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Foreign Policy Analysis
Foreign Policy Challenges: Susan Rice, Syria, Palestinian State Recognition

Foreign Policy Challenges: Susan Rice, Syria, Palestinian State Recognition

welcome back to get his everybody get a
chance to hear in this glorious weekend in washington d_c_ um… there’s a lot
of president obama’s plane comes apart and policy there’s of course republican
obsession with and guys either for americans were killed there at the u_s_
consulate and what the administration knew whether they came perfectly clean with congress about it
at this time there was also the edition growing
protests in you jumped uh… against the government there there was the united
nations which voted this past week on um… trying to go into a statehood to the
palestinians and then there’s this n_b_c_ news on
wednesday night they wear that their broadcast remember broadcast good evening we begin tonight with an
important story details of which may sounds very familiar to a lot of
americans given our history over the past few years and places like iraq tonight pentagon sources are telling
n_b_c_ news syria is preparing chemical weapons for their possible use against
the syrian people in the form of aerial bombs it’s believes this specific
intelligence is the reason why president obama took a hard line against syria
just a few days ago warning them there would be consequences if these weapons
were used some of those dramatic images that have
come from middle east of the past couple of weeks and some of the most a
courageous reporting has been from syria where the syrian government is trying to
uh… suppressed a rebellion put it down they are losing and the rebels are
making progress and into again uh… the the the gist of
n_b_c_’s importance week was that intelligence officials intelligence
agencies have picked up signs of activity at uh… syrian chemical
munitions depots in which uh… they were essentially organizing and and as
sore scurrying around to try and prepare the chemical weapons
for possible use they have not yet been loaded on syrian bombs and just the other day there was uh… a
reaction from syrian president assad who said no we would not do we would not
commit suicide by using chemical weapons to try to put
down the rebellion determines what do you make of what’s going on in in syria and in about
a ministration have a big deal with that issue in uprising at this
point day-to-day i think i think that they’ve actually been doing
a fine job actually which is to say this the sort of the obama administration
foreign policy flossie that’s been soared to ride it by the right wing of
leading from behind is really just another way of saying
cautious intervention you don’t jump into before you don’t
know exactly what the implications would be and in this particular case with syria it becomes very possibly empower aside
compelled fundamentalists from from what’s on the experts are
saying that if if we took sides extremely
explicitly in this conflict we could also end up in a situation
backing groups whose origins in police were not sure of which is revealed in new york times
today that a weapon shipment to the united states
approved from kocher to uh… libyan rebels ended up involving color sending weapons to islamic fundamentalists
malicious now obviously some of that is not entirely always in our control but those are some of that i think the
cost-benefit considerations the united states is making i think at this point we we’ve worked
through back channels that too to do is the syrian revels resources
that they need but i think it’s also a matter of kind
of a it’s like uh… it’s a little bit like you know i i hate to to say it
lightly but in some ways the case for recognition in this for in this particular situation of over a billion i mean at what point is
rebellion mature enough that they world power needs to recognize
them or do or to it takes to help them george or in the world community i think it’s it than it’s it’s an on
metaphor to use their almost reminds me a venture capital the company needs to get off the ground
first before big investor or that the big unless you want to see it’s got
revenue coming in addicted and and i think a world power
wants to see that this isn’t just some fizzled and thing at this point with
them threatening damascus and many intelligence reports you can
including three occasions between aside and russia are showing that he’s
basically resigned his fate and has no hope of escaping this is the real deal i think we’re
we’re getting some reports that the united states will in the coming days recognize one of the lead story in
rubble groups i believe the the government of france
which formally had a and influence in the
chloe larry in that region has recognized the syrian opposition and but i think that we all have to sort of accept is that the stuff is messy and ultimately these societies our record of trying to control how
these society sort of open shoes their leaders as has almost
always backfired and so is in the short term just like any job just like in libya
though he did we have leverage which is to say our aid package in the
international monetary fund the ones that they give them our
tremendous it if is in in the short term some of the results of these these uprisings are not results that we
like it has to play itself out these people were on their own journeys we we can do what we can to strengthen
the institutions in those countries to strengthen liberal forces we can use some of our leverage as a
lender papers especially in the case of egypt
where we are such an influential funner but i think that we have to accept a
certain point that done a lot of cases the stuff just not our control and one one of the other challenges that
um… and mention it to begin in the segment they sing about insertion for
middle east was that there was a similar to united nations this past week and
much of the u_n_ voted to begin the process of recognizing
stated for the palestinians uh… the united states objected to it uh… what do you make of the effort by so many folks in the united
states to but u_n_ voter to speak out at the end
in terms of the way the about ministration reacted to it well i mean you bothered initiation push
israel wants and and and and the during the president
wallace presidency and i was to get a settlement freeze that would start
negotiations in the first year and then to try an extended the somewhat freeze ended up being not
complete and ends up not be extended in their and then number of other cities of incidences
result of republics that with israel and since then i don’t think you are
ministration for political reasons has wanted to go there i think that they
also know that if you wanna get israel to do things he should have to let you
were asked than as solvent things which president clinton very beloved israel
with the israeli public and was really government leaders was actually quite liberal and quite
aggressive in pushing israel to the peace negotiations but i think that you
know it’s sort of diplomatically there’s a sense of of trust level there that that i think that the president now knows that he ki would be better off establishing i think that that this was but this was
purely a political clout calculation on their part and you know i the idea that uh… the justification has made is that
well all the stuff you see worked at a
negotiations a palestinian you and it doesn’t change situation on the ground it does create political pressure for negotiations to continue and right
now to say other well let ’em all work out negotiations they have in the negotiating the dates
it says it into a prickly pushing them to negotiate that the big issues here at the top
policy issues at play in the reason that people who care about the future and the
security of the state of israel as well as the rights of the palestinian snot
little under occupation and to havent their own independence and their own
sovereign state is because the opening in which a two-state solution is viable is
rapidly closing okay they are now more than five hundred
thousand jewish citizens of israel living in post
nineteen sixty seven west bank or east jerusalem including the areas that would make it
very very difficult for continuous palestinian state to take hold that-and that movement is is marching
forward and including in the israeli response by announcing that they will be building
in the iwo nary a which literally by six the west bank and separates the west a freeze truce on would make it very difficult politically for israel to to any point to any point uh… creek reinstate even
if they wanted to put it also uh… shows bad faith in in a lot of
ways the palestinians because they claim that it basically that’s the
israel negotiating over the pizza while they’re eating it and this morning i would prevent a
physical contiguous statement housing inside correct because he still do you want i
mean i mean it’s sort of rate in the middle there it would do it connect
jerusalem to the sort of far also minimal at simeon uh… and beyond use them all out to me
in this sort of high-altitude desert areas so it’s not
really area for travel so this is a key travel point from the northern part of
the west bank the to the southern part and again i would also separate use true
salam from from the west bank one of the bigger and added as well that
you know one of the reasons that i am support of above the pallet of us to
save the palestinian united nations bid is because what we’ve seen from frankly thought the right wing
government in israel the netanyahu government is that they have they have done very very
little to buttress palestinian moderates and ironically because historically this
was not the case with there have been many irresponsible palestinian
governments but we have a historically in in many ways a relic palestinian
government in the west bank in the past four years that the prime minister
shimon play on has has one accolades across the board including from united
states for really building the infrastructure
of of a state with very limited resources with you may travel restrictions all kinds of
other things that hinder business in the states but to to you know from our
deceive ramallah has become a major business uh… uh… security any that that there’s
very little violence come out of the west bank the efforts to protest israel have been have been extremely are
non-violent actives and that the palestinian u_n_ bid represents an extension of that at a
time when the hamas the violent terrorist sort of representation the palestinians are being seen by the public to be able
to extract concessions for israel for the royal approach stick russia’s almond centralizing the palestinian moderates are incentive
i and the non-violent movements there and i think that the united nations finally open sort of
a approving this symbolic statement says buttress the palestinian moderates i’d
buy that such a great way to look at is look at a not so much in terms of
statehood and whether below u_n_ is confirming something a little things
that they deserved or not with the u_n_ is doing as you mentioned
is we have a choice and that uh… over the united states in obama’s tration
where we have to choose a read and try to support the palestinian moderates or are ready to do things that enable homeostatic and more power and as
you point out granting statehood to the palestinians
are lease beginning the process lifts up the moderate elements were trying to
sort of lead in a diplomatic way uh… and and and and empowers them with their
own people who many i want to have certainly in the past
renova masa try to settle their grievances with israel so at the passing
passing discussion and we can continue the discussion from unicef is pregnant again to news

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