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Fortnite is banned in my country

Fortnite is banned in my country

Oh boy, haha WOW, I just love the popular video game Fortnite. *Dab* *Dab* *Dab* *Totally Authentic Laughter* I Love video games. *I N T E N S E K N O C K* *Spin Move* *E V E N M O R E I N T E N S E K N O C K* Hey Bro, you know Fortnite is eh, being banned. Yeah, why what’s up, man? You’ve got to get out of here, bro, the FBI is gonna come for you. Oh, come on, dude. Don’t tell me that. Look, I just got the scaly skin. All right, you know how many polygons that skin has? Firstly, the FBI only operate in America, not the UK this isn’t their jurisdiction or a place which they operate. It doesn’t make any sen- Nononono, you’re on your own bro, I’m gone, I’m out. Yeah, I bet you started playing at season six! *Door Closes Noob. People today, man. Anyway.. Time for some Fortnut ♫ Pillar men theme song plays ♫ oh noooooooooooooooooooooooooo ♫ ASOT intro ♫ Hey, how’re y’all doing. Fortnut is being banned in my country. I am so happy 😀 oh wait, I-I need to be sad. Give me a second How can all these millionaire youtubers keep making money now? Hopefully they have good merch. Not as good as mine- link- link down in description, please buy. The news came from Prince Harry, I assume he’s just salty because he took too long to get on the battle bus. it wasn’t done in the wrong way, but is just.. When the call comes There’s no sitting down He said himself that the game is made to addict .. and I mean yeah, that’s epics business model Are you really that surprised. There’s new items in the store.. Every single day. Kinda reminds me of the youtuber.. Selling Time Exclusive merch.. [zooms in] I’m looking at you, Fffffffffffffffffffffffffff Felix! It creates that sense of you missing out if you don’t cop it in time. Like there’s so much expression on Fortnite, with the skins, and the emotes. And if you’re stuck at the base level with the default skin, you can’t even choose what default skin you have it’s taken away from you. In the beginning, everyone was a default skin doing the same emote. and now.. defaults are treated like second-class citizens Detroit become human. Default skins are kind of like the kid with AIDS at the pool party. And he won’t stop bleeding in the pool. No, Shannon, your kid can’t join my party. Not unless he can do the crotch grabbing emote. I do dislike Fortnite, mostly because I tried to get into the scene and failed miserably. but also because I reinstalled it just to get the scaly skin and then I found out I had to put 40 hours into the game just to get it. That’s not- that’s not worth it man. Jesus. So…does Prince Harry have a point? No. I don’t like children, they’re short they’re stumpy and they cry all the time. But just because I don’t like them, That doesn’t mean I’d get rid of them because of that Unfortunate thing called human rights and the fact that they’re 95% of my viewer base just because you don’t like something Doesn’t mean it can be banned.
As you guys know, 10 cent owns a part of Epic and Fortnite. So, Prince Harry, I give you a deal declare war on mainland China and we will get Fortnite shut down. UH OH GUYS, a challenger approaches. Logan Paul AGREES with Prince Harry. speaking to TMZ I feel that that’s something you only do if you’re mentally insane. They stalk you to a pre-planned event, Where they jump you with a bunch of questions without your prior knowledge. It’s okay Logan. Look, I understand that video games can be addicting [Immersive gameplay] I’m on New Game+ 12 of Dark Souls, even though I squeezed all the content out of it met all the NPC’s Killed all the NPC’s I can’t even PvP anymore because my levels too high, but you know why I still keep playing the game? Because you can kick patches off the ledge You guys remember Morgz? the crafter of such amazing content like…. “my mom had..” No, I think he was 15 when he made that video How could you be that much of an exploitive scumbag at 15? I think when I was 15, I was probably building my first dirt home in Minecraft on Xbox Live obviously the Morgz fan base have to be Incredibly mature to follow such a legend. [some eric cartman lookin ass] “And today, I am going to be doing a prank on Morgz.” “A fainting prank, so, yeah let’s get to it.” [Morgz] yOoOOoOoO [wasted] ha-ha-ha. Look at all the kids in the crowd, they’re like seven. It’s okay being young, alright? I know I have fans that incredibly young but now Get it? Cause it’s a seri- it’s a- shut up. Morgz has started appearing in YouTube ads [im not subtitling this shit] I’d say it’s porn-tier acting, but uh. Until Morgz reaches a legal adult, it’s uh.. Fortnite family-friendly animation level acting. [i hate the random commentary in subtitles too but it’s better to look at this than read actual subtitles for this shit] So…wait. Morgz is promoting the pillaging of villages. It reminds me of that time when I stole from my friends minecraft chest. So what have we learned in this segment? Morgz bad. I don’t know if you knew that. I mean there hasn’t really been a lot of commentary videos on Morgz. So I’m definitely one of the first people to cover that. Also, on the topic about YouTube ads Apex mobile is now an ad despite. The fact that apex legends is not playable on mobile at all If you download it, apparently you get a bunch of adware on your phone Honestly, I would prefer adware to financially helping out Morgz in any degree. s h u t t h e h e l l u p b i t c h Oh my god, guys breaking news Dr. Phil shaved his mustache and then celebrated by claiming my video complaining about him claiming my videos I’m so happy I could help you fund the next mansion. Dr. Phil You really need that money, and I’m so happy that you just completely ignore what fair uses. Thank you Oh my goodness breaking news Someone put this meme on my subreddit and I am not happy. How am I not informative? Have you seen Petscop? have you seen Hunt Down The Refund? have you seen,,,, car sex D I S G U S T I N G I SPIT ON YOU. Uh, let’s see what Felix is up to? He makes much better content. H E L L O BEFORE THIS VIDEO BEGINS I have EXCITING announcement a n n o u n c e m e n t t i m e I’m partnering up with dlive. That’s right everyone. For those of you who don’t know what dlive is, it’s a livestreaming platform. Now he gets to say the n-word on another platform! [claps] y a y Also, Felix, go back to Japan for your videos, please. Since you were back home, Your camera quality’s 144p And your mic is just so deep-fried. It hurts me. HEY GUYS IT’S ME PEWDIEPIE. I GOT A NEW MIC. I HOPE IT SOUNDS GOOD. Please do an entire video on this youtuber that keeps stealing cutie-pies content The worst part is he did a video looking like huge steals his content sad yeah, you’re funny.
and remove. go a w a y There’s a girl that does that meme. I was gonna react to it But PewDiePie’s already just…killed it and buried it in his backyard with all the other memes So I’m just gonna create a meme of it and watermark it so it could be stolen for a meme compilation So I was gonna end the video but then an important meme was discovered. We found… physical proof that there are black holes in our society. And, of course, when there are massive scientific discoveries in the community That donut looks quite tasty. H M M MMM M MM M. I don’t care what your orientation is.
Straight, gay, bisexual, asexual, you need a black hole in your life. Alright? I’ve seen so many memes of the majora mask moon despite not playing an actual zelda game in my entire life bReAtH oF tHe WiLd Is KiNdA eAsY, dO yOu HaVe To DeAl WiTh A mOoN cOlLiDiNg WiTh ThE eNtIrE pLaNeT?
i DoNt ThInK sO. THIS IS SO SAD. Can we PLEASE get a succ in chat, guys. It is kinda scary, like, I could easily imagine if like World War 3 was declared nukes dropping everywhere A known society would come to an end and people would still meme it. I’m gonna try and recreate an angry singularity noise. e WHO DISLIKED IT? I WANT NAMES. I’m- I’m NOT happy that someone DISLIKED that video. A Peter Parker meme. Oh my gosh the red rings of death I remember having an xbox Getting the red rings of death Like the first year of the console coming out, shipping the console away for Microsoft to get it repaired, and then they have the AUDACITY, To ask me to pay for postage and shipping back home and to pay for repairs I think it was like a hundred and ninety two hundred quid? [fuck] Thank you all for watching guys, I know you enjoyed the video as much as I did I know a lot of you been asking for me to play Minecraft with Bella Delphine It is coming, it is in the works. It has been recorded And we are in the editing process now.
I ‘ M S O H A P P Y. If you enjoyed the video, uh, subscribe. Please. YouTube just- YouTube just doesn’t recommend my videos to anyone anymore. So you are- you’re the only reason I’m still here [dont fucking ask in the comments for this song’s name its in the description you sewage monster] Have you heard of this anime called JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure, it’s quite a small anime. I don’t think anyone’s really heard of it until now

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  1. In case you didn’t know fortnite is the game that keeps annoying kids from ruining other games so at least there’s that

  2. My friend in America:Why were you not playing fortnite last night? Was your idiotic parents eat your PS4?..Me:.. Her:..Just a question it happened SHANNON ATE IT I SAW everything… Me:..That did happened. but that's not the case Her:Then what!? Me: Its getting banned in my country.. My friend literally cuts all her cables even her cable that saves her life..Me:YES FINALLY SHES DEAD!!!!

  3. Is Prince Harry like the fucking dictator of the U.K or something? Man, and they say the U.S has it bad with Trump.

  4. wait. you said you hate kids because they cry and they are small but what if im a pretty tall kid and dont cry? DO YOU HATE ME NOW YOU BASTARD!?

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