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Foreign Policy is More Than War and Peace | Jane Sanders

Foreign Policy is More Than War and Peace | Jane Sanders

Foreign policy is more than war and peace. It’s more than conflict. and, so we’ve been to, ya know, maybe four dozen or more countries. and always, always, always he finds time to meet with educators, and with doctors and nurses. to talk about what they’re doing, that is cutting-edge. So, we’re looking at really interesting models. Sweden, for instance, how they work with industry and unions, and educators all work together to determine Where is the country going, where do we want our country to go? and how do we prepare our students for that? and teaching itself a profession, which Jane’s just mentioned, profession Profession, which in some sense provides us with a sense of, a spirit of generosity a sense that we accomplished something, a sense that we touched people’s lives. The thing that attracted me, and there are many things but when I heard about Bernie’s position on free tuition for public institutions which includes, by the way, HBCUs and then there’s additional money set aside for private HBCUs. They said that women over fifty don’t like Bernie in South Carolina. as my grandma would say, “that’s a lie!”

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  1. That's exactly right, foreign policy is more than just wars and conflicts. It's about learning from what other countries do well and implementing those policies in America, and it's about being innovative and thinking out of the box. That's the kind of 21st century leadership that distinguishes Bernie from every other candidate.

  2. You have no idea how glad I am to hear this. It's a point I've been trying to make for a while; foreign policy discussion in America essentially always comes down to the question of "if we have to blow someone up, are you gonna blow them up or will you chicken out?" and it absolutely kills rational conversation. To hear this coming from Jane herself assures me that Bernie is very well aware of this.

  3. Foreign policy must ≠ war policy, and that's why the press and media say that Bernie is week on foreign policy

    He isn't one of those 'with us or against us', politicians with pockets filled by the industrial military complex or pork barrel weapons spending in his state.

  4. I've watched a lot of campaign videos and the thing I always notice about the Bernie campaign and the vast majority of it's supporters is that Bernie supporters are just plain nice people. They support him from both the head AND the heart. Very sincere. I like that.

  5. I LOVE THIS MAN! I LOVE THIS WOMAN! I LOVE THIS TEAM! I LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS MOVEMNET AND ITS SO HEARTWARMING TO SEE SO MANY AMERICANS AGREEING WITH THIS LONG SILENCED PROGRESSIVE AGENDA! POWER TO THE PEOPLE COMES FROM POWER TO BERNIE! Please please please REGISTER TO VOTE ASAP, bring as many people as you can to the primary, donate, canvas, phonebank, and do everything in your power to stay informed about this man and his movement. America has a tradition of glorifying in the underdog and I hope that morphs into a win for Bernie. Inshallah/God willing, this man and his team will win America over!

  6. Please If Bernie can't win in South Carolina at least make it around a 10% difference! Show us that you're not THAT clueless South Carolina!

  7. If Hillary or Trump win… this country is done.
    On a side note, the northern hemisphere's air conditioner is about to give out… Feb 9th was the peak in ice expansion for 2016, and it's receeding now. This has never happened in human history.
    Some are predicting a blue ocean event where all ice is gone during summer. Self-reinforcing feedback loops will kick in and it will get soo hot in the interior of large continents that proteins will de-nature… no more grains! Food riots will ensue. Get ready for human jerky!

  8. Foreign policy is about helping other countries get better when your country can afford to, then ask those countries to help other countries when they can afford to. When other countries do well, we all do well, because nobody can do business with themselves, unless you are masturbating. When other countries do well, people dont feel hopeless and go trafficking drugs or join a terrorist group. When other countries do well, they dont immigrate to America illegally just to get a job to survive.

    We belong to the same species, countries and borders are fictitious. If we dont aim for global unity and pledge allegiance to all mankind, we will NEVER survive the next century. Winter is coming, Climate change is coming with it, no single country on earth can fight it alone and hope to win, we fight it together or we die together.

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