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for KING & COUNTRY – pioneers (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY – pioneers (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY pioneers. I am here you were there lying side by side out of touch out of reach in the great divide parallel lines hear the rain count the drops on the window pane wide awake stalemate why do we play this game oh God I hate this game throw open the doors you know my heart is yours what are we waiting for yeah let’s be pioneers and we’ll build a home in the great unknown yeah let’s be pioneers there’s a song that we sang on our honeymoon I remember all the words but forgot the tune why are we out of tune ooh let’s forgive and, let’s forgive again I’m reaching out to my sweetest friend can we start again? throw open the doors you know my heart is yours what are we waiting for yeah let’s be pioneers and we’ll build a home in the great unknown yeah let’s be pioneers and we’ll build a home in the great unknown yeah let’s be pioneers let’s be pioneers (ooh) (ooh) (ooh) for KING & COUNTRY – pioneers.

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  1. I love this song but i like for king and country its my fav band i went to one of the concerts i loved it

  2. I found this song yesterday and it is the only thing I wish to listen to for now. It moves me at my core and makes me think of my wonderful wife God blessed me with. I want our marriage to continue being a pioneer marriage! Wonderful song!

  3. Anyone else listened to this song 60k times and not get tired of it! One night I had it on loop mood and feel asleep! lol LOVE 4K&C!

  4. Different type of song and music that I would expect on a cliff.Was quite nice and the harmony was beautiful together.

  5. what beautiful jewels of words and sound made you God create for us! be blessed forever! may God forgive those who are still away from Him and may God make all the people can know His goodness, His overwhelming goodness and truth and love so that all can enter Paradise! amen!


  7. Saw them preform this at 2019 lifest and it was amazing. Love the song and love that the wives are in it.

  8. I'm not even married but this song really has blessed me and I cannot put into words how much. This song and this music video, and these artists all deserve so much more. God bless you all 💕

  9. what amazing song the guys and gals show so much love for each other. i hope to have this amazing kinda love someday with somebody…

  10. There are so many obstacles in the way of Marriages to hand the entire walk to God! I'm not talking about situations where one is born again and the other not. The decision has to be on the basis of ones Salvation, if you believe and have decided in your heart that God is good, then you must consider handing everything over no matter the challenges, because that good God is going to take you through them. The other Set of obstacles come from wrong Theologies – that contradict the Word of God itself! you have to believe the entire Word of God! you can't build theologies around the parts you have not experienced or can't explain, as well as you can not be ignorant from reading the Entire Word of God and stop the conversation with The Holy Spirit if you didn't understand a part of His Word, all these errors people in history have done and have built theologies around and now also churches around! these have created obstacles in Marriages and the Body of Christ … Please pray for these to be removed for the Bride of Christ to Wake UP! Love you Jesus!

  11. Half of the views on this song is by yours truly lol I can’t help but get tearful with this song even tho I’m not married or have the one in my life yet lol but this song is just too beautiful to not appreciate!!

  12. Long life to our LOVE. Long life for your. May your garden will plenty of peace and prosperity. WITH love and faith in CHRIST (Servant) by his words, you will build kingdom of God. My heart in pray for each person to decide to take Alliance.

  13. I didint know about this song until i was in the car with my sisiter and she puts on this song and i didint pay much attention to it until i heard it deeply and this is My new favorite song now

  14. I pray hard to God that I too, may find someone who loves God as much as I do. We can teach our children the greatness of God, make music together. So many things.

  15. I've been married for 2 years and he's been my best friend for 7 but in the last 4 months or so he has changed so much. He wants to be a woman and also switch is to an open relationship now and I am so confused. He doesn't even consider our vows valid anymore. He says he's a different person now who wants different things. I'm feeling a mess and numb and I've been busting into tears randomly just trying to hold it together.
    We used to be on the same page in our faith as well just now he says everything under grace and he doesn't really believe the validity of the bible. I need prayers you guys

  16. 😭😭❤️❤️🙌🏻🙌🏻🙌🏻 amazing! We need to be friends again and put the other before ourselves by the grace of Jesus!

  17. Anyone else notice that the title sounds like "f*cking & country" when u read it fast … NO offense 💛

  18. J'aurai toujours besoin de ta voix pour vivre. J'aurai toujours besoin de tendresse, de temps pour guérir. Je voudrai être toujours forte pour toi quand plus les années passent et plus je trébuche. Je ne perdrai plus le temps d'avoir honte, je ne veux pas que tu ai honte un jour à ton tour. Que la sagesse et la grâce t'environne alors que tu grandis. Je t'aime

  19. Dit toi.. Rappel toi. Déclare le avec moi s'il te plais.. À chaque souffle que je donne es déclaré : je t'aime. Je t'aime. Qui que tu soi. Toi que mon Père aimé à voulu quelque part. Toi qui ne connais rien des combats que j'ai mené pour toi. Toi qui à vie m'à blessé. Je te pardonne. Je n'ai que ce que je suis à t'offrir. Ni le temps, ni l'espace ni les circonstances ne le changeront. L'amour est plus fort que la mort. La mort à été angloutie par la vie. A mon bien aimé, Yeshoua : Dieu sauve. Soit honneur, louange et gloire aux siècles des siècles. Sa bonté vaut mieux que la vie.

  20. I never understood the song initially but now i realize how beautiful it is. For King and Country never stop amazing me.

  21. Beautiful!
    Besides Jesus, your wives and children are the most important thing. They are important to me also, because you can minister freely when all is well with them. I’m praying for you all.

  22. Hello from Russia! 👋 Many thanks to you friends. What you do is wonderful! Glory to the God! 🙏We love you!

  23. Buenísimo tema, y excelente música y video. Queremos verlos en Guatemala 🇬🇹 extraordinario talento al servicio de nuestro amado Salvador.

  24. I can't even recognize Moriah Peter, she looks very serious, in the the song "I'll wait for you" looks very different, :O Its better smile! 😀

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