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for KING & COUNTRY’s Best Advice to Aspiring Artists

for KING & COUNTRY’s Best Advice to Aspiring Artists

Music: for KING & COUNTRY’s “joy.” I think you have to start with is this something that
you’ve been designed to do. Is it something that it’s been solidified for
other people that you are to do, is it something that you you think and live
and breathe every day even when you’re doing other things? Those are the
questions. And is it something that is bigger than yourself? You know start
there and then there’s probably I have sort of a handful from our experience of
tools if you will that we used to get through from A to B: One is collaboration.
There’s a tendency with creativity through a precious and real private and
real, you know, frank, because it’s vulnerable but you got to collaborate you got to be
vulnerable you’ve got to put yourself out there and
it hurts but you’re gonna do it. The more you collaborate in my opinion the stronger,
you are the better you are, so collaboration is key. Long-suffering just
staying in it man like we’ve been. Before we even put out our first record we’ve
been about four six years before any music has been publicly released on a
label so you know stay in it. Keep pushing through. Fortune favors the
bold; I think the other thing I would say is move to a location where music is
thriving. A lot of people they’re up you know I love North Dakota but you need to
be like in Nashville or Dallas or New York or LA you need to be or in a
school or cause it’s a great music program you need to be around people
because other than the anomalies of American Idols or you know that sort of
thing you just it’s just so hard to be found if you’re not in a place where
music is thriving. And then you know if there was kind of a
final one, it would be a reiteration of you got to stay at it. Just
cuz you got to stay in there. If you believe you got to keep getting better
stronger and stay and stay in it and then and it’s you it’s the ones that outlast the others are the ones that actually make it. Music: for KING & COUNTRY’s “joy.”

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