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for KING & COUNTRY – amen (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY – amen (Official Music Video)

for KING & COUNTRY amen Count to three and say a prayer Down for love and up for air Underwater, overjoyed Water for a thirsty soul Water for a thirsty soul Baptize me into Your love Oh, my spirit’s overcome Body, mind and skin, bone Love, I’m gonna make it known Love, I’m gonna make it known Yeah, I’m coming alive With You I’m coming alive With You I was living a lie ‘Til You I’m coming alive With You All the people say: Amen Amen All the people say: Amen Amen Amen Yeah Resurrection day is here Bells are ringing loud and clear Caterpillar to a butterfly Risen to another life Risen to another life Yeah, I’m coming alive With You I’m coming alive With You I was living a lie ‘Til You I’m coming alive With You All the people say: Amen Amen All the people say: Amen Amen Amen Yeah Amen From death to life Amen From dark to light Amen I’m singing out tonight Amen Amen You’re in my blood, my veins In every word I pray You gave it all for me I’ll give it all for You Oh, I’m in love with You Overwhelmed by You And if the world is listening This is my confession You Are my obsession You Are my obsession All the people say: Amen Amen All the people say: Amen Amen Amen Yeah Amen From death to life Amen From dark to light Amen I’m singing out tonight Amen Amen Yeah

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  1. This song helped me see the simplicity of surrender to God. It's really simple just got to be willing to get rid of the sins you love to do. I used to love to drink and get high and the desire to use was higher then to follow Jesus. But after a bunch of rain I finally gave in and I feel the fire of the holy spirit and have amazing peace

  2. Count to three and say a prayer down for love and up for air I'm thinking of singingnthis amazing song in front of my church

  3. listen Joel and Luke are amazing but can we just take a moment to give a shoutout to Ben Smallbone for the amazing direction in this and countless other super cool music videos??

  4. Me n our daughter Kimberly love u guys!!! All the way from madera California thank u so much for the sign pics n bracelet n CD u sent us ") we love them all God bless u guys 🙂

  5. I love all of your music!!! I love your videos they are so creative and interesting. I cannot wait for your next film!!!!

  6. I love every song. I saw you guys in hills alive in Rapid City, leading me to god, improving my life tremendously. I am planning to be baptised as soon as possible.


  8. So blessed to be able to listen to my favorite group ever
    Thank you for the wonderful songs that brighten my day and fill me with the spirit
    We can come alive with God in our lives and we are thankful to have Him. Amen…

  9. Dios ayudame con todo de mi vida. Mis financias y mi salud y con mis hijas. Tambien con mi nueva Vida soltera y con mi novio.🙏🙌

  10. The artistry behind the videos of For King and Country is amazing. Bravo to the group members and their collaborators. My daughters who are preschoolers enjoy listening to your songs. They have great taste in music for sure 🙂

  11. This song brings joy to my heart and tears to my eyes. The lyrics are deep and the artistry is beyond this world. My little children only want to listen to For Kings and Country, especially this song "Amen". My 4 year old is learning the piano version which she loves. I thank God that we have great Christian artists who strive for bringing glory to God through their talents. Thank you For Kings and Country.

  12. I saw the first night of the Burn the Ships tour in Trenton last Thursday this was the first song and it was unbelieveable. It truly moved my soul. The show is absolute must see I was blown away

  13. This song is so good! Watched you guys perform it live friday night in Indianapolis Indiana and it was such a great way to kick off an amazing show! You guys put on a very memorable and fun show! A lot of your songs resonate with struggles I have been through in my life and I am very thankful for the experience of the concert. It was very uplifting

  14. 1.Sentar-se no escuro em um deserto representa o estado de todos os humanos sem a intervenção divina do Espírito Santo.

    2. A luz que brilha repentinamente representa o que acontece com todas as pessoas que acreditam em Jesus Cristo como seu salvador. Eles recebem a luz em suas vidas através do Espírito Santo.

    3. Eles se perguntam, através do deserto, sendo liderados pela luz, isso representa a jornada inicial de todos os novos cristãos, à medida que navegam no caminho da justiça.

    4. Começa a chover. Isso representa a verdade de que todos os novos cristãos passarão pelas tempestades de testes e, eventualmente, os aproximarão da verdade da nova vida à sua frente.

    5. Eles caem na água. Isso representa o momento em que todo novo crente se dará conta, quando parar de lutar contra a tempestade e, finalmente, render o que Deus realmente procura. vai dar tudo para você .. mas a nossa vida não é simplesmente morrer para nós mesmos, é viver para Cristo.

    6. Eles são levantados fora da água. Isso representa a conclusão do batismo na água, algo que todos os cristãos são ordenados a fazer. No momento em que morrem na água, são trazidos de volta à vida pelo mesmo espírito que trouxe Jesus de volta à vida.

    7. Eles começaram a tirar algumas roupas e correr. Isso representa o momento em que você começa a ver realmente que nada pode impedi-lo e, portanto, livrar-se de todas as coisas antigas que o impediram e o distraíram. Então você corre a corrida da vida para vencer e não perder, sem esforço algum em sua vida.

    Incrível amo todos vocês. Deus abençoe.

  15. I always put there songs on high volume when I am at school because it helps me get through the day and then I have to deal with people being mean I am in 7th grade and people treat me so bad I was bullyed all through elementary school and kids are so mean I have just heard of your songs and it has helped me a lot you guys are the best people I have heard in my life.

  16. This is now my Favorite song and I will always sing this because I lost my dad on August 15 2019 around midnight and i was not ready for that to happen and Awsome job at the concert at the Lighting Area where they do Hockey and I will Always pray when I have a rough day at school or home and everywhere.

  17. It’s cool how they connected another music video/song (burn the ships) to this one. This song makes me so happy, it’s like all my stress and anxiety just goes away

  18. Saludos Dios le bendiga, Le pido que escuche y comparta las adoraciones de esta niña, es buena música Cristiana hecha con amor para el bien de todos. Tema, CONFIA.


    Tema, LA VOZ DE HOY.

    Esperamos que estas canciones le ayuden a crecer en Dios.

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