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for KING & COUNTRY – God Only Knows (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY – God Only Knows (Official Music Video)

wide awake while the world is sound asleepin. too afraid of what might show up while you’re dreamin’ Nobody nobody nobody sees you. Nobody. Nobody would believe you Every day you try to pick up all the pieces all the memories, they somehow never leave you Nobody. Nobody Nobody see you. Nobody nobody nobody would believe you God only knows what you’ve been through God only knows what they say about you. God only knows how it’s killing you. But there’s a kind of love that God only knows. God only knows what you’ve been through. God only knows what they say about you. God only knows what you’ve been through. God only knows what they say about you. God only knows the real you there’s a kind of love that God only knows. You keep a cover over every single secret so afraid of something saw them they leave you But somebody, somebody, somebody sees you. somebody, somebody will never leave you God knows you’ve been through God only knows what they say about you God only knows how it’s killing you, but there’s a kind of love that God only knows. God only knows what you’ve been through. God only knows what they say about you. God only knows the real you there’s a kind of love that God only knows. for the lonely, for the ashamed, the misunderstood and the ones to blame, What if we could start over? We could start over. We could start over. for the lonely, for the ashamed, the misunderstood and the ones to blame, what if we could start over? we could start over. we could start over. there’s a kind of love that God only knows. God only knows what you’ve been through God only knows what they say about you. God only knows the real you. There’s a kind of love that God only knows God only knows what you’ve been through God only knows what they say about you, but God only knows the real you but there’s a kind of love that God only knows God only knows where to find you God only knows how to break through God only knows the real you There’s a kind of love that God only knows You

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  1. Do you ever wonder what love is? I do, i dont reallly know what love is any more. i only knows what hurt is. I have been hurt and i hurt people that i love the most. And i feel like i just did the worst thing in this world. I made my ex gf really sad unnintenttionally and i feel really bad. Every day i want to die and hurt myself. I miss my ex she didnt even want to break up with me her step mom made her or shell hurt her family andi get it but i really miss her and i can tell she misses me but she doesnt know how to say or show it. If you have any adive, comment down below because i want to helo her and i realy love her <3

  2. Being tormented please pray for me cause these voices think only god knows but ,I give it all to God the revenge everything it’s all in gods hands he will avenge me thank you God name of Jesus I believe I believe

  3. When I lost both of my parents a few years ago.

    This was the only song that kept me, from jumping into

    their graves.

    I miss both of my parents every day.

    My mom died from Uterine Cancer (October-2012)

    My dad had a massive stroke (June-2014)

    My parents both met in the 9th grade, and they got married

    after my dad came home from Vietnam War in 1968.

    In loving memory of my mother & father, I’m still grieving

    your lost.




  4. Your music always seems to play on the radio just when I need it! Lately some of your songs have really been speaking to my heart and have been resonating with my soul. So hauntingly beautiful❤️

  5. My daughter killed herself in March 8th of 2018, this song with various others helped me through a very hard time in my life.

  6. Amo esta canción y me gusta mucho más la colaboración que hacen con miel San Marcos Solo Dios sabe de tí…

  7. Listening to this song makes me feel like I could jump to heaven and give God a high five for giving us these guys, because my faith has been restored just by listening to this song

  8. He that believeth on the Son hath everlasting life: and he that believeth not the Son shall not see life; but the wrath of God abideth on him. (John 3:36)

  9. After losing my father, my job and being walked out on my (now born) unborn daughter's father all in the same short span of time earlier this year, I'm thankful for a God and a Savior who still loves me and our family just the same!

    Even when you're dealt a pretty gnarly hand of cards, you have a Creator who is still so madly in love with you and your life! Keep your head up and reach out to those who love you for encouragement when you need it!

  10. This song is beautiful and very very touching since 1995 I've delt with depression for the loss grandma 2001 my grandpa 2003 my song who was still born and 2011 the loss of my father and through the years I was mentally and physically abused by my ex but I prayed every single day for the strength to leave him and I've been single for 5 years now. And now I'm losing my mother slowly do to copd and kidney failure and this song comforts me in so many way. I don't know what will happen when the time comes for my mom but I thankyou guys for a song that gives me hope to be strong through all that I've been through but I will fight my depression every single day for my kids and my grandkids they all are my life thankyou thankyou for this song

  11. It pisses me off that the character in this video is a girl. Statistically more men suffer from suicide, depression, homelessness and pretty much everything else that leads to despair and death.

  12. I'm 13. My whole life I've never been able to focus. Over the past few years my life has been terrible. All my friends have left me and I feel alone and depressed a lot. 24/7 I spend my life in a daydream. Unable to leave and unable to control what I daydream. Even as I write this I am not really here. Unable to leave my never-ending nightmare, I am forced to hear myself yelling at me for never being enough and always being a failure. Because I daydream, I think about suicide a lot. my parents do not know this . In my opinion, they would yell at me for that. This song sounds like me.i wish I could type this song right here because that is how I feel.
    Can't stop listening to this song. Thank you for King and country ❤️.


  14. you guys make me happy and when i go to school i sing all song in my head i love you guys have great day god bless

  15. hearing this made me cry. i have been through so much. i try to look for songs who understand what i am feeling. and this one is one of them! keep fighting and stay strong ♥️

  16. Can you keep me in prayer I’m so lonely I never get involved to go anywhere in so lonely and don’t really have friends and most people in my life like family don’t really care about me I also have problems with my identification I’m 20 and still don’t have an ID because I don’t have the right paperwork And do to this I can’t make money Get a job or do anything in life and it takes the joy out of my life I try to be a good person I really try to help people with there problems because it hurts me when people are not happy even though I’m not happy in life I don’t want others to feel like this but no body does the same for me and I just sadly no body really cares if I live or die and it really hurts bad being so lonely and having problems like this I feel so useless To everyone and everything I know I’m not but I just want my life to get better I wanna be able to make money to help myself and others who need it it’s like I can’t hlep nobody because I can’t help myself I been going through This for 7-8 years please Just keep me in prayer guys God bless all of you may he bless you with all you need and want

  17. I just want any one out there that needs a I love u today, u got it from me. Have not just a great day but a great life, cause u will do something the world hasn’t seen yet.

  18. God bless everyone who identify with this song….you are Loved…just hold on another day ok?and then another…love to u

  19. This song is everything throughout every moment of my walk of faith with God. I was just listening to this song while riding home from work this morning and as soon as I get home it’s on my YT feed. God always sends confirmation, He’s all knowing, ever present, filled with Agape love. Thank you King and Country for allowing God to use you in making music that meets the hearts of the masses and produces the testimonies in God’s favor that this song has.

  20. This song means so much to me. It never fails to be on the radio at just the right time when
    I need to hear it. God only knows what I've been through. The scars are deep and still hurt: This song was for me. I can't keep a dry eye because I'm so thankful that God knows. He truly knows. I love my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He promised he would never leave me nor forsake me. Thank you for letting God use you. You all are truly a Blessing. May God Bless you with his many blessings. You have truly touched my heart by obeying him. Thank you again.
    In Christ, Tonya 🌼

  21. Nashville concert.. awesome. be safe on your tour. doing great things. for our country. God bless and come Home safe.

  22. Honestly JEUSES loves everybody more then you know and i will just say u should be most kind to the unkind people because they need it the most.Also i have started to try and just listen to christan music and i have started to pray more often and it actully makes me feel better becuase i am going through alot so prays to all of u guys out there that need it and that even dont everyone should still be prayed for GOD LOVES U SO MUCH PEOPLE

  23. There has NEVER been someone that God didn't love and Jesus didn't die for. I don't care how bad your situation is or what you've done, God wants to save you through the blood of the Lamb. Give all your pain and problems to God. Trust in Him and He WILL turn your life around. That is an absolute guarantee from God himself. He will show you light in your darkest times, He will carry you through the troubles of this life. When you have problems, He will be right beside you.

  24. I wish I had this song when I was 15. I was going though a lot. My best friends dad telling me i was no longer allowed to talk to him or see him, fighting with my sexuality and so on. I wanted to end it all cause I didn't feel love. But God and my family didnt give up and I thank them every day. I still fight depression and the devil.

  25. Thank you for making this song <3
    It's good that there are people who will always care
    no matter what community they come from.
    No one's truly alone and reaching out is just one simple thing a lot more of us could use to remind us all of that.

  26. God only knows what you've been through and only He can judge you. I know that life sucks for everybody on this earth, but just know that at least one person loves you for who you are as a person. We're all in the same boat and everyone deserves to be loved. May God bless our beautiful souls.

  27. I think I understand what you mean when you say; your mind is pulling at you from different ways of something like that. The weirdest feeling. I should of are something before I left to go get a haircut this morning … My brain feels like it's in a fog. I don't like this feeling either.

  28. Sorry. Just ignore me today. I AM totally out of it… for who knows. See I'm not even writing sentences right. OH! GOD…

  29. This song reminds me of my life in the past 16 months. When my beloved husband of 20 years died of cancer on 5/5/18. Struggling to run a household, a child with autism, put a child through college. And heal if that's at all possible…. GOD HAS THIS!! <3 He is my rock!! #ALWAYS

  30. I cant fiqure out all the thumbs down. If your anti religion then why you listening to this or just being rude by giving it a thumbs down?

  31. This song is powerful and its love can't be broken. Suicide is never the answer. And for the mean people reading, you may be mean.. But there is kindness in you, you can change, you can love, you can have a good life. I believe in everybody, even the bad.

  32. Hey you! Yeah you, the one considering to commit suicide.

    That's not worth it… You are worth that fight.
    Stand up and bravely fight because God knows what you're going through.
    He's going to help you get through this.

    ‘Call to me and I will answer you and tell you great and unsearchable things you do not know.’
    Jeremiah 33:3 NIV

  33. Thank you, Jesus for these wonderful young men, who have created a song that has touched my heart, like no other song has in decades. Thank you, Jesus for their faithfulness in following you and obeying the call to which you have called them, and to the country, as their name is, and hopefully to the world. So many of us have been through what is so close to the real hell, it's almost unbelievable to even tell anyone, because they wouldn't believe the horrors that Jesus brought us through. But, God only knows. I would have never made it without the Word, Jesus. My Bible is worn out, but I am not. He renews my strength as the eagles and one day, we will fly Home when our tenure on this dying world system is over, and then we return with the One, the One that only knows how to run it. Even so, "Come Lord Jesus!"

  34. I'm not too afraid of what God is speaking just struggling to find the meaning everyday I'm coming to a means to end standing in the dark the shadow my only friend but here I go again listening to Christian music to help me pull through this but nothing does I'm always stuck in this world like a tree to the Ruts

  35. When you realize gods evil for allowing satan the earth to control so you have to work a decent job or die starving..and help you if you have mental problem your screwed.

  36. I'm so glad I came across this song & I simply love it. I am so thankful for going to a church New Life Christian Ministries located in Roanoke, Va of many beautiful colors. I am Black American I was so use to the same only black gospel. Now I love different gospel music that worship God as well. God doesn't live in a box & neither do I 🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾🙌🏾💕

  37. Please pray for me. I am self harmer, I have attempted suicide. I am now wishing I could die, and cut. My parents are taking me to a mental hospital, and I may or may not be going to inpatient. I am nervous. Please pray for me.

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