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Fox Host “Stunned” Half of Country Wants Trump Impeached

Fox Host “Stunned” Half of Country Wants Trump Impeached

This video that I’m going to play for you
is hilarious. Yesterday I reported to you the latest Fox
news poll Fox, which says, 54% of the country wants Trump impeached. 50% wants Trump impeached and removed. The team over at Fox and friends had some
cognitive dissonance on this one. On the one hand, they work for Fox news. They think Fox news is right about the facts,
but they also can’t believe that anybody but the most extreme leftists would want Donald
Trump impeached. So here is video of Fox news host Brian Kilmeade
visibly stunned by the results. On the one hand, it’s a Fox news poll. We believe Fox news polls, but the Fox news
poll says half the country wants Trump impeached and removed. How could it be if you’re watching? You may notice a perplexed look on Steve Doocy
and Ainslie Earhart’s faces as well. Take a look at this. Fox poll came out and I was stunned by this. This is 50% of the country want the president
impeached. I was stunned to see that that’s the number
because I thought they’d be things that were trending away. Uh, although the president’s approval rating
did take up in the same poll, so it’s almost like a split personality. How could this be? Say it ain’t so, this is what it looks like
when reality simply doesn’t fit into the Fox narrative. And again, I said this yesterday and I want
to say it again. Different news outlets are playing coy with
the momentum saying, wow, during impeachment hearings, support for impeachment went down. Usually it’s like by two or three points. These polls have a margin of error of plus
or minus three. So a three point swing arguably means nothing,
and the poll is nowhere near 50% on lots of important internals. If you look at the same Fox news poll, you
see that by a 60 to 24 margin, it is wrong to ask leaders of foreign countries to investigate
rivals. That’s not close. That’s 60 to 24 58 to 22 Americans say presidents
typically ask foreign leaders to do this. It should be 100 versus zero. Since clearly it’s not common. Trump supporters can’t seem to admit that
and are trying to use that as a defense. 52 to 36 saying Trump isn’t cooperating with
the inquiry. That’s very clear. People understand Trump is not cooperating
here, but once again, the most important thing to remember is that these numbers include
Republicans who said in a recent poll that Trump is a better president than Abraham Lincoln. We should actually be shocked that only merely
50% want Trump impeached and removed. But then you think back and realize, Oh, half
of Republicans think Trump is a better president than Lincoln. Nearly two thirds of Republicans say they
would never abandon Donald Trump, no matter what he does, then we should actually recognize
the significance of merely hitting 50% support for impeachment. Despite all of those people that are completely
disconnected from the facts and defend Trump no matter what to the death. So sometimes the bubble of alternative facts
is so thick that people forget. There’s a reality out there. Your narrative isn’t real. That’s what Brian Kilmeade seems to be smacked
in the face with directly in this video. But if it’s real enough to the people watching
Fox news, it’s real enough to do serious damage to the country’s ability to think critically. And that’s where we find ourselves today. Because really imagine being stunned that
half the country wants the man who is arguably the most corrupt president in the modern presidential
era removed from office for his corruption that shouldn’t be stunning. And yet somehow Brian Kilmeade is stunned
by that very backwards situation that we are in.

100 comments on “Fox Host “Stunned” Half of Country Wants Trump Impeached

  1. What I don't understand is . . . why didn't FOX just ignore and throw away the poll results and pretend that it never happened.

    Kind of like what the Republicans are doing in Congress right now regarding the facts on the Ukraine/Trump issue.

  2. Faux Noise reporting has been feeding Chump the conspiracy theories that are now getting him impeached. They should feel very proud.

  3. The Trumpists are not processing the finer points of the quid pro quo. All recent POTUS (actually, probably just all of them, from the beginning) engage in quid pro quo behaviour with foreign leaders / nations / states / etc. It's part of the job and how the US shapes the world.

    The key thing here is that Chump did it blatantly and entirely for his personal political interest, not for the national interest. When it's done to push national interest, there's no issue. It's when he uses the nation for his personal benefit that it becomes treasonous.

    The Trumpists don't look at the subtle detail, either because they are idiots or because they are being willfully ignorant. They just see him doing something that is superficially normal, failing to notice that it's actually criminal.

  4. Brian K Thursday morning post impeachment, I'm stunned he was impeached.
    Followed by a bunch more stupid BS about how Republicans will sweep the election because Dems did Donny wrong.

  5. Trump has set our country back by decades and will destroy our democracy out of greed. He wants ti divide ans conquer.

  6. I'm just surprised they didn't take the opportunity to fear monger about Trump being impeached as endangering the country to the prospect of civil war.

  7. This is because the right is living in a very protected and heavily censored bubble. They are in for much more 'stunning' moments.

  8. After the vote tomorrow, trump will really be enraged. He is going to be bat shit crazy until the Senate totally exonerates him, going to be wild.

  9. They also ‘forget’ that party names switched around late 1800s. So they think Lincoln is a Republican by name but is actually modern day equivalent Democrat.

  10. Fox is stunned like Trump is when he goes outside venues for his rallies and gets booed. They are in their own echo chamber.

  11. Fox News polls are very accurate. I think the Fox and Friends hosts are surprised that something labeled “Fox” doesn’t jive with the alternative reality they’re stuck in.

  12. Well I don't blame them for being shocked, their only guest is ever is Donald Trump, 100% of the people they talk to on a regular basis believe it's a witch hunt

  13. So I saw some other polls today that showed only 42% of people wanted Trump impeached (vs 42% that didn't and the rest undecided). I also saw a poll showing that in matchups Trump would beat every single democrat.

    Both of these polls is drastically different than all of the others I've seen recently, and it wasn't from a right wing website.
    So is it possible some websites are purposely fudging the figures in favor of Trump, not to make Trumpists feel better, but to make Dem's scared, and therefore more likely to vote. Given that most of the Polls showed Hillary winning, it's possible that hurt her turnout.


  14. Lol Trump is not getting impeached.You woke guys seem very much asleep. His popularity rises sharply every time the Democrats try another underhand tactic to slow him down
    Big shock coming for the woke liberals out there in 2020

  15. Hey David a shout-out I just watch the video earlier where they're 64% of Republicans that want the witnesses to come forward. and 71% 71% of the population think what he has done and what the Republican party is doing is wrong 💯😎 love you show man

  16. Polls are meaningless because all you have to do is change the person involved, and you get a completely different result.
    Take each of these polls and replace Trump with Obama, and see how many people change their opinions on what they consider an impeachable offense.
    Many of the same people who defend Trump, are the same people who think it was ok for Clinton to get impeached over a blowjob.
    It only get more hypocritical when they try to claim that it was REALLY about him lying to Congress about it.
    All Trump DOES is lie.

  17. Unfortunately all recent presidential administrations have violated the constitution. It's pointless to even argue about what's morally right and what's morally what's wrong anymore. Reagan's CIA armed and funded the Taliban, Bush Sr. was also involved in the arming and funding of the Taliban, and his administration also armed Saddam with weapons that he used against his own people. Clinton engaged in grand jury perjury and obstructed of justice, and both George Bush and Obama supported domestic spying under the Patriot Act. Donald Trump is simply continuing the unfortunate lawless that has now become a defining aspect of US politics.

  18. In the 70s, the koch brothers released their political vision, and even republicans scoffed, and said it was nonsense. They called it anarchy, the idea that the market would be given free rein to do is it pleases.
    The koch brothers created PACs then SPACs, raised and dumped hundreds of millions of dollar to convince people that the government was bad, and the market would solve everything. They even directly pay the likes of rush limbaugh as a thank you for helping their cause.
    Super villains are not just in comic books.

  19. Anybody gullible enough to support Trump is gullible enough to publicly say they will support him no matter what, which is of course a violation of oath

  20. Republicans putting party before country. Can't pretend ever to care morality when they openly state they will knowingly betray their oaths.

  21. @David Pakman Show why aren't you showing the huge rallies for impeachment across the nation? i got a good feeling trump inst sleeping well tonight.

  22. We have a local Fox news anchor in Phoenix that went to twitter to rant about the political shift when we voted for light rail expansion and against dark money in campaigns. They can't wrap their heads around the fact people can remember things and can think for themselves.

  23. Unfortunately, to educate those 3 imbeciles as to the meaning of 54% would be a challenge not worth the time or the effort. The only people who pay attention to them are Alzheimer's patients and our pile of shit of a president anyway.

  24. It's a played shock to make trumpist feel better about polls other do ("how can their possibly be so much twisted and stupid" is one of the things they want to express with it).
    And it's also an underhanded attack saying "Look! "Left Propaganda" is taking over! Stay strong! Dont fall for them"

  25. i am supposed to get bell notifications when you upload, but now i only get them for the videos where you don't criticize big media 😛 it's absurd, i'm not even american

  26. Fox host stunned that half the country wants healthcare. Fox host stunned that half the country not racist. Fox host stunned that half the country not against gay marriage. Fox host stunned that an increasing number of Americans not going to church. Just another day in America.

  27. They're not stupid. They are willfully ignorant. They believe what they want to believe, especially when it benefits their overpaid careers.

  28. I don't know that I agree with David's analysis here. In fact, I think he's WAY off. He's treating the Fox and Friends hosts as if they're true believers and I don't think they are. They are effectively televangelists who know their audience. And like most televangelists, these hosts are not "true believers". They merely play the role on TV.

    David makes it seem like a the latest Fox News poll was a dose of reality that seeped into their bubble. And that's why Kilmeade was stunned. And that's why Doocy and Earhardt were perplexed. I disagree. The hosts themselves don't actually live in that bubble, at least not blindly. They're part of the establishment that helps maintain the bubble for their viewers and other true believing bubble folk.

    Kilmeade, IMO, was playing stunned on TV. Perhaps he reasoned that since it was a Fox News poll, even people within the Fox News bubble would come across it somewhere. And this was Kilmeade's choice on how to square this particular circle: He would act stunned. But I think it's something else. I think Kilmeade is actually trying to distance himself from Trump. He has on other issues in the past. And this may be another such instance of that.

    I'm even thinking that addressing those poll results at all was a unilateral decision by Kilmeade…. that the "perplexed" look on Doocy and Earhardt's face that David seemed to see was not confusion about the data, but looks of helplessness at Kilmeade's decision to address the poll in the first place. They had nothing to say and nothing to add, which is why they would've preferred not broaching the topic at all.

  29. 24% of Fox viewers think it's okay for a President to ask a foreign government to interfere in an American election says a lot about the patriotism, or lack thereof, of conservative voters in this country.

  30. I'm surprised trump hasn't invited the crew of the Russian spy ship to the white house for a Mc Donald dinner. And then have a press conference where the crew tell the press it was the Ukraine who interfered in the 2016 election and what a great president trump is.

  31. Fox fake news is 90% commentary propaganda and only 10% real news when reporting the weather.
    trump and republiCONS are traitors to our great country and terrorists to our environment.
    Make America great again by making trump a one term president and never voting republiCON ever again for any office.

  32. Witnesses before House committees have corroborated the "president's", Giuliani's and Mulvaney's (continuing) confessions on live TV.

    The "president's" "summary" of the conversation (not the T-shirt) was the first to confirm the whistleblower's account.

  33. Well, no doubt ILLEGALS are not only voting again and again, they're taking poll questions over and over again, too! Clearly, what we need is a law that requires showing ID before answering any phone.

  34. They shouldn't be shocked the people out side his rallies don't like him and that's the majority of the American people!!!!!
    He's the worst president in modern times!!!!!!!

  35. I've heard some Trump supporters say they would like him to be impeached because they think it will help him. Now as far as being impeached and removed I think they think he could still run, win, and then get to start his two terms over lol

  36. A portion of the country lusts for a de facto election re-do. They have a seething hatred for Donald Trump and want him out by any means possible. We must fight these treasonous scoundrels. They are the enemies of our democracy.

  37. It's true that Fox is pushing a narrative but equally true that pretty much all other MSM pushes a different narrative. Everything David says about people on the right, not accepting facts, could also be said about people on the left and we just keep hearing the same bullshit over and over. The only way we get out of this downward spiral is to quit demonizing the other team. The way I see it, politicians promote the division because they know the more divided we are, the more likely we are to watch our own teams commentary exclusively. Then it's easier for them to control how we think. They know if we start talking to each other like adults then we might realize the other side is full of decent people. All this negativity just helps those bastards win. Knock it off people!

  38. stunned that half the country is against impeachment.
    With such overwhelming evidence, it would be the shortest law&order episode ever!

  39. Everyone (republicans and fox news) behind the scene wants Trump impeached and removed. They'll all be relieved once he's gone.

  40. A little more than half the country wants him impeached and that will probably happen in the House today. But when it gets to the Senate it will be DOA as almost no Republicans will vote to convict. And so Trump and his cult will crow all the way to election day 2020 and beyond how he was "vindicated". The Democrats in the House should have presented more charges as there were many that were also much stronger than these two: abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

  41. This means, least half the people do not clean their genitals with gasoline and a match. The other half follow Faux Spews.

  42. Most of the country does not #45 comrade cadet bone spurs the grifter. Most of the country does not approve of the five times draft dodging, six times bankruptcies and traitorous pocket puppet.

  43. If people would just stop watching FOX news, they would be aspiring to putting fake news out of business. It's gotta start with them and move onto another network or person, that is pushing lies, ie: Rush Limbaugh.

  44. The polls have been saying half the country wants the President impeached. This has been holding steady.

    My defense for Trump is that even if there was a quid pro quo, investigating Biden is in the nations interest. What happens if in 2021 President Biden is faced with Ukrainian pressure?

    As for Trump being corrupt? Hmmm, the IG report, which is ignored says otherwise.

  45. That just goes to show their show is mostly scripted. They know little about the outside world. Unfortunately, for America, Fox is the only source of "news" many Americans choose to listen to.

  46. When Donald became president, I noticed a shift in this reality or dimension. Three years later I'm noticing how much time I've wasted on Trump videos. Mainly how dumb and out of touch with reality he is. From here on I'm done with all of this shit. Feels as if I'm in a simulation that's on repeat daily. What has this country become. It's no longer my concern so fuckem fuckem mf mf.

  47. Yeah, the sane half, not pathetically humping their sister/daughers/cousins hillbillies and some Cujo rabid Cult of corruption and non-Americanism.
    Fuck off, Fake News 'n "friends".

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