer money where he sees fit, enriching himself when federal officials and foreign
dignitaries stay at his properties, when the Secret Service is forced to rent golf carts
to keep up with him on his perpetual vacations, that is so remarkably pathetic for a party
that dares call itself patriotic. The truth is that for the Republican Party,
there is absolutely no coming back from this after the president leaves office. And so while it might seem politically convenient
NOW to hitch their wagon to Trump’s, the fallout will be EVEN more humiliating than
that one time they defended the guy who used a sharpie to alter the path of a hurricane
rather than simply admit he made a mistake.

100 comments on “Fox News DESTROYS Trump’s lie about hurricane Dorian hitting Alabama

  1. This is all so funny… Someone should write a book about him!! Oh wait… Lots of people have already haven't they? Even the guy that wrote his book "The art of the lie"!!

  2. 🤔 One of the MANY problems with THIS MUTHERFCKER & HIS LIES, is that THE CULT followers got no damn idea that he ever lied. Those FUCKING people seem to never watch or process information during Shepard Smith! 🙁 Chris Wallace might slip some factual 💩 in & Whoosh 👀! THE CULT will mainly focus on their Dear Leader's propaganda machines of 🦊 & Friends, Ingram 🙄, Fucker Carlson, and Hannity 😵.
    CULT leaders don't make mistakes in the minds & lying eyes of the Followers! 👀🙁
    #JohnBaron 🤥
    #JohnMiller 🤥
    DRUMPF his actual real name 🤫
    ALL 3 of these names belong to the same person that is also known as Individual-1.
    The Truth Ain't Fake News
    #CULT45 🤪
    #AmericanIdiot 🥴
    #EmolumentsClause 🧐💸
    #AmericansPayTariffs 🇺🇸💱
    Cheers from Cancún Mexico
    #NoPesos4daWaLL 🤫🤭🤣😂

  3. May my people be in divine light or resting in peace…😭😭😭🇵🇷🇵🇷🇵🇷 Bless my lir island and everything in it 😭😍

  4. The more he tweet out old weather maps the more he proves he was wrong. His info was 2 days old. And he said it himself that he had old information

  5. I wonder what he is really doing? While everyone is focusing on his weather report he is doing something that's going to bite us in the rear end later. #WATCH THE SHINNY BALL.

  6. The Sharpie stunt is the 2nd grader that didn't do well forging a note from his parents……..
    Seems as if people are finally catching on…… one-a-day's better than none-a-day.
    Is his wife coherent enough to comprehend the desolation of the very substance of the subject individual? In footage of him in scientist mode yammering about the Category 5 thing he turns to her….. WTF does she see? Man or mouse, adult or tot…..??? Seriously…….. it'd be GREAT to see a special Jeopardy type show that begins at 1st grade level…….COULD he make it to 3rd grade level??
    I can recall a time when I had respect for Trump because I thought he was the architect/engineer/developer of buildings……….. immensely inaccurate info.

  7. News reporters who get unsatisfactory answers need to step up to the plate more. Prez says, "I don't know, I don't know" to whether a map has been doctored, and the reporter SHOULD just loudly say, OK, then, folks, the POTUS doesn't understand what he shows us. Next question, please." Embarrass him directly instead of being so damned polite about it.

  8. Ok as much as I love seeing Fox News (the golden child) FINALLY call out Trump on his BS…. the fact that they chose a hurricane path to get outraged over is just… so Murrica.

  9. Actually I don't think that the president draw where the storm will hit but he was doodling and drew a second testical on the penis like area. Forgetting he did so then thinking it was the storm destination. Give him a break this could happen to any crude senile man child

  10. Patriotic ? How many, including Trump, are “in bed” with Russia, ( a COMMUNIST country) Trump having a (one sided ) bromance with Putin the communist leader of Russia ?

  11. Trump says that Georgia and Alabama are to the "right" of Florida…… this tells me he has no idea where Alabama is on the map…..

  12. John Roberts is just another part of the DNC cabal… crying over hurricane path like I said children it's time to grow up boys and girls.. find something substantial to bitch about I haven't seen anything yet

  13. I'm retired from Boeing, decided to work in hospitality to finish out my work history, just 58. Atlanta is my hometown but reside in SE MO, always fasinated by a guest response being in a red state. Guest was from AL I said glad you didn't get hit with Dorian he said "whoever gave him that map should go to prison". Blows my mind FYI my daughter lives in Orange Beach 2020 your life depends on it.

  14. Obama would have admitted he had old information,
    Bush would have admitted the mistake and grinned through it
    Trump true to form just continues to lie

  15. He wanted the hurricane Dorian to hit Alabama to get rid of those who live there due to failures to win votes in that state! Making hurricanes racist now?

  16. Don’t fall for it; Fox News are the ones that supposed this idiot in the first place! Now all of the sudden they’re going to tell the truth. Come on man!

  17. I guess he thought Hurricane Dorian was going to obey the chosen one and go to Alabama like he said it would. What an asshole! This is what happens when you don’t understand weather and how it works. Let’s just add this to the growing list of things trump doesn’t bother to learn anything about. He wants to stay stupid forever. SAD!!

  18. So far, 131 dislikes on this video from always trumpers who show no reasoning. They don't even care if the president jumps off a cliff, they will gladly follow suit while screaming "MAGA " on their way down….

  19. DID ANYONE NOTICE right at the beginning Trump said, "The original path that most people thought it was going to be taking, as you know, was right through Florida , where on the right would've been Georgia, Alabama, etc." Trump even altered the geography of the United States so that the hurricane path up the right side of Florida would include Alabama, which even on the map he's holding, is on the left…where the people of the country are currently heading.

  20. No matter how you cut it, no matter who covers for him, no matter what our opinions are, facts are facts and Trump lied and someone doctored a government map to serve their own purpose. Revised information a week later has no credibility whatsoever. Alabama was not at risk. Neither was Nebraska.

  21. As an interested Scotsman I find it astounding that no Republican has called him out on this.n(or indeed anything). I mean I DESPISE the Tories but 21 of them were just kicked out of the party for voting against and refusing to support the current Prime Minister.

  22. Any time I see DESTROYS in all caps I don't click. Just wanted to to point this out. It's tired and sad. You're better than this

  23. America this greedy thief is what we tried to warn you about. Ignoring laws rules and the constitution. This presidency is about how much Trump can loot before 2020. Trump is diverting billions of taxpayer dollars to his over seas investments. Trump might even abscond to Russia to avoid indictments.

  24. Obama went golfing all the time. The president is not the weather man. Is it his fault that we have hurricanes? Omg STOP N PLEASE CONCENTRATE ON HELPING THE PEOPLE OF BAHAMAS N PUERTO RICO

  25. Now NOAA has claimed that Trump was right, delegitimizing the Alabama NWS.
    We can no longer trust that our weather forecasts will be non-partisan. These are dark days.

  26. Anyway, I'm pretty sure he doesn't know the nuclear codes. That's why he's written them on the wall of the Oval Office. With a sharpie.

  27. BTW, he adulterated (another word for fornicated I guess) the second justification map too: The official spaghetti map has the least credible models shown in barely visible colors in order to focus on the better proven models. The one Trump showed had its contrast enhanced so that all models appeared equal, including the 2-3 that veered toward Alabama's south east corner. You can see how obvious and bad a Photoshop job it was because the original map had a snow white background while the POTUS's map had a darkened gray background.
    As we say in French, if he didn't exist, we'd have to invent him…

  28. Except Trump did not lie. Even CNN reported that Alabama had the potential to get hit along with the Alabama National Guard on the 28th

  29. I once told a first grade student that the next day he must bring back a note signed by his mother so I knew she had read about his bad behavior that day. The next day he handed me the note and in green crayon it said mom. Kind of the same thing but with a black sharpie 😂

  30. CNN forecast alabama would take a hit. in what world is giving a heads up a bad thing? this story would be so much more realistic if blasey-ford delivered it.

  31. Republicans are so worried about their careers they say nothing. Secretly hoping for a presidential heart attach so they can muster on and save face. Get him another bucket of chicken.

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