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Fourth Democratic debate takes on impeachment, health care and foreign policy

Fourth Democratic debate takes on impeachment, health care and foreign policy

100 comments on “Fourth Democratic debate takes on impeachment, health care and foreign policy

  1. Impeach Trump and you’ll have such a Civil War the Democratic Party will be fully destroyed and never allowed to come back. Conservatives own most of the guns while leftists can’t even decide which gendered bathroom to use!

  2. Go Trump 20/20 hey you should put Tulsi gabbard in your Administration she's borderline Republican anyway and she's honest she's the best one I've seen consistently on the Democratic side so far

  3. Camellia Harris is a fraud and a phony a prosecutor to put a people away for smoking and selling weed and then she's caught bragging about getting high herself

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  5. What a joke. This supposed recap is missing the two best candidates outside a few seconds – Tulsi Gabbard and Andrew Yang. And despite all the common sense she displayed on foreign policy and Syria, her only 2 secs is her supporting UBI, another candidates policy.

    I used to respect the Washington Post. But this is a hideous display of partisan reporting. How about you provide a full recap with all candidates equally represented and let us make up our minds on who did what? Never mind, that was rhetorical.

  6. We millenials/gen z will never be able to see a cent of social security. The planet would be dead by then. I'm with Yang and his Universal Basic Income.

  7. South Park bank consultant asked about any hope left for Dem candidates
    "AAAAnd it's gone. I'm sorry sir, this line is for people WITH hope only."

  8. I think if had a presidential debate in a pre-school we could take them more serious . You people are a total joke! All of you are so stupid its unbelievable! Lol!

  9. Question for those who don’t like Andrew Yang.

    How do you support these candidates that literally say NOTHING of substance and constantly make everything a general statement?

  10. The rich want to make sure nobody else can become rich. And government control is the best way to do it and it will come as Democrat socialism

  11. Nancy Pelosi is an embarrassment to this country she should be very ashamed of herself especially for associating with people like Schiff

  12. I sort of want the dems to win so we can get a Hitler faster. This is an embarrassment to the greatest country on Earth. Who even invited the Dems to this years race??

  13. Where is the required vote in the House to Impeach or Not Impeach?
    There will never be a vote after all, Dems don't want to be on Record. The American citizen is being played AGAIN.

  14. This is whats dangerous and deadly wrong with American politics lawyers! No lawyer should be allowed to be our nation's president period! They are so so easy to be bribed and it's always always a damned, democrat that's always caught doing it way before a conservative or republican. amd that's the statistics and historical data records well in less the Nazi media is giving them..

  15. Join the swamp team, just to get a license to rob… if you are in the swamp team, it's legal to steal, lie and get freebie jobs that pays good without any work in America. The best thing, you can get away without any investigation… or any problem!

  16. This debate Prove without any doubt democrats are controlled run and purely OWNED by the vilest, LGBTQ'S! As and just like these vile LGBRQ's have been handed by Obama the whole Education school system in America! This is why senseless murderous murders will get worse as worse more and more as Time goes on..God says it will when these vile mentally sick Brian people are allow to run free and be placed in government systems Psalm 12:8! Check it out all liberals are liars Isaiah 32. Hello!?

  17. Socialism can barely be called "progressive". Is the Soviet Union's history not enough? Or Democrytes do not learn history?

  18. God, what a bunch or war mongers. We need to get out out out of the middle east. Let them fight their own religious wars. They have been fighting for 2000 years. These candidates want to prolong wars because they want defense contractor donations.

  19. The CNN spinners conveniently censored out Tulsi when the Syria issue came up. In the CNN eyes, only the regime change supporters count.

  20. Thanks wapo actual unbiased reporting. Just wish it was longer. It's obvious that Bernie Sanders has the cuhonies to fix Trump's disastrous presidency. BernieSanders2020


  22. Keep in mind. Liberals still have conservative views you all. And some Conservatives have liberal views. The difference is the far left(Pushing of agendas, pitting of races, being rich and saying the rich are evil etc) and far right (Hooded patriotism disguised in racism, trigger happy gun fanatics and rebel flag, tiki torch bigots)….I said all that to say …. hell I’m an independent as far a party goes πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ

  23. These people cant be trusted to clean up vomit much less run the country. Their own districts are shytholes with homeless everywhere. You got no chance delusional ones, give up.

  24. They expect Americans to believe costs will go down when the private sector is replaced by government bureaucracy? Has that EVER happened in the history of the United States? πŸ€”. Not, the way it "should be", or the way things "ought to be", but the reality of the track record of the United States government. Didn't these SAME people who were in office when Obamacare was put into law say that would save us money and not cost more? Did that happen?

  25. Elizabeth is dishonest, Joe is horribly dishonest
    Middle Class want to keep what we earn.
    Taxing us for a House out of control with spending is not nor ever the answer.
    Bernie is a nut.
    Kamala has no clue about foreign policy.


  27. The Democrats hate Trump primarily because he does what the good people of the U.S.A. want. 1. He acknowledges Christians in the U.S.A.(Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama had an Anti-Christian Agenda throughout their "administration). 2. Bill and Hillary Clinton and Obama, are pro-perversion.

  28. What a poor false game. Once in the president chayr, when the real sharks come out, this few loosers will fall on theyr knees and suck theyr dicks. Trump till now the only one to play right game. He is an arse-hole, but who is notbin the US, you get what you deserve.

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